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Kitty needs a home - OREGON

Monday, March 24, 2014

I got up yesterday to open the front door for my cat, thinking it was Wall-e meowing outside. Instead, I was surprised to find this little red head. I gave him food and he was very affectionate. He's young, maybe 8-9 months old. He has two little dangling accessories at his back end.

I sat for a while stroking him, debating what I should do. If he belongs to someone but just got out, do I have a right to snatch him up and get him neutered? I thought about the thousands of kittens this male would end up producing if he didn't have a home and remained intact.

I let Boo out to see what would happen and the little red head sat at the end of my walk staring at us, but was interested and appeared friendly.

My neighbor drove up and I asked her if she knew him. She's the kind of neighbor that knows everything about everyone. Very handy :) She's also the one who helped me out when the cats had to be fed and I couldn't make it due to the freeze. She's a certain type...but good hearted.

Anyway, she tells me that the little red head belonged to one of the girls who lived in the house on the corner but she moved out a few months ago and left him outside, hoping someone would pick him up. One of the other neighbors has been feeding him.

So, in we went to the mud room where he has now been since yesterday. He's still very affectionate and not afraid at all. He's eating and drinking great and using his litter box.

What possessed me to randomly buy an extra litter pan yesterday morning? I haven't bought one in a year and had no need for one...but for some reason, felt I had to have one at home. It wasn't an hour after I came back from the store that this little guy showed up.


I'll be neutering him on Wednesday.

He needs a home :)

No, seriously! I am NOT keeping this guy! I will not, I will not, I will not...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • v CHEBBA
    Re your last sentence….. And why not????? Grin. This little guy turned up at a certain point in your life, just after you bought that litter tray for no particularly accountable reason? Coincidence? Divine intervention? Serendipity? Who BETTER to give him his forever home? Would another little mouth to feed really be so terrible or would it create a serious problem for you and your husband?

    I'm not trying to influence you (oh no??!!) but I have a huge sense of karma at times, especially where animals are concerned. Sounds to me as if little and gorgeous ginger was destined to turn up when he did - perhaps, however, his destiny was to turn up NOT so that you could be his forever home, but because you would be the ideal person to find him that. (Um, if that was the case, why didn't he pitch up before you'd bought that litter tray, especially as he'd been abandoned such a while ago??? Weird or what!) I have a feeling that, if you don't find that special home in the next few days, the dye will be cast and he'll have wormed his way into your heart - if he hasn't done so already!

    What I know of you already, you'll make the best decision - and whatever it is, well done you. Let us all know what happens - we'll all be itching to find out! I think I know what we all hope for, though….. grin!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    883 days ago
  • v PATTYR81
    What a cutie!!!

    Way too many 'coincidents' happening NOT to keep him!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    884 days ago
  • v THESB25
    Hahaha I would snatch this guy up in a second if my current cat didn't have an only-child complex. Honestly because my cat likes to be the only cat, I think it saved me from being "the cat lady" because I would be taking in any and every stray. My husband and I have a good resource for cheap spay/neuter so we've picked up a few strays and paid to have them fixed, then released them again. One stuck around for awhile and we named her Momma. She was an older broad and she would always come and greet you at your car when you got home. The other tom cat we found we ended up taking to a no kill shelter and he was eventually adopted. I am just in love with kitties and that guy looks so handsome in your pic. Hope you find a home soon!
    885 days ago
    He knew where to go! We have a similar cat right now as well except he isn't friendly so he hasnt made his way into my house. Someone moved out and left him. Ughhh people suck!
    886 days ago
  • v _RAMONA
    Oh, my Miss O would love to have an orange tabby! I hope things work out 'as they should'. :)

    (Lots of room there for interpretation)


    886 days ago
    Keeping him would be defined as sleeping in your bed within the next week, right? So by that definition you are not keeping him. emoticon
    But rather than keeping him you can always give him the choice to stay. He might just decide not to leave. emoticon
    887 days ago
    He's adorable! I'd adopt him if I were in the area.

    Maybe put a sign up at the vet's place? Free kitty to a loving home?

    And thank you for neutering him!
    887 days ago
  • v JUNEAU2010
    If you were in my area, I would take him for sure! We just buried our baby Cilantro at almost 18 and BF is finally ready to think about adding a buddy for our very lonely Juneau...
    887 days ago
    He's very good looking. Thank God he didn't come to my door!!! What's another tiny cat in the scope of things. LOL.

    The vet is always trying to get us to adopt orphaned chinchillas. We have 7 already. We had 11 at one time. Thank God he doesn't have them there where we would see them!!
    887 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/24/2014 9:31:25 PM
  • v GLC2009
    oh, keep him. i love orange tabbies. ours has a terrific personality.

    what kind of sick b!#ch leaves an animal outside and moves away thinking someone will take him in?
    887 days ago
    yep -- he's moving in. LOl1
    887 days ago
    I think he found a home!
    887 days ago
    887 days ago
    He's adorable and a great reward for getting your new job! (smiling) So glad he found such a good home with you.
    887 days ago
    Handsome cat who now has a forever home with a new owner who is very responsible.
    887 days ago
    I think it's fate! I wish I could help you but I'm on the other side of the country. He's a beauty!
    887 days ago
    Welcome to the family!
    887 days ago
  • v JUNETTA2002
    I live in South Texas so can't help you. Hope you find a home for him soon.
    887 days ago
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