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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

first of all....our grandchildren get their showers at night right before they are clean. They also wear underwear to bed. When I was a child growing up we got to change our PJ's every Sunday as my mother was a "mother earth" kind of gal and didn't want to run the washing machine too much....we also didn't have a dryer so there was that too...hanging things out was a chore. But my DIL has them change their PJ's every night.....I did the laundry yesterday and it was awful.....they wear things once and they obviously aren't dirty. I hate the waste.....I mentioned it to my DH and he said he too only changed his PJ once a week as my DH made a new rule for the grands(I would have talked to my DIL first) but now he has them folding up their PJ's in the morning to wear the next night......son came downstairs this morning while granddaughter was talking about how she folded her PJ's and put them back and the new "rule" that Papi made......of course I added that we wanted to be nice to "Mother Earth" and not waste so much electricity....we do that all the time around here anyway with lights and such. Son was cool with it and said he would make "mommy" cool with it.....hope we didn't start something that will be upsetting.

So how often do your grands or children change their PJ's.....are we crazy?
Hope you all have a good day.
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    I still wear my PJs for a week and still hang them
    outside on the line. You are doing a good thing.
    I stayed with my cousin a month ago and her kids
    are 8 and 6 and they do the same thing - wear clothes
    once and then in the wash. No wonder her power bill
    is so high.
    1417 days ago
    sallie, i have to disagree with most of the comments (save one, i believe). i think your intentions are good, but i also think you overstepped your boundaries by making a new rule without first discussing it with both parents. in your own home, i would say the grandkids should follow your rules, but in their own home (i am assuming you are in the home of your son and family; i apologize if i am mistaken), it is not your place to interfere. you could have casually mentioned the topic to your daughter-in-law and posed the possibility of washing the pjs less frequently for environmental reasons, and at this point i WOULD raise the subject, apologize for making new rules without first consulting her, and assure her she is welcome to change the rules to her own comfort level. maybe she has pj-related issues from her past, and this feels appropriate and safe for her (i'm kinda speaking in jest here, but kinda not). personally, i think changing one's pj when they are dirty, whether that is a week or a day or whenever, is a good guideline. truly, i know you meant well, and i think the subject merits a conversation if it is meaningful for you, but i do think it is a bit disrespectful to go around changing the rules in other people's homes--sorry if i am sounding harsh. emoticon
    1418 days ago
    every night to put clean pajamas on is a little bit too excessive,it is not like underwear to change every day!!!! I hope Sallie she does not get on the defense with you by changing the rules. However she should know you by now with you being conservative with your eating and such,plus your agenda is being always on the helpful side and always having a good reason for doing changes.
    have a great tomorrow!!!!
    1418 days ago
    Once a week for me and mine. HOWEVER the grands are varied. Once or twice a week for older two and several times a week for the youngest. I also do their laundry weekly and some weeks it's 9 loads a week for a family of 5. Youza. No wonder I'm beat when I get home.

    Have another issue with socks, wash them right side out or inside out? SIL always takes them off inside out. When DGS does it he gets them back in his drawer same way I found them. Told the family if all of you turn every thing inside out when you take them off 5 pieces per person times 7 days a week is a lot of turning right side out for me. 5x5 is 25 x 7 days a week is 175 pieces to be turned right side out.

    1418 days ago
    Oh wow, I do hope your DIL doesn't take it the wrong way. In our home, it was once a week also, unless, of course, they became too sweaty. Good luck, and God bless you!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1418 days ago
    I think your DH came up with a great rule. We probably changed our sheets and pj's once a week or so. emoticon
    1418 days ago
    This blog surprised me. . . I cannot imagine that I would give a "new rule" to my DIL. My daughter-in-law would not want anyone to make a rule that was not her idea. She probably washes the PJs daily for our grandchildren, and if we, as grandparents, suggested otherwise----- it would not be a welcomed suggestion.
    (. . .what do old folks know anyway?) Ha!
    1418 days ago
  • GUNNSGIRL91303
    Once a week should be sufficient unless they are sweating a lot.
    1418 days ago
    My grandson sleeps in his underwear winter and summer
    1418 days ago
    emoticon emoticon I'm all in for saving Mother Earth!!
    1418 days ago
    You're not crazy :)
    Once a week is definitely enough in my opinion.

