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86 Days Until Summer - Happy DMD and New Weighted Vest!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


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Days Until Summer!

Hallelujah! Weather is warming up.

Today, my middle daughter who is also my only child for a week since her sisters are both away, shadowed at a private Christian school that she is so, so eager to attend next year. These blogs are supposed to be about fun, and to me happiness, satisfaction and peace for my children are qualities that make my life a WHOLE lot more fun.

Less drama in THEIR lives = more FUN in my life.

DMD (Dear Middle Daughter) has the tender heart of a missionary and with this school, she will be given ample opportunity to explore that side of her nature.

We have not even gotten an offer to go to the school yet, but I don’t even feel that “no” is an option at this point.

The synchronicity of the timing, events and people involved in leading to her to this school are so numerous and so weirdly related, yet unrelated, that I’m actually putting together a piece for Guideposts Magazine about it. Let’s just say it was absolutely an answer to a prayer that I put out there and I’ll let you know if it the piece gets accepted for publication.


Oh, and on another happy and exciting note, I bought a new weighted vest.

After doing my first vlog about my weighted vest, I realized that two of the BACK pockets were broken with the weights kinda dangling precariously. To keep it balanced, I would have had to remove 4 lbs, bringing down the total weight to 12 lbs, which I thought too low. I was just getting really used to 16 lbs and thinking about more ways to challenge myself.

I actually love this new vest even more than my last one because it fits more snuggly and does not swing so much. No matter how tight I made the straps on the last one (Altus Brand) it always had a certain amount of sway to it when I jogged which got to be uncomfortable.

However, I don’t really like the fact that it’s not “jacket” style, but instead it fits over your head like an apron. Makes it more awkward to take on and off. I used to be able to take off the last one while still moving, This one I definitely have to be fully stopped to take it off. I’ll have to get used to that.

It maxes out at 40 lbs and right now I have about 26 lbs on it which is 10 more pounds than my last vest. I’m just walking with it now, getting used to the extra weight.

The weights fit into inside pockets and can be added or removed.

In fact, let me get out with the doggies and take them for a little spin whilst wearing my new vest.

Geez, makes me doggone tired just thinking about it….


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