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No 100 Days, really!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I couldn't think of anything more witty for the title. I figured I would just wing it here tonight & tomorrow. I'll speak on my next focus Sunday since it is when I am going to start my next project. I figured since I do so well with structure I would concern myself with an area that I need to work on so the habit is ingrained. Its under wraps til Sunday but I figured I would give myself a few days to free form a little bit.

Today I have been positively hungry, so annoying though. It happens once in a great while but maybe the carbs are getting to me. I'll be okay since I think when I eat breakfast the eggs and yoghurt with fruit will hit the right spot for me and knock off the fake hunger pains.

Tonight I'll watch my DVR'd Dancing With the Stars. (No spoilers please.) I really only watch it for Meryl & Maks and a few other couples. I usually have a couple or two I watch it for and speed through the extraneous because I don't care about fake romances used to generate ratings. I don't like being played and TV is much too "reality" focused. I watch sports and the Travel Channel mostly. Plus I go for Blue Bloods and I would do The Good Wife but I just don't have the patience or time to involve myself with many programs.

Earlier I used my camera phone to take pictures for my Mom to send to her sister. She wanted to show her pics of the purses and bags she made lately. There is one bag that I really like but I have the blanket my mom made for me and tons of purses and bags so I don't need anymore until my birthday at least. My Aunt wants one for a friend's birthday coming up. So, yeah, I took over my parent's cell phone bill and added them on the plan I have with Paolo and I.

I was so tired of hearing the complaints and we all use AT&T and it was just cheaper to do it. My parents aren't poor but you know the older generation are used to paying for the calls they make and not much else. I told them I'd pay as long as I don't have to hear anymore complaining about it. It is what it is, lol. For all 4 lines its about $160 and taxes which makes the baby Jesus cry honestly but its all unlimited text, 10 GB of data which Paolo and my Dad will try and use but never come close. I use texts mainly and talk at night or overnight. My parents constantly went over their daytime minutes since rollover was disallowed. Trust me my ears bled with the moaning about it so I just took my Mom with me to AT&T and I switched their names to my account. Paolo and I had already discussed it and he was fine about it.

UPDATE Paolo's son pays for his cell phone bill himself even if he is on our plan. Paolo and his ex had it out a few weeks ago, glad I wasn't there. His ex is out of town but she complained to me about Paolo giving her grief over that point and I told her I wasn't in it. However, I know she just wanted to help the young man out slightly but I understand Paolo's point of view. He is a responsible young man but on certain points Paolo will not be moved and I wasn't going against that. He tells his son all the time he is proud of him, he's a respectful responsible person but it won't pay the bills either. He said life is expensive and if he wants a phone or car he needs to pay for it for the most part so he understands its a privilege not a given that he has a truck and a cell phone. Paolo pays for half of his car insurance to be on our plan and that's his only concession in that area of responsibility. He made his son pay for his permit, driving school, driving test and license all on his own which I agree with because driving is expensive. Some parents I have observed seem to give a pass to this but if I had children I'd do the same.

Paolo made his son understand he could take away his car that he didn't have to pay for BTW, cell phone and license for any serious infraction of his rules. He told him my house, my rules and if you want to enjoy the privileges of life then you have to abide by my rules. When you are a man and live on your own you can do as you like. He wants him to understand responsible behaviour and how to conduct himself properly. I know this makes my husband sound hard ass but he's a real softy since both his children are great kids, respectful and well mannered. He just doesn't want them to feel entitled and understand life is expensive.
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    You are not doing your children a favor by paying their way so your DH is correct. You are sweet to include your parents on your phone plan. You crack me up with your humor about their whinning. I understand and am glad you are resolving the problem.

    Glad you finished the book and look forward to future blogs! Have and awesome weekend! Give Paolo and extra hug, he sounds so sweet! emoticon
    1261 days ago
    You tell your dh that I think he is wonderful!! I am the same way. Yes, I give a helping hand sometimes ONLY if they themselves are towing the line. My Niece has been wonderful to have here temporarily and she has done everything by the book. She moves into her own place this morning with her Uncle's help. Nearby but in her own place. My home will be my own once again and I can't wait!

    Again you let Paolo know he is a wonderful father and we need more like him in this world run amok.
    1261 days ago
    Well done on the 100 days thing!
    1261 days ago
    Children need rules, they need to know them and need to be held accountable to them. Good work! emoticon
    1261 days ago
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