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Day 926... and it started raining

Monday, April 07, 2014

It was fairly warm and clear this morning when I took Cooper out for his two hour walk, but it started cooling down and clouding up as we were nearing home, and then the rain started. Looks like it will be doing this all day tomorrow. So the question I ask myself is how badly do I want to run tomorrow? A cold rain is my least favorite weather for pretty much anything, but if I don't get out tomorrow then I won't get another chance until Thursday. Decisions, decisions. Will I make excuses or grit my teeth and do it? We will see tomorrow.

Got the tires rotated on mom's car, and got told it needs some work. Told dad, and he decided to swap cars with me tomorrow after work, so he can take the car and get estimates early Wednesday morning. That means I will probably be driving mom to Hamburg in the truck on Wednesday afternoon. Fine with me, but mom doesn't like it very much.

Also made it to the DMV to get a new picture on my license. Had the opportunity to spread the Spark while I was there as several of the workers noted how much weight I have lost and asked how I did it. Made me feel good.

Then I took a chance that my hairdresser would not be busy, and managed to squeeze in a haircut. I will get it cut really short right before we leave on our trip in June/July, but today I just had it trimmed and shaped.

When I got home I did a couple quick spins on the stationary bike and walked Cooper again. Made a quick BLT for dinner. I only had one slice of bread left though, so it wasn't as filling as usual.

I am taking a break from the rower today, but I will get back to it tomorrow. And I am up to 1:30 on the wall sits. I just add two reps of biceps curls each day and I will be back up to 3 minutes before too long.

Now I am going to go cuddle with my sleepy dog and read a book. Wild night at home for me and the pup! emoticon
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