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Tips to Building a “Better Breakfast”

Monday, March 31, 2014

Tips to Building a “Better Breakfast”
Below are my Favorite Tips to Building a Better Breakfast…

Tip 1: Timing is Everything!

Make sure to enjoy a full complete breakfast as soon as possible after waking up! Preparing and eating your breakfast within 45mins max after waking up is best! it allows your metabolism to rev up and tell you body and brain your ready to go! Bring on the Day! Skipping breakfast by all costs is a NO NO! if you over ate the night or meal before just move on and continue being healthy as normal

Tip 2: Proteins and Fiber a Plenty!

Make sure to include plenty of Healthy Whole Complete Protein Sources and Rich Fiber from Whole Grains, Complex Carbs and Nuts/Seeds! There are plenty of Dairy Free, Vegan, Soy Free, Gluten Free and Lactose free options if needed, just do your research. Please note if you are not Vegan, soy free dairy free etc. then you dont bother. Just enjoy eating healthy foods.

Tip 3: Consume your Freggies!

Make sure that whatever you choose to prepare has a great selection of fruits and even veggies incorporated if possible! While veggies at breakfast arent always doable fruit is! so include it anyway you can!

Tip 4: EATTTT a HEARTY Meal!

Your Coffee and Low Fat muffin breakfast doesnt cut it at all! you need to eat a complete breakfast that has enough nutrients and actual real food to fuel you up! many coffee/muffin deals spend all 400 cals you have on 1 small processed carb snack that doesnt fill you up at all and leaves you hungry before lunch to go snack on stuff you dont need! make sure you have many components to your meal.

Tip 5: Less is more!

Choosing Items that are lower in calories will allow you to each more of those foods but dont select foods that are higher in saturated fats, empty processed sugars or high amounts of sodium. the Less Processed the food item the better! Choose foods that are filling and pack a punch of fuel. Complex Carbs are you friend use them wisely… Processed Refined carbs are not! KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE 2 types!


Forgot to buy breakfast items, short on time and need to eat on the run. All your favorite fast food and coffee chains have options available for you. HOWEVER you need to do the research. know the calories that you can use and search on their companies website for nutrition information. places like Starbucks and even Tim Hortons have healthier options available to enjoy!

Tip 7: Choose Foods you Enjoy!

Simple… find foods and beverages you enjoy that are healthy and incorporate those into your meal you will in turn be more excited to enjoy breakfast everyday!

Tip 8: Coffee and Tea are FREE!!!

Regardless of personal and Medical Opinions I honestly thing that coffee and tea in moderation has some great health benefits! Dont always cry over what you hear! Coffee is good! Tea is even better! BEST PART! These and other non acidic versions like Vega Sugar Free Energizer are CALORIE AND CARB FREE!!! and will give you the caffine you crave to bring you alive! lol!

* Just remember adding lots of milk, sugar, cream etc.. adds lots of calories, carbs and fat so be careful and include those into your plan.

Tip 9: Rember the Cereal 5+5+10 Rule

When Choosing to Eat Cereal with your breakfast choose selections with at least 5-7g of Protein and Fiber each MINIMUM!!!
You also want Cereals that have more whole grains and less sugars added Try keeping the Sugar Level per serving to less than 10% DV. If sugar is one of the top 3 ingredients in the list… throw it away as its a waist of time! Many so called “Healthy granola or trail mix type fruit and nut cereals are really high in carbs and added sugars and others are higher in fats due to the nuts added so watch out and read labels carefully. Kashi (Toasted Cinnamon) and Special K (Protein) each have a high protein/fiber option available to them (both listed in brackets). Oatmeal especially steel cut or Quick cooking oats are a great alternative if you want something hearty. Those flavored packet oats aren’t always a good choice unless it has the right amounts of proteins/Fiber. Quaker makes a green box called “PROTEIN” which has 6 + 6 and is only 20 carbs and 150 cals a great choice!

FINAL TIP: Variety is the Spice of Life!

To get all the vitamins and minerals that you need to enjoy a balanced diet you should choose a wide variety of choices each day. try different combinations of colorful fruits and veggies! Each color of fruit and veggies has different healthy benefits… Red Veggies have Lycopene, Orange has Beta Caratine etc… Try even combining many of the Superfreggies like Kale, Spinach, Pomegrantes and Goji berries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Bananas, Tomatoes, Brocoli and the like!

AFTER ALL… Enjoy your meal!
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