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Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Friday My Family!!! emoticon

Another Blessed Day to be ALIVE in JESUS! My poem today is telling a story to me. About the times and what we must do. It's important to not let the things in the world or this world system bring you down. Some Christians can lose focus and the reason we are in the HEAR and NOW! We are IN the world but NOT of it. We live from HEAVEN where we are seated. Be watchful and prayerful for Our Redemption Draws Nigh! I'm READY! Jesus Will Be Coming to Get Us SOON!


Signs and wonders are everywhere;
The Second Coming is in the air;
Jesus’ return is very near;
Stay encouraged and never fear;
More signs shall appear;
In the skies up above;
The moon will shine like blood;
Better get ready for Eternity;
Many things we’re about to see;
In a moment there’ll be a surprise;
As the sun rises;
Right before our very eyes;
No one will be able to blink;
Or even think;
We have to stay steady;
Be ready;
For times are changing;
God’s rearranging;
The end time harvest-
To Jesus…
Is a must;
Just think about hearing the shofar…
And angels riding on stars-
Calling us to Heaven’s Door…
And much more;
We are to be about our Father’s business;
Turn others to His righteousness;
So they can enter His rest;
God says we’re worth…
The pain and hurt-
Suffered for us;
We have to stay alert;
Don’t flirt-
With the world;
We must hurl…
Unrighteousness into the pit-
Where demons sit…
Waiting for their demise;
Look around!
Signs of the times abound!
Will a People be found…
Watching at the gates?
Don’t be late;
He’s coming sooner than we think…
In a wink!
By Deborah Edwards 4/11//14

I wanted to show you the Blood Moon Eclipse Calendar. NASA actually gave them that name. Notice how they fall on Jewish Holy Days or close to them. God doesn't just do anything. His reasons are ETERNAL and PREDESTINED!

This is a shofar. They were blown before battles the Jewish soldiers blew in the Bible and what they now blow during their Holy Days and Celebrations.

So excited that you joined me today! I appreciate every one of you! God loves YOU just as much as He loves JESUS! He's sending Him SOON to get us!

Love & Blessings!
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Holla@Jesus! God's emoticon

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