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A lot of chat first and then Final Day of the 100 Days!~

Friday, April 11, 2014

Some days it didn't seem like 100 but then once in a while it did seem like 100 Days. I've never thought so much about food everyday in my life. I think about food when my stomach says eat. I eat breakfast and its round 2-4am most of the time. I have a snack sometimes round 7am and I hit the bed round 9am most of the time. Dinner is about 6pm and lunch is about 9-930pm. I know I have a totally opposite schedule from most people but my stomach seems to know when I need to eat. Sometimes I have 2 meals and 2 small snacks in a day it just depends on my digestion and if I find anything enticing enough to eat. Most food lately hasn't been interesting enough for me but I have gotten in the protein, enough carbs and a fair amount of calories. Today my calories are in the 1400 range which is all I can manage in this heat we have going here this week. I drink so much water and tea that food doesn't come up unless I truly need to eat for my fueling sake.

I do believe it was over 95 degrees today. It makes for a pleasant walk in the evening which I did without a regular shirt because its blazing here even when the sun is down. I just wore workout clothes and went out after Jeopardy went off and I finished the evening meal and dishes. I came back in round 830pm and needed a bit of a snack so I had a cup of Rice Krispies and soy milk with a little Splenda. I ate a small handful of trail mix as well. I'm surprised at making it to round 1400 calories. I usually have a good breakfast and a decent dinner. Lunch and a snack are usually much smaller. Lately my digestion is off again so I have to be careful with what I eat but I do realise the heat affects me when it starts to come back up regularly again. After I had my shower earlier I had to deal with a bloody nose which I seem to get here more frequently than any other place I have lived.

I've been reading others blogs (maybe more like speed reading or skimming because I can go that quickly) and some members are taking a break or cutting back their time on the site because it takes too long for them to build SP into their days when they need to be concentrating on other things. I like it here because its great reinforcement for good habits and I don't bother with points for Facebook or downloading apps and skip email points most days because its usually articles and items I have already come across. I think everyone has to decide the level of involvement that is right for them on a day to day basis. I like to read others progress and encourage but at some points I realised I was concentrating too much on gaining max points in a day. I always deal with exercise, nutrition, my goals and the Start Page and most days I read articles and post the ones I want easy access to over on my Pinterest Board. I think they removed Spark Radio and I don't bother with that all of the time either. The Health Articles read like grade school Dick and Jane a lot of the time for me. Its a pain being a brain sometimes but my parents stressed academia to me and I am thinking of returning to the Health Field more than I am working at right now but its preliminary. I like my Accounting surely. Money has never been a strong motivator for me though. I know you need it in this day and age but I am motivated more by helping others versus accumulating money, power and toys. I'll leave that to my Paolo.

I usually don't prepare Spark recipes but I glance at some just to see if I want to try anything new or alter a recipe I already have. I eat mostly vegan still but I do eat chicken, eggs, salmon, tilapia and items like that. For the family, they eat turkey, ham, pork, beef and I just don't go there with them. The female young one seems to be getting into vegetarian eating mostly except for chicken since she can eat it a zillion different ways. She is more concerned about eating living things versus the nutrition aspect so I watch her diet for her more than she does. She digs sweets a little much so I encourage her with fruit, yoghurt and naturally sweet things. I have enjoyed unsweetened applesauce lately. I just don't like sweet things or sweets most of the time. I do have a Milky Way or two when its that time but other than that I avoid sweets. Most American sweets are grossly sweet to me and I hate them. I only eat sweets if it is special because why waste your calories on crap food in my view. I haven't even been munching on crackers, chips or popcorn I just don't have the appetite for it. Even for snacks I do trail mix or eat smaller portions of regular foods. Sometimes a hard boiled egg or fruit. I have pancakes once a month for breakfast sometimes with sugar free syrup and a little bit of butter because those are serious calories. Plus my sister with her story about butter and Country Crock grossed me out
over Christmas considerably.

DAY 100 is "This Is How I Live!"

One of the most common themes among dieters is the phrase, “I know what to do, I just don’t do it.” Over the past 100 days, I hope you’ve come a long way from that theme. But even with successful dieters, there’s another problem that often happens.

As time goes by, eventually they will confess, “I forgot what I know!”

You’ve probably recorded a lot of your favorite tools in your notebook. Now you need to go one step further and figure out how to make all of these concepts a permanent part of your life. Start by selecting your favorite principles from the 100 Days Program. Then choose the top ten lessons that fit best for you—the ones you want to live by long-term.

