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4/6/14 blood sugar and another dinner out

Monday, April 07, 2014

I was pushing the envelope a little today. I wanted to know what would happen if I went out to dinner at the same Chinese restaurant but ate a little bit more and had a little dark chocolate for dessert. This resulted in a blood sugar of 118 a little more than two hours after eating, not terrible, but definitely something I don't want to do too often. It was interesting to see that doing only 10 minutes of planks and situps was enough to where my blood sugar was back down to 100 half an hour later.
It will be interesting to see if my morning blood sugar is going to be higher as a result.
I had a real craving for fruit so I ate 1/3 cup of blueberries with a few oz. of yogurt so that may effect it, too. It will be too late to measure my blood sugar again tonight.

blood sugars for today:

8 am: 92
12:20 pm 92
4:15 pm 102
8:15 pm 96
10:30 pm 118
11:00 pm 100

average blood sugar: 100
high blood sugar: 116
low blood sugar: 92
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    I already responded to Russell on his sparkpage but will copy my response here as well:
    I was not concerned about blood sugars higher than 120 as such, but more concerned that if my blood sugar goes up to 120 when I ate only the tiniest amount of sugar/starches then it probably would go up to 200 if I ate a significant serving of fruit or a starchy vegetable.
    I have not tested any of those yet for this reason. I will have a blood test tomorrow to check for LADA, just in case, and if that is negative I will assume that I can just make gradual adjustments based on my blood sugar. If I understand correctly what I read in the Bernstein book and on the diabetes101 website it is the fact that fasting blood sugars are high that signals that the pancreas does not have enough functioning beta cells left to keep blood sugar low. After the dinner last night my fasting blood sugar this morning was 109 again. This will take some more experimenting.
    1447 days ago
    I like RUSSELL's answer!

    You're doing a very good job balancing your nutrition and exercise with what your blood sugar is. That's really what it's all about. . . learning what works or not for you!

    Good luck.

    1447 days ago
  • RUSSELL_40
    You do realize that normal people have blood sugars over 120 all the time, right? If a 10 year old healthy kid eats a huge slice of birthday cake with a scoop of ice cream, it will maybe go as high as 125, but no higher, since they are not diabetic.

    So a 118 blood sugar is normal. You don't really need to worry unless you go over 130. If you do so, then you are diabetic.

    Still, I understand you are trying to make sure you avoid diabetes, so you don't want to push the envelope. I just want you to understand that a simple glass of fruit juice can be enough to max out your blood sugar. I am sure some kids today are between 110-125 all day long, and would have a high A1C. Diabetes is years off for them though, and may be ( hopefully ) for you to, if it ever happens.

    Diabetes, is similar to cancer, and heart disease in that they are breakdowns in the body. We break from abuse. Our cells mutate, some of our heart muscle dies, or we become Insulin resistant, or the pancreas stops working.

    However, one 118 blood sugar isn't a problem. You could find that ina 3 year old child, if you fed them enough sugar.

    So don't try to break yourself by pushing the limits, but also don't think a 118 blood sugar is anything but normal.

    Have you ever had a blood sugar over 130?
    1447 days ago
    1447 days ago
    Do you think the fruit craving was related to the blood sugar up and down?
    1447 days ago
    Avoid deserts and sugar Find other foods I can eat more
    1447 days ago
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    1447 days ago
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    1447 days ago
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