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Creating a sample day to work off of.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Ok so this is just a personal recommendation for what my husband and I are trying out and is working for us. We inputted everything we normally eat on a typical day, I mean everything the little swipe of butter on my morning toast, the cinnamon-sugar mix I put on that toast. While it may seem like a lot of work (up front) it makes things easier, we have our sample day and I know if I forgo my afternoon cheese or my protein shake I can eat a low calorie dessert. Now most days this is what we eat and this is nice because it keeps the shopping list short. If I feel like hummus or something else for a snack I sub it in for something calorically similar and move on, no fuss. If I want pizza for lunch instead of my sandwich I can have it because I left a little wiggle room in my day. For us it started out as a way to save money, no wasted food means less to have to buy and less getting tossed out with the trash, and little room for left overs (we can cook three chicken breasts every other day I eat a half one at dinner hubby eats a whole one). It have evolved into making sure we get our needs (Calories, fat, calcium, protein) met so we can lose weight healthy. This works great for us because we have a baby at home and we want to spend as much time showing him the world as possible (parks, walks, doggie play ground). It also allows for easy grocery shopping eventually you know what you’ll need and when.
Rules if you plan a sample day:
1. Make sure it’s things you will actually eat. If you hate spinach and always eat romaine don’t cheat your self.
2. Know that this plan is boring and you will eventually get bored. Make yourself a few sample days if you want or multiple lunch plans around the same calories and switch it up, or use the time before you get bored to come up with another few sample days and do one week of this then one week of that.
3. Leave wiggle room I recommend 100 calories, if you are really dying for that dessert it may put you over but you left some room for a healthier dessert if you want it.
4. This is not a permanent plan and don’t treat it as such. This is a we have an infant and cannot take the time to be inventive right now with food. Or whatever your situation may be.
5. Allow for days where a meal or meals are not the planned thing. Our are Sundays when we eat at my parents and we don’t count calories there but we do eat reasonably (veggies first then the good stuff. )
6. This plan is what we call “eat to live, not live to eat”. Food still has a special place but we had to knock it down a few pegs in our minds first.

Calories Bagels, oat bran, 0.5 bagel (3-1/2" dia) 91
Banana, fresh, 1 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long) 105
K-Cup, French Vanilla Cappuccino, Grove Square, 1 serving 80
Butter, salted, 0.5 tbsp 51
Cinnamon, ground, 0.5 tsp 3
Granulated Sugar, 0.5 tsp 8
Totals Cal 338, Fat 11 ,Carbs58, Protien 5, Calcium 3
Bread, wheat (including toast), 2 slice 125
Turkey breast, sliced, oven roasted, luncheon meat, 2 ounce(s) 59
Cheddar Cheese (trader joes english cheddar with carmelized onions), (1 oz) 114
Carrots, raw, 1 cup, chopped 52
Totals Cal 351, Fat12, Carbohydrates 38, Protien 23, Calcium 30

Broccoli, cooked, 1 cup, chopped 55
Romaine Lettuce (salad), 2 cup, shredded 16
Chicken Breast (cooked), no skin, roasted, 4 ounces 137
Milk, 1%, 1 cup 102
Chinese Salad Dressing, 1 serving 90
Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt - Cherry, 1 serving 80
Bread, wheat (including toast), 1 slice 62
Totals Cal 542, Fat 14, Carbohydrates50, Protien 55, Calcium 58
Snack #1
Apples, fresh with skin, 1 medium (2-3/4" dia) (approx 3 per lb) 72
Almonds, honey roasted, 1 oz 168
Snack #2
Almond Breeze Almond Milk, Unsweetened Vanilla, 8 oz 30
Elite portien powder vanilla, 1 serving 90

Total Cal360, Fat18, Carbohydrates30, Protien 26, Calcium 53

My Sample day totals and then below are my ranges
Calories Fat Carbohydrates Protien Calcium
1,591 55 176 109 145
1330 - 1680 30 - 65 150 - 273 60 - 147 100 - 150

As the Saying goes "getting the body you want is 70% what you eat and 30% fitness, abs are made in the kitchen"
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    Brilliant! I kind of do this too, although now that we're travelling it isn't as easy - but it definitely makes shopping easier. (I used to just keep my lunch and snack items in my fridge at school, so I didn't have any other options, just what I had there for my meals while at work.)
    1444 days ago
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