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12 little pounds...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

That is what stands in my way of being able to fit the size 14 pants I have been holding onto now for 3 years or so. When I bought my first pair of size 14 pants as an adult it was when I had gone from 277.6 to 200ish pounds....BACK IN 2009! I am not sure if that is when I purchase the denim pants or if it was the following time I went from 250's to 200's the following time I tried to lose weight (in a weight loss competition). Either way they fit at 200 pounds and zipped and I could breathe. For the past month or so I keep visiting these pants, still at 212 I can get the button snapped but the zipper is a completely different story. I have gone from seeing a tube of belly fat protruding from the zipper area to now just seeing pudge....I am so close I can hardly wait. If I were to lay flat I know I could get them zipped, but when will the zipper pop? Or worse, when will I pass out from the lack of oxygen?

Since late December I have been steadily losing weight....why? Cause I was so sick of being fat again I learned how I could control things. Having officially lost 31.2 pounds now, and 65.6 from my all time known high of 277.6 pounds I want to do this my way now. Not the strict healthy meals where I feel I am depriving myself but where the bad choice is a good choice because mentally I can't overdue it anymore. I do not use the word "Diet" may surprise you though that I will still buy books telling me what I should do, Atkins, almost got Hungry Girl Diet and yes I am still buying workout DVD's from the fabulous infomercials. Will I ever get that out of my system...who knows!

Thursday I saw a "specialist" he prides himself on knowing what people need to do to lose weight...(yet he is a rotund little man himself). I did listen when intent, I did listen with most preconceived opinions let at the door, BUT when I said that I was going to run (my running is a jog with a walk, fyi) he told me, "No running!" And then I said, "Sorry I am not walking my half marathons." The banter continued from there but we agreed to disagree on that one. He thought I should be losing more weight than I am, he thought a lot of things that just are not happening as science determines it should be. Have I been eating movie theater buttered popcorn at least once a week? (Yes) But have been overeating ....(No) So with that all said I was still thrilled to find the scale where it was even though it was S-L-O-W moving. Imagine to my surprise the scale this weekend has rebounded and moved 3 times already...I am thrilled!

12 more pounds and those size 14 non-stretch denim jeans will be in my arsenal. Next, I will hit 189 which is my Onderland, because I have seen 194 too many times to be happy with it anymore.
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