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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Disclaimer: This blog may contain TMI. If you cannot handle a frank discussion about breasts and bras, leave now. If you decide to read on, you will at least know that you are not alone. If you are male and do not wear a bra, at least this will give you one more thing to be grateful for.

A few years ago, I was actually professionally fitted and I was shocked to learn that I was a 46 D. When I was young and thin (but I THOUGHT I was FAT), I wore a 34 A or 34 B. The B cup was a little baggy, but the A cup squished in what little I had. This was way before the miracle bra. Anyway, in my mind, many years and many additional pounds later I STILL thought I was a B cup, but I could not find a 48 B. My thought was that, yes I am larger around, BUT my breasts were not really that big in proportion to the rest of me.

Suffice it to say, I HATE trying on bras, but out of necessity on Sunday, armed with $60 in Kohls cash to ease the pain of spending money on a necessity instead of a luxury, I headed out determined to pick up a sports bra for my 5K on Saturday and a couple other s for everyday. Besides. They were having a HUGE sale.

Down from my all time high weight of 277, my bra size is a little smaller now. The 46 and 44 Ds I had were a getting too big, so I thought I probably would need a 44 or 46 C. Apparently they do not even make a 46 C, so I was on the hunt for the perfect 44 C bra that would lift me up, be comfortable, look pretty and not cost me a fortune. Sports bras are easy. I EXPECT them to give me the "UNI-Boob" look and that is OK, because they are strictly for comfort, not fashion. The regular bras I was looking for were much harder to find and decide upon. It was not easy, but after TWO HOURS of rifling through hundreds of bras, going back and forth between the racks and the fitting rooms, I purchased one sports bra, 3 underwires, one conventional and 2 Bali "Comfort Revolution" bras.

I wore one of the underwires yesterday, and although it was comfortable in the fitting room, in real life, not so much. Today, I tried another one. By this afternoon, I was DYING of uncomfortableness. I was fine as long as I was not sitting. When I was sitting at my desk, the underwires were digging down on my stomach and rubbing my skin raw. emoticon I could not get out of there fast enough. Before I left my office, I unsnapped my bra, so I would not be in agony on the hour drive home. I scurried out to my car avoiding eye contact with anyone, lest a coworker stop and engage in conversation and see me flopping around.

Lesson learned. emoticon Ladies, it is VERY IMPORTANT when trying on bras that you also check to see how they feel when seated. Even with my Kohls Cash and sale pricing, I figure I threw out about $50 for 2 bras that I cannot return and will likely only wear for a dress up affair. I am swearing off underwires for good. Tomorrow, I will be sporting the Uni-Boob look while my poor skin recovers. Thanks for letting me rant.
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    I feel your pain in this area ! I to am a 40 D - for Lane Bryant is the only Bra for me !
    1154 days ago
    invisible tshirt bras are the most comfy for underwire. I didn't like underwire at my high weights, but, now they are cozy. Uniboobis cute with a vneck ;)
    1171 days ago
    I cant stand any bras none of the straps are long enough for me .if I wear a sports bra they ride up all day and wont stay in place . I just feel poked and prodded all day and never comfortable with my wire bras. . I also have a sports bra with removable pads for modesty because I am one of those girls and need something to hide the headlights lol anyway the pads keep moving and grooving all around the bra sometimes folding over inside the bra so it looks like I am bigger and deformed on one side lol .. I just hate bras too
    1172 days ago
    I do wear underwire bras when I leave the house. and yes sometimes they push into my ribs, but if I pull it just under I am okay. I broke a couple or ribs a few years ago and was dying in my underwire bras, so I ordered the Genie bra online. I love them, but I wear them in the house, because I find the underwire gives a better lift.
    I would try returning them also. you never know and it can't hurt to try!!!

    1172 days ago
    Oh, the woahs of bras!!!!! I avoid underwire at all costs!!! When I'm home alone, I don't usually wear one. But, it is kinda obvious when I don't, so I have started wearing one all day. Makes me feel more "ready" in case I need to go out all of a sudden...LOL!

    If men had to wear these darn things, they would be more comfortable!!!!
    1172 days ago
    I have two favorite bras but now they are too big. So I bought an underwire, because it seemed to fit. But I have not really started wearing it because of all the things you said, they are true for me too!
    Why when they can send a man to the moon, is it so hard to find a comfortable bra that fits?!?

    1172 days ago
  • SEAGLASS1215
    Kohl's has a very generous return policy…I returned jeans that had been worn and washed several times when they split open in the crotch area. No receipt, they gave me a store credit, no questions asked. Can't hurt to try and return them.
    1172 days ago
    O girl ~*hugs* I feel your pain~ literally! *LOL* My poor left boob has been getting her share of stabs lately, so I've mended 'n mended 'til I think thar she'll hold a while longer~ yet. *LOL*

    I loathe bra shopping. My favs have been Bali bras~ they used to have a great Body Language (thus the tormenting one!), but I can't find that they make the style I liked. Anyway, keep shopping, and see about returning those you don't like. *hugs* BB~ emoticon emoticon
    1173 days ago
    I will not wear one seriously I have had wires poke out of the material and stab me so no more.
    There is a lot of really pretty uplifting bras that have nice cups with no wires BUT the problem I have found is they only make them for 40 or less A,B,C,D...
    When I was a size 38C I could find the cutest bras but that's not gonna happen again until I am 210 pounds or less.
    So right now I wear sport bras or Just my size they actually make any size in any cup.
    And Kohls returns anything they do here anyway, no questions asked so I would return those two underwires I am sure there are many women who do...Hang in there my friend..HaHa NO pun intended emoticon

    1173 days ago
    Poor you! emoticon It makes me really really glad I don't do bras.
    1173 days ago
    Guess I am just lucky but my do not do any of those things and no I am not small. Far from it at a DD. Good luck! Keep on trying you could get lucky. emoticon
    1173 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/8/2014 9:03:58 PM
    I am so sorry this was such a (painful) disaster! I had never heard the word 'uni-boob' before, I am not sure what that means but I agree that sports bras don't give a great look!!! However I have started wearing very comfortable bras these last few years (since I have been obese!), because I couldn't find my size anymore in underwired bras and that I don't need much support anyway. Phew!
    1173 days ago
  • ALEX_V
    Check into sports bras that have one spot for Boob A and one spot for Boob B (this is the best way I can describe this...sorry for the visual, haha). I have invested in a couple of these, and they're wonderful! No underwire, no digging, no rubbing. I found mine at Walmart, and it was reasonably priced. It keeps everything where it should be, and it looks good under regular clothes, not just workout clothes. No uni-boob effect here!

    Hope this helps!
    1173 days ago
    Thanks for this very honest conversation. My bra is the second thing that comes off when I enter my house - right after shoes. As I dressed this morning I thought about the need to find new bras, but since I just started back at SparkPeople I am putting it off as long as possible - after all I might be a different size by the time I get to it. But the truthful answer is how much I hate shopping for bras.
    1173 days ago
  • _BABE_
    If a person has the luxury of buying one bra and then test driving it in all situations that is ideal. Then if you like it buy more! However, I believe to some degree they all ride up, pinch and have you pitching them as soon as you get home for the sake of comfort.
    1173 days ago
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