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Lack of Time

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A few weeks ago, I felt good about running 4 miles consistently a couple times for a few weeks and signed up for the Minneapolis Half Marathon. I decided to take my running outside and did 4 miles. It was hard. Like I could feel the impact on my hips. I eventually got home, very defeated. I haven't ran since.

Tonight, I was on Facebook and a few of my friends liked my activity of me joining the event. Than, I started to feel like I should attempt to train at least. I couldn't let my friends down. Peer pressure at it's best.

So, now I am looking at training for a half marathon. This means I MUST get my butt running. Literally. But, I really want to commit to it. I want to run. I want to do the strength train. I'd like to get some regular walking in to help condition my body for impact. I want to swim. I want to run stairs. It'd be even cool if I could fit spin and step classes into my routine.

But, I lack time. (I know, I know. People busier than me are running.) I know how lame lack of time sounds. I struggle with getting regular fitness in. Sometimes I do morning workouts in. Sometimes I workout at lunch. Sometimes I workout in the evenings. I find I enjoy the evening workouts the most because I am not rushed or have a time restraint.

But, that is limited as well. I get off at 6:00 pm. If I go to the gym right afterwards, I cannot find parking. If I go home, tiredness seeps into my muscles and bones and I don't want to go anywhere after supper. I don't remember having this much lack of energy when I was working two physical jobs. This sedentary desk and stressful job just sucks all my energy.

In a perfect world, where I could get 8 hours of sleep everyday, eat healthy, have no temptations at work, could workout in the evening and had energy, I'd do something like this.

Sunday - Run long
Monday - Strength train / Step Class @ 5:00
Tuesday - Run 3-4 miles / Group Cycling Class @ 5:00
Wednesday - Walk to work / Strength train / Elliptical
Thursday - Run 3-4 miles
Friday - Strength train / Elliptical
Saturday - Walk to work / Swim or Run Stairs

Now, that I have written it out. It kinda feasible. Yet part of me inside is scared that it is a gamble and I am setting myself up for failure.

I have been counting calories this week even though I haven't worked out. Kinda tough with no iPod. I might walk to work tomorrow morning. Already packed a salad with salmon on top. Hoping to get a new MP3 player on Thursday. Apparently there is one that is typically $70.00 that is going to be $25.00. So, hopefully, I can get back on track. With tracking calories and working out, I hope I can shed some of this weight. If I could just lose 10 by June 21st, it'd be nice.
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    No way around it, training for a half marathon is a major time commitment. This week I missed a training run due to scheduling. Well, technically I haven't missed it yet because i could theoretically make up today's scheduled run on Friday; but I failed to make it up in advance on Monday, when I had more time than I will tomorrow.

    Now, here's the kicker: The deciding factor in not running Monday evening to make up for the Wednesday when I couldn't run was lack of sleep. Sleeping late is not an option, so if I'm going to recover from being short of sleep that means getting to bed early some of the time. And that wouldn't happen if I started an easy 6 mile run at 6:30 pm on Monday, in the rain. So I wimped out and went to bed more or less on time.

    Without enough sleep, the wheels come off. I'm more tired, it's easier to get injured, it's harder to comply with nutrition discipline, and motivation goes into the toilet. So . . . my advice would be to pay attention to the sleep. Get enough sleep, even if it means going to bed at 7:30 when you have a gazillion things that need doing in the evening. Because when you have enough sleep, it's much easier to get done the stuff you know you need to do. Like go out and run.
    1438 days ago
    Good luck!
    I too have been a little lax on training for my half this June. I was told something from my physical therapist that really helped me get back on track. Run when it feels good, walk when it doesn't. My goal was to finish in under 3 hours and I still managed to do that last year. I have found that running a little helped my knees get used to the impact.
    1438 days ago
    Solid plan. emoticon
    1438 days ago
    As you say, we all have the same 24 hrs. to work with . . . wish it could be different, but nope, it's 24 hrs. You've identified fitness activities you want to put into your day or evening. That's a good start. Now it takes looking @ your schedule and SCHEDULING IN the activities when you have the time. Easy? Nope. But I look @ it like menu planning. IF I have a plan written down, I KNOW what I'm going to have, can shop for it, make it happen, and SOME of the anxiety of failure is removed. All? Maybe not, but some. Fitness can be the same if you plan it out on your calendar and make commitments to yourself that THIS is what you're going to do for yourself.

    Like anything else in life, LIFE HAPPENS. That means that you have to evaluate your plan, change what needs to be changed, carry out those changes and re-evaluate.

    P lan
    A ct
    C hange
    E valuate

    Nothing is ever written in stone, so change and flexibility have to be part of the process.

    Ok, rambled on enough about that. It is clear that work is stressing you out to the max (and I don't blame you -- seems like the environment is very negative for you and that is a MAJOR DOWNER) so that makes it doubly important that you try to work in your work out goals into your day as it definitely will help with the mind state as well.

    HUGS my dear Savannah. Hang in there. You are not alone!

    1438 days ago
    Find your mojo again that leaves you feeling determined. Your energy is bound to be lessened with any significant weight gain. You can do this -- remember the improved energy you felt during your first major set of accomplishments. Every stage of where you want to you go will require that greater inner strength that you seemed to have temporarily tucked away.
    1438 days ago
    If you are doing the HM, you need to commit to training. No way around it. Otherwise you risk injury and disappointment. If you decide you can't do it then you can't do it. Don't torture yourself and find something else to keep you going.
    1438 days ago
    1438 days ago
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