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Goal/Resolution Update

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

At the beginning of this year, I set four goals for myself.

1. Save $1 in week one, $2 in week 2 and so on up to $52 in week 52.
2. Read, on average, one book per week.
3. Lose ten pounds by April 1st.
4. Build tone and definition in my arms.

For the saving goal, my goal is to check off each week. However, I don't have to do them in order. I've already checked off the $52 week and a whole bunch of the smaller ones. The remaining weeks will be a challenge, but I feel like I'm on track to meet this goal.

For the reading goal, I've read 15 books so far this year. Since we are only 12 weeks into the year, I'd say this goal is going well! Please note...I read NOTHING educational! I just finished James Patterson's book "First Love" - written for teens. I don't care...I liked it! But, no educational value. Easier to read that way!

I wanted to lose 10 pounds by now. Partly because my 25th reunion is in one week. Partly because I wanted to get back to maintenance. I managed to lose about four pounds. I didn't hit my goal, but I am closer! I'll get the rest off later. I won't let those few extra pounds ruin my fun!!

My last goal is the least defined and the hardest to measure. My arms have some jiggle and I don't like it! I covet Kelly Ripa's arms!!! I've done more arm and upper body exercises this year than I did all of last year. I took a before picture, but I don't feel like I've made enough progress to call a new picture an "after" picture. Tomorrow, I have an appointment with the trainer at my gym. I'm going to ask him about my arms. My main goals are to get a routine to tone my arms and to get a realistic idea of what my arms could look like. To look like Kelly Ripa (my arms, that is), may require more than I'm willing to do. I'm not willing to give up pizza and the occasional cookie. I'm just not!

Oh, and I added something. It's not really a goal, more of a challenge for myself. Caffeine, to me, is a very good thing. I love caffeine!! However, I do not like coffee. My caffeine of choice, for years, has been Diet Pepsi. I would drink a can on the way to work. Then I would have another at break, a liter bottle at lunch and generally another one in the afternoon. I also get in my water and some iced tea. (I know where every bathroom is at my work!) One of my Spark Friends (Triangle-Woman) has a 100 Days until Summer countdown every year. During those 100 days, she challenges herself to do something good for herself every day. I decided to join her. This year, I decided to stop drinking Diet Pepsi for 100 days. I can still get caffeine from tea, but no Diet Pepsi. It's been almost two weeks, and I've stuck to far. There have been some pretty rough days, but I'm gonna do it!!

Did you make New Year's Resolutions? If so, how are you doing with your goals?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am doing the money challange also except I decided to put $25 a week aside.
    1454 days ago
    Wow! Now that's some goal setting! You have given me something to work toward. I'm impressed with the way you explained everything and your determination to be successful. Hope you have fun at your reunion no matter what the outcome of your goals. I'll be excited to hear more. Go! Go! Go! emoticon
    1455 days ago
    great read. I gave up diet coke on the first day I started my new heathy eating plan. 2 1/2 months ago. only time I even had a taste was when I had a stomach flu and throw up for 6 hrs and needed something that whould stay down. you can do this. I don't miss it at all. ggod luck
    1457 days ago
    You can and will do this. You're already proving that you can.
    1458 days ago
    You are doing awesome! Great job!
    1458 days ago
    I am with you on the money and book reading goals. Congrats on your weight loss so far, you are moving in the right direction.I hope your trainer had decent suggestions. Hey you can enjoy the pizza if you swapt healthy toppings, which I have done. Way to control that diet Pepsi!
    1458 days ago
    Sounds like you're doing great!

    I guess I've got to google Kelly Ripa...

    I have the sense I'm doing well with most of my goals. I guess this is a good time to do a quarterly reassessment. I'll put that on my list of things to do.
    1458 days ago
    You are doing great! emoticon

    I try to read one book per week too; sometimes I manage 2; I've finished 19 so far this year.
    1458 days ago
    Way to go, Barb! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    You've given me some things to think about, and that's a good think (for the most part).
    1458 days ago
    Awesome goals I to set a goal to replace pop from my diet and a few things that I found amazing and helpful to do. one have something to drink that tastes sweet but doesn't have all the calories and bad stuff like pop I got a water infuser and before bed every night I put fresh fruit and fill it with water so when I wake I have a lovely tasting water. 2 I got a Britta water bottle wich is great cause all u need is tap water wich u have access to pretty much anywhere and u got yourself 3 cups of fresh clean water and the unique straw for the bottle really seems to help me consume more water per day and also track how much water I did infact drink.
    1458 days ago
    Way to go CartoonB! I think I might adopt some of your goals for myself!
    1458 days ago
    Congrats on the soda! Soda is my biggest obstacle, Coke for me, and I have always struggled to give it up. Best of luck on continued success!
    1458 days ago
    Dont fret too much about the educational value of your reading, lol. I read to relax, especially in the evening, and I average about 2 books per week.

    Good job Barb on sticking to these goals. Most of my clients, who have set such ambitious goals as yours are not answering my emails when I ask for an update, lol.

    You have a solid infrastructure and a good base. So I am confident you will reach your goals soone rather than later.

    I'm going to share this blog with the team of new Sparkers I'm leading. It's a good example of success.

    But then, you've always been one of my heroes.
    1458 days ago
    I would say you're doing a great job with those goals!!! I, personally, have given up on the arms and have chosen to just cover them. emoticon They could be worse.
    1458 days ago
    Sounds like a great job on the resolutions to me, after all it is only the end of the first quarter of the year. I had to laugh about knowing where all the restrooms are...with all the water and coffee I drink, Bob jokes that I know where every available restroom is in a 100 mile radius.
    I wish mine were going as well. I am exercising a lot more consistently, but still have work to do. I still have organizational goals to work on, though there is a modest improvement in not leaving "piles" to be dealt with "later" around the house. I'm still not finding much time for "fun" though. Who'd a thunk that'd be the hardest bit to work on.
    1458 days ago
    You are doing emoticon girl!!! Hang in there and keep up the terrific job! emoticon
    1458 days ago
  • BRADMILL2922
    I didn't do any resolutions this year. Glad to hear you are making progress on at least some of your stuff. It is hard to do it all and you are doing well being a quarter of the way through the year! Have fun at your reunion!
    1458 days ago
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