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Still In A Holding Pattern

Monday, April 14, 2014

As far as hubby goes. He has an interview tomorrow for a job and one with the job placement service. But there is some news on the his old job's side too. It seems he (and the other two in his dept) weren't even suppose to BE on the lay off list. See there are two water depts in town. To save money they combined them. That left too many people. The worker bees on his side of this merger are represented by a union. There are certain things that management must do to layoff those worker bees. Like bumping (where if you have more seniority then someone else in a like job/you have the skills for you can do that). well..come to find out...three guys on the other side didn't get laid off..and they had way less seniority then hubby and his two other coworkers. Not only that..they didn't have the certifications to do hubby's job. emoticon

So I'm asking myself...why did that happen? Well guess what..it JUST so happens those three on the other side..they DON'T belong to the union. To me it seems that there might be some union busting attempts here. Upper management is new..all lawyers.. and they don't like the union at all. As of now...the union is filling a grievance and maybe an injunction. In the meantime..hubby will try to find a job that won't bankrupt us and hope to be recalled. He has several irons in the fire as of now. emoticon

But on Thursday night...he was panicked. I think some of it had to do with just all the back and forth contact between all the guys got laid off. He was on his phone all day and half the night. Then had a panic attack in the middle of the night. I woke up and then stayed up with him while he calmed down. Needless to say..no sleep for me that night (well..about 2 hrs worth). So I called into work and just stayed with him on Friday. I did finally get out of the house mid morning. We went and picked up our cell phones (they were already partial paid for and we couldn't get that money back). It was good to get out but boy..did I go to bed early on Friday night! emoticon

So that's where we stand with that. Still praying for the best outcome and trying get all our ducks in a row. I have laid in a bunch of canned goods and stuff, just in case it's a long haul to his getting work. I've changed some stuff at work to add a bit more money into my paycheck (if we have to go onto my health plan at work it's going to cost us a lot, but we will do that!) emoticon

Eating all weekend wasn't the best. And no workout at all on Friday. I did do some furniture moving on Sunday (cleaning and stuff). Weight was up..but then it always is on Monday. The rib eye steak and baked tater I think. Plus lots of salty food this weekend. Today has been much better..a small slip up at work but I'll mange that. Workout felt good at lunch. emoticon

Oh yeah..new cell phones...we got Samsung Galaxy S5's. Mines white and his is black. So far I'm loving them! They sync with our FitBits! I did look at the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit..but for the price it just wasn't for me ($199). It won't sync with my Fitbit or here at Spark. Just with the Samsung healthy software. So no thanks..I'll tick with my FitBit. emoticon

I'm also waiting on my $25 virtual Visa card AchieveMint. I made 25,000 points and am now working on another 25,000 points! emoticon

OK...That's all I have for today...have a great day everyone!

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    emoticon Praying with you for a quick, wonderful outcome of DH's work situation. I know what it is like -- it is No Fun having these kind of Work Issues hanging over your head -- even without the Panic Attacks. DH is blessed to have you on his side!!
    1406 days ago
    Wow, so much going on with this whole job thing. Been keeping Chuck in my "good thoughts" as he tries to find his footing in all this. I read Archimedes' comment and I figure she sure knows what she's talking about. Please add my good wishes to hers. I know the situation requires a lot more of you, but you are up to this. You're one of the strongest women I know. Hugs, Calen~
    1407 days ago
    I would say that your hubby has made excellent progress since Thursday. It's been five days since he got laid off and he's already got an interview or two ! That's fantastic !

    Believe me, I understand the panic attacks. I had a couple myself while I was searching for work when I'd been laid off. There are going to be some anxious evenings, but it really sounds like he's going to land on his feet. Even though he's over 60, he's got experience. There are companies that are still looking for that in an employee.

    Yeah, from what you've written, it sounds like there is a lot of politics going on at the water companies. It's always tough on employees when companies merge like that. But the bean counters and lawyers don't really care because they are still getting a pay check. harrummphh....

    Speaking as someone who has been laid off, it's no fun, but keep looking for the positives out of this. It really does sound like he has some good opportunities in his future. who knows, that interview he has may the right fit !

    It's always good to keep your options open. nothing is off the table because you never know where the next opportunity is coming from.

    1408 days ago
    I feel for you and your hubby and panic attacks. My hubby had to qquit work at age 47 cos of severe panic and anxiety issues. he is now on meds but still not able to work. I have stayed up and or sat with him many atimes. HUGS to you both.
    1409 days ago
    good luck on the job search! emoticon
    1409 days ago
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