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Day 912... Why I do it

Monday, March 24, 2014

I ran into my brother while I was out walking this afternoon, and he decided to join me fir part of my walk. We chatted and caught up on what is going on in each other's lives, One of the things we talked about was motivation. One of his daughters is a real self starter while the other requires guidance, This conversation got me thinking about my motivation for pursuing this lifestyle change, and how it has evolved over the past three years. When I started I just wanted to lose weight. At 325 pounds everything was difficult, and I didn't want to do anything on a daily basis. As I started dropping pounds it became more about getting healthy and fit. I wanted to feel good and energetic, and be able to fun things... for the rest of my life. Now I do the things that keep me healthy and fit out of habit, and a determination that I will beat the odds and keep the weight off. In some ways maintenance is actually pretty easy, but in other ways it is a constant struggle. It is easy because I know what I need to do and I do those things habitually, but it is also a struggle because I have to stay vigilant. It would be easy to regain the weight. All I would need to do is go back to living the way I used to live and the pounds would pack on again. I REALLY don't want to go back there though. So when I have days like yesterday when I want to do nothing, I just remind myself of how miserable I used to be, and get off my butt and go outside for a walk. Why do I do it? Because it feels good to be healthy and fit. I do it, because this is my new normal and I like it.
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