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Daily Tally Challenge- something that (almost) worked for me a few years ago.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I copied this old blog of mine! What is cool is that SP has put our personal daily behavior goals right on our Start Page. emoticon So with my improved discipline (5 years on SP!) emoticon and my improved habits of eating veggies emoticon , I just might be able to earn my 5 or 6 points daily. If I behaved like that, I know I would lose weight!

So here s a very, very old blog of mine! emoticon

The only thing that has really worked has been the tally challenge. Hope I can keep it up. I want those 5 or maybe 4 points daily. It is so concrete and these are the behaviors that will help me lose weight. I do lots of things.. but my weight stays the same because basically I won't eat less.... When the mood strikes, I eat.

Habits I count:

Stay under the calorie limit.
Stay under the fat limit.
Drink the water (8)
Make healthy food choices.

1 point each . Post the tally daily for others to see. Oh my God. That is definitely accountability. Chris

3/29/2014 Currently: On my team I have a thread for people to list their Start Page Goals. The team is about Evening Eating. ACCOUNTABILITY is the thread we use to set specifically behavioral goals for only one week. We share our goals and come back through he week to report how we are doing.

Since it is limited to one week, we can start over every Sunday with no guilt! A clean slate. Some weeks are better than others, of course. When I started the team 3 years ago, I could ot even attempt to be that disciplined! Now I am tracking my food daily (even if it goes over my calorie limit.)and also using the Accountability thread weekly, too. I have lost 25 lbs--over 5 years. emoticon Yeah, Turtle Time! But I am not gaining. And I feel so much better. Hopefully, I can improve my habits a bit more and make faster progress now.

I feel like I am so slow emoticon at this but I have friends not on SP who have lost nothing and are still feeling just stuck. emoticon

SP has helped me so much. Without this website, I hate to think where I would be!
I can spark any time of the day or night. Later I read the kind supportive messages from spark friends. What could be better! emoticon

I struggle with very, very low energy. The last year was just getting my thyroid blood tests back up to the proper levels. I am feeling good (for me) now. I bought red shoes! I bought a couple of nice tops from the new Lane Bryant store in town. 3X. But they are pretty and I feel good about wearing them. I had not had my hair cut in 2 full years! That is how lax I had become. I just used a big clip and wore it up. I just had 4 inches cut off-it is still long and I still just clip it back. It does look better though.

Water aerobics is my savior. Without that I would be as stiff as a tin man. Fibromyalgia and muscle bumps from myofascial pain syndrome. I am looking for a therapist to treat the bumps with the Graston (sp ?) technique.

It has been 2 years since I retired from an extremely stressful job emoticon --which I did while being a full time caregiver to DH. emoticon

chris emoticon even at a turtle's pace emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

So, never give up! Seek help where you can get it. Keep sparking. At the top of this page I quoted an old blog of mine. I noticed people who I began this journey with--many are not on SP anymore! I am glad I kept coming. emoticon
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