Once you’ve chosen the guidelines you want to follow forever, you can use them as a foundation for your daily life. To make this easier, create a notebook page or a sign that proclaims, “This is how I live!” Then list your top ten skills along with any other principles or values that you want to keep in your life long-term.

You might even revise your list once in a while, pulling in a few new concepts along with the old ones. Even though you won’t always follow these perfectly, at least you’ll remember your lifetime goals. Ten or twenty years from now, you should be able to pull out this same list and affirm it’s still true by saying, “This is how I live!”

TODAY- (The answers are the authors not mine but I thought it would be helpful to list her answers because she had/has a weight issue herself.)

1. Think about what will help you remember your favorite tools from the 100 Days Program.

"I go back to my list over and over. Even though I wrote the book and I teach others how to work with this, I still have to remind myself about the tools that I’m determined to keep using in my daily life."

2. Make a “top ten list” that includes all of the concepts you plan to use forever. Write your top three here:

"1. I don’t eat because it’s THERE.
2. Postpone eating… wait at least ten minutes when I have a food craving
3. Use the ten minute solution for exercise. It gets me started when I’ve slipped away from my routine."

3. Create a plan for how you will keep these ideas in front of you always!

"I have a mental blueprint for my daily life. Even though I don’t follow it perfectly, it helps shape my activities and decisions throughout every day. And that’s what’s helped me stay focused and committed to managing my weight over the past many years."

I am so done with 100 Days but this entry makes good sense. Review the concepts and pick out the most helpful ideas and stick with it. Its a lifestyle and not a diet or fad because once you stop paying attention then the weight or bad habits creep back in to your life and you either start over or have to get back to what you know you need to be doing for maintenance and good health. Its good to review the concepts from time to time and in my journal where I worked out these 100 days I came to many realisations and aha moments. I stated at the beginning I have never been obese or even overweight. I have been at the top of my weight range and I felt wrong, off and if you pay attention your body tells you it's too much weight for you. Plus I wasn't getting enough exercise or eating properly. I learned to enjoy fruit more and substitute better foods than some of the crap I was eating. Yes I am still going to have my pizza and Gumbo but with the pizza I stop at 2 slices and always have salad with it. With Gumbo I avoid the white rice! Its just about being intelligent when it comes to food and balance in all areas!

The author of 100 Days of Weight Loss is Linda Spangle and her website is www dot dietcoachcafeblog dot com! She listed all 100 Days on the site and then there are another 100 Days as a bonus which I may go through just for reinforcement which is never a bad thing right!

I had a Doctor's appointment this week and she says 130 is about right for my height, body composition and level of activity so if I stay in 135-125 range than I should be fine. I seem to feel my best at round 130. When I stepped on the scale I was 126 though which was a gas for me. I haven't been 126 since I was about 32 years old. I don't focus on the number on the scale its just a baseline for me. I like to go by how I feel more. Ms. Doctor said you need to do better & more with strength training. We discussed the parameters and I am sure I can bump up my strength training program. I think I was being cautious and more concerned about injuries which is important for me but the Doctor thinks if I need to I can have someone help me out like a Personal Trainer. I do want to have better arms this summer and not to worry about my arm flab anymore. I did say that was my last area to really concentrate on though so I am not freaking out over it. I am working on my stomach and abdomen areas right now. I like to contain the pain to 1-2 areas at a time so I don't get frustrated and give up on myself though!

I'm going to post my walking numbers once a week instead of everyday. I will do it on my Saturday entries. Its not to be an encouragement but I need to keep the walking in the 90-120 minute range in a day so I can get my other exercise in and not just focus on getting, say, 20,000 steps a day. I'm close today strangely enough but I wasn't trying to get to 20,000. I have over 7 miles though and I am thinking of walking a half marathon in the next 6 months. I know I can do that but a full marathon has never been a goal.

Have a lovely Friday, be strong and healthy~

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    Wow, you made it through 100 days!! That is awesome. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1340 days ago
  • GENRE009
    Great motivation. So now you have another path to add to your life style. I can't wait till I get there too. it was only 60 here in Michigan, but I felt like I could walk without a sweater. eva
    1340 days ago
    1340 days ago
    emoticon on making it through 100 days!

    1341 days ago
    I did a 1/2 marathon and it was definitely a work out. I would never do a full. You are leading a healthy lifestyle and being the guide for the family. I hope your digestion settles down.
    1341 days ago
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