8K for only $20

Sunday, March 23, 2014

This is my kind of deal: In lovely Rockville, Maryland, an 8K for only $20. Includes t-shirt and, at the finish, free beer and all the food you can eat, live band, dancing, and a 50' high cool-down spray courtesy of the local fire dept.

8K is a nice distance for people who've done 5Ks and want to try something a bit longer.

To get this deal, you just have to register anytime on Sunday, March 23. At midnight, it goes to the regular price of $34 (which is still a darn good price but $20 is amazing).

What's the downside? Two:

1) The race is in July (kinda hot). But they have lots water stops (4!) and sprayers on the course. Check out these architectural water stop masterpieces:

2) Not the most scenic race. But it doesn't matter because it starts at twilight so you're not going to be looking around much anyway cause it will be dark! Some finish-in-the-dark photos:

For more info:

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