    1418 days ago
    NO rule in our house either, but we did switch our PJ's once/week! We took our baths, changed the undies and that was cool! I'm with you. No need of daily PJ change!

    1418 days ago
  • FIT4MEIN2013
    I don't remember any 'rules' or even any suggestions. When they were dirty, they were/are laundered.
    1418 days ago
    I think once a week is enough, too unless of course there is an accident or a spill etc.. Also too much washing of clothes actually ruins them. and then add on the waste of soap, electricity water etc.

    1418 days ago
    changing your pj's everyday is nuts to me .. a couple times a week is more than enough for pj's .. i think the DIL will be, or should be cool about it .. i bet she will be ,
    1418 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    We live in a place that had a septic tank that overflowed at times. So we had to limit baths on Saturday nights and changed PJ's then. It wears out clothes washing them that much for no reason. Very wasteful too. You and DH are right about this. Keep It Up. God Blessings Always. Have a Wonderful Week. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take Care.
    1418 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    We live in a place that had a septic tank that overflowed at times. So we had to limit baths on Saturday nights and changed PJ's then. It wears out clothes washing them that much for no reason. Very wasteful too. You and DH are right about this. Keep It Up. God Blessings Always. Have a Wonderful Week. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take Care.
    1418 days ago
  • LIS193
    Once a week for me but if your DIL is "squeemish" maybe she could go for twice a week? Still a huge improvement from every day.
    1418 days ago
    I love that your are conscience of habits. Not only is it wasted electricity but the pollutants of the detergent. I use to change my jammies once a week as well. I think with the depression so much closer to when we were young, our parents and grandparents were much more mindful of waste. My daughter who is a sustainability major would be proud of you..LOL.
    1418 days ago
    Growing up I changed my sheets and put PJs along with other dirty clothes in the laundry room for my mom to wash. We didn't have a dryer either.
    1418 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I with Nell change PJ's when you change the sheets. Daily is over the top and very wasteful!
    1418 days ago
    I too save on water electricity and soap, that often is wasteful and unnecessary
    1418 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/8/2014 10:00:19 AM
    My children all wore their pj's more than one night. It seems silly to waste water washing something after just one wearing. You wash your clothes out, not wear them out that way.
    1418 days ago
    I wash my PJs, sheets, towels and all the clothes once a week. The only time I will wash PJs and sheets and towels every day is if my husband is sick... But besides that I do the wash just once a week! Hope you're having a wonderful time with your grandkids!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1418 days ago
    I think it's fine to were your pj's in a row - not forever in a row LOL but I know where you are coming from, my sister has 4 kids and they were new pjs every night and then she wonders why she has so much laundry!
    1419 days ago
    We used to fold up our PJs and put them under the pillow. We changed when we changed the beds. I did the same for my own kids. I"m not sure what my grandkids do when they are home, but here they wear the same PJs every night.

    My parents bathed once a week when they were little because they had to heat water on the stove for baths. Electric appliances and hot running water changed everything. I remember when Mitchum deodorant ran an ad about a man who said he hadn't bathed the day before and may not bathe that day, but it was OK because he used Mitchum. They pulled the ad because modern society is disgusted at the idea of not bathing every day. Times change.
    1419 days ago
    I honestly don't remember a particular rule but I am really sure we wore our jammies more than once. People are very germophobic these days, I work with young teachers and they are way more concerned with germs than we were. Maybe that is her concern? That may also have been the way she was raised, you know we all tend to follow the way our moms did things.
    1419 days ago
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