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feel guilty about beating up on old people

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I suppose it had to happen eventually, feeling bad about smacking senior citizens around. I'm kind of surprised it took over a year of whipping them left and right and up and down before a moment of real reflection occurred, about whether I was a bad person for not worrying about it.

I'm talking, of course, about playing pickleball, where my playing companions are mostly 20-30+ years older than I am. And while I'm not a spring chicken (I'll be 39 in a couple of months), compared to those guys, I'm but a pup. I suppose it goes without saying that that's not an insignificant advantage in a game that reaction time and (relative) quickness play a role.

The reason it finally occurred to me was that someone I hadn't previously played with before said that "You're good!" And though I often been well aware that the youth had a lot to do with the success, something about that comment made me wonder whether I only enjoyed it because, playing against the people I play against, I do happen to be on a winning side often. I mean, it's not like I'm really any good at tennis or racquetball. I'm assuming that if I were to play against people my age and younger, I'll be similarly beaten regularly/handily. But I figure that as long as they aren't a-holes about it, I'd keep playing, if I ever do find a convenient game with such players. I'm hoping that I don't come across as an eejit to the people I'm playing against.

Anyway. Spent most of the weekend planted on the couch watching basketball (and hockey). The brackets got busted at the end of the very first game, when Ohio State lost to Dayton. Being a Michigan fan, couldn't feel too bad about the Buckeyes losing. Plus, I can't blame them for denying me my billion dollars (well, them, and Duke, and Oklahoma State, etc, etc, etc. Let's just say if I were doing the red pen correction thing, my brackets would have bled to death by the end of day one).

Amusing tidbit from the first day of the tournament proper. An Atlanta Falcons wide receiver, Roddy White, responded to a follower on twitter who boldly predicted Mercer would beat Duke in their first round matchup, by saying that he'd give the guy season tickets on the 50 yard line if Mercer did, indeed, beat Duke. Well, Mercer beat Duke, and instead of following through on his unsolicited offer, White backed down on that statement, eventually settling for giving the guy a pair of tickets for a single game. The fan is ok with this outcome - after all, he's getting something out of nothing.

But White is a guy who will be making 6.34 million this upcoming season. Following through on his pledge would cost him maybe $3000. In backing off his pledge, he claimed, among other things, that it was illegal to bet in the NFL, and tweeted, "Y'all people are crazy on twitter you want me to man up and pay a bet to a person that had nothing to lose in the bet #soundsridicules". Problem is, he's absolutely right - that wasn't a bet. He was under absolutely no obligation to make the statement, except for bragging on his prognostications skills (he had Duke advancing to the championship game). Apparently, he can talk the talk, and when proven to have just as much prognostication skill as the rest of us (i.e. precious little) wrong, he's only willing to walk 1/8th of the walk. I'm guessing he might end up making a pledge to the Mercer scholarship fund before this is all over - the school is located in the state of Georgia.

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  • SOFT_VAL67
    clash of the titans in kentucky tomorrow night.
    im not much of a bball fan, but even i have to say GO BIG BLUE!!
    Big Blue Nation.......thats all carry on!
    1299 days ago
    White should dish out what he promised, if only to prove he has integrity (which it's obvious he doesn't), and then he should never make a bet again, lol.
    1303 days ago
    I think Roddy White probably epitomizes the ethos of many pro athletes; their word means nothing. Get caught using PED's? Deny, deny deny... even if called before congress. Get called out on stupid behavior? Point the finger at other people, make accusations and excuses. Involved in a shooting or other violent act? Have one of your "boys" take the fall. So many of these guys let money and fame go to their heads and forget the old maxim that "your word is your bond".
    1303 days ago
  • BOPPY_
    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pickle
    ball -- I had to look it up.
    2. If I could still run, I'd happily kick your butt, and yeah, I'm an old guy. ;-)
    3. Enjoyed this eclectic post on sports.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Lee emoticon
    1303 days ago
  • JAROL7
    We older people don't mind a good competition. For my wife and me, we love competitive table tennis and we compete every week. So give it your best ... some of us may surprise you a time or two.
    1303 days ago
  • SPERRIN2012
    White should msn up.

    Where was he during the playoffs this year????

    1303 days ago
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