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Wild Weather!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Two days of severe thunderstorms expected here in Mid-MO. This morning, I got caught in it. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

For those of you who know there's also a 4 year-old grandson in the house, he rides a bus to his preschool, so he doesn't figure into this story.

But I walked Erik to school just in time. I went a little farther than usual, making sure I got him safely across the school driveway. (Not trusting drivers, even with kids in the car, to be attentive this morning). The hail started when I was near a house we cut through a back yard. I figured I'd go to another hose a bit farther, knowing folks are home, and just wait there.

I couldn't make it! I had my umbrella - thank God! But my legs were stinging so from being pelted. So I just sheltered under my 'brella near the first house. Soon the worst of the hall was bigger than jawbreakers, but smaller than golf balls. The umbrella protected my head, and the house wall shielded the worst of it. But I took three bad ones on my left shoulder and one on the top of my left toes. (Fortunately I wear leather shoes)! Also had one ricochet off the house and into my back.

Then I found our how hard it is to walk on a couple of inches of hail balls, uneven size and VERY slippery. Took my time coming home and arrived safely. My shoulder was still tingling from the worst hit when I got here. And,since it's still tender, I had Paul check for bruising: minor but noticeable.

Another bad storm about an hour later, and now in a clearing area until sometime after supper. More of the same expected from sometime after midnight until around 9:00am. Thinking Erik might be getting to school a bit late - safety first!
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