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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

So, I'm sort of stuck at 185 right now. I have confidence that I'll continue to lose, but for now I'm stuck. It's okay. I am not getting on the scale every day looking down between my toes at the numbers as they roll by the mark and getting discouraged. I have faith that if I follow direction I will continue seeing success.

Right now the reactions from friends and family members who have recently visited are pretty good. The last time we saw each other I was 286 pounds, so it's a significant difference when they see me. They'll tell me how good I look and I thank them (my Psychologist said I may get tired of this, but so far I'm not), then I add "I still have weight to lose though." Most of the time they don't say anything to my statement, but the look on their faces is incredulity.

I think because I've lost 101 pounds (55 since surgery) they may think I'm done, that I should be happy where I am. I am happy with my weight loss, but I'm still OBESE. Just to be in the 'overweight' category I have to lose five more pounds. To get to 'normal' I need to lose 35 more pounds, and I want to lose 45 more pounds...

Two of my good friends who have followed my progress from day one, and who are obese too, are excited and happy for my loss. They'd like to have surgery too, and I would love for them to have surgery. Right now one is ready, the other would like to but doesn't want to put the financial burden on her family. They both have young children at home and they are around my age (mid 40's). I worry they won't be around when their children are graduating. The cost of Bariatric surgery is cheaper than the medical costs associated with obesity.

The purpose of getting surgery was for my health. Yes, I look better, but I feel fantastic and for the first time in years I feel healthy. Am I as healthy as I could be? No. So, there's room for loss and there's room for improvement, which I strive for every day.

I don't think I have an unrealistic goal in mind. I'd like to be around 140-145 lbs; however, the doc said that my body will regulate where it wants me to be, so again, I continue to have faith in the process.

Time for me to go outside and enjoy this beautiful day. I hope you all have a terrific day with good weather too.
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