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Back from a long weekend...

Monday, April 07, 2014

I took Friday off work and it was nice to have a day to myself :) I got up around 8am, ate breakfast, and then worked on cleaning my house a bit. Vacuumed, but realized my vacuum wasnt actually working :( washed the floors, dusted (I never dust!), scrubbed the kitchen counters, emptied the frig and freezer of old foods. It was productive. Then I went to walmart to pick up a new vacuum. I really needed to get one for a while now - the old seemed to work just ok, but on Friday it wasnt picking up anything. Then after Walmart I headed over to the quilting store to pick up some fabric for baby quilts that I am making for a friend. I need a chaperone when I go fabric shopping because I always buy too much! But I really like the fabric I picked out, and I am excited to make gifts for a friend! When I got home on Friday from shopping, I finished up my grandma's quilt, and spent the rest of the night relaxing. I needed that.

On Saturday I went for a run in the morning. I opted for the treadmill because the weather was calling for downpours. It didnt actually rain, though. But oh well...the treadmill it is. My run was going really well - I felt really comfortable. The the first 5 miles were great. Then around mile 7ish my left knee started feeling really heavy - there is no other way to describe it, just heavy. I kept going though becuase it wasnt painful, and finished at 10 miles. Stretched afterwards ands both my knees felt sore, but nothing unusual. Grabbed lunch, went home, iced, showered, cut fabric for one of the baby quilts I am making, and my left knee was hurting really bad. The LEFT knee. All of my knee problems in the past 3 years have been my right knee. My left knee is the one I had the patella realignment surgery on 10 years ago, and pretty much never gives me pain. But now, all of a sudden, it feels like my VMO muscle has completely disappeared. Keeping my knee bent for long periods of time feels like my knee is stuck when I go to straighten it. It feels like my knee is scraping bone. It doesnt feel like its being pulled out of alignment, so that is good. But all of these symptoms are why I had realignment surgery in the first place! I was feeling super super bummed. I had ordered a tens unit (electro-massage therapy) last week and it came on Friday, so I used it on Saturday on both my knees (right knee was sore but feels fine now). Iced my left knee on and off, took extra strength tylenol. Elevated, etc.

Woke up Sunday and my right knee was not sore anymore, but my left knee was still hurting. Iced in the morning, ran some errands, came home, iced again. Wore a knee brace during my errand running which helped. Basically all day yesterday I just iced on and off, elevated, took extra strength tylenol (I avoid motrin, advil etc because it was adding to my stomach troubles), and used my tens unit once last night. I also did some body weight leg strengthening exercises yesterday - leg raises, squats, bridges - stuff I used to do in physical therapy. I had a terrible time trying to get comfortable when sleeping last night because I didnt want to sleep with a bent knee all night and then not be able to straighten it this morning, but trying to sleep with a straight leg is hard stuff! Anyway, my knee is feeling better this morning - like 50% better. I didnt have a stuck in a bent knee position this morning, which is good. Stairs are still a bit difficult, but no where near as painful as yesterday. I am wearing my large knee brace at work today since I am sitting all day, but trying to get up and walk around to keep it moving. Took tylenol this morning and put biofreeze on my knee. The funny thing is that I have absolutely no pain walking. I am not limping or anything. I can walk perfectly fine. Its mostly just sitting that is the problem, or going down the stairs. So you know that means I'm dealing with runner's knee :( Also known as patella femoral syndrom - my chronic issue in both knees. *sigh* was supposed to do a short 3 mile run today, but I am planning to use the recumbent bike at the gym today instead, and do more body weight leg strengthening exercises like I did in physical therapy, plus icing, elevation, and tens unit when I get home tonight. Perfect timing too, considering I have my PT test this month and a half marathon in 3 weeks. Hoping if i take it easy this week, it will continue to improve like it did from yesterday to today.

Back at work today - not looking forward to a full week. Hopefully it goes by quickly. I have phone calls to catch up on, but that s mostly it for now, so that is good, I suppose. Apparently I did not drink enough water this weekend because I am feeling really dehydrated today :(
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