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My Art for Yarnell Home

Sunday, April 06, 2014

This bright and friendly poppy painting is not large, but it won my heart as #1

#2 choice of the items still available. I really wanted an oak stool, but it went just before it was my turn to go up again. The quail are all over in Yarnell, so it fits the area.

Getting a third piece of art was a real surprise, I was amazed to even get two free pieces of art, it never even entered my mind there would be three! This is a beautiful pastel of crocus and is quite a bit bigger than the other two.

Autumn colors are abundant in my home, so this will fit in perfect!

I'm not sure where this will go, but I'm crazy about bunny rabbits, and it has green in the frame, etc. so perhaps even in my bathroom.

I used to have this hanging in my bathroom here in Glendale, but I may take it to the new house. Decisions, decisions.

This is one I'll hang without a frame, probably in my hobby/guest room

This one will go in there too.

This is one my daughter gave me when she moved out of her house. Actually I had given her a gift once of redecorating one room in her house. She chose the bdrm and this is the art that was above the fireplace.

My neighbor, and best friend, gave this to me -- her home was not burned, and it was only about half a block from mine. They did lose all their food (frozen) of course.

I thought these matching pieces would look neat in the office.

An original from an artist in Sedona. I framed it in green, so it will probably go in our master bedroom which will be a very, very light green sage sort of color.

Another original from Sedona. And I know you're probably getting bored by now, but this little tour is almost over.

Love winter woodland scenes -- better to look at than to live in! lol And these are so skinny you can put them almost anywhere.

This is a portrait of me, done when I was about 35 or so. I like to put it over a little entry table by the front door. It was painted by a friend who was an artist - acrylic.

And last but not least, this is a flower arrangement, materials for it were furnished by my daughter when she moved. Surprised all of us that it looked so perfect there.

Thank you for sharing my little tour. You, who know me, know that decorating is my passion, so I will have heaps of fun deciding where all of these will go. Thank you also for stopping by, you are all such good, special friends!
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