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Friday, March 21, 2014

They say Mother Nature has let Spring out.....and I do see a few flowers out and turning their faces to the sun that comes out in the afternoon.

BUT Old Man Winter is still lurking around in the bitter cold wind that keeps popping up and in the freezing cold rain that comes down every morning lately. What a Grumpy old fart, wanting to hang around and not let us enjoy the beginning of Spring...

Meanwhile, with the return of Spring, in thought if not evidenced outside, my thoughts are turned to revisiting my goals. I have had a bit of a struggle, mainly with issues of traveling and recurring health problems. I do keep trying to overcome these issues, but honestly, I don't feel like I am winning.

Yes I am managing not to increase my size. And I have at one point managed to get 20 pounds down....and then my health issues kick in and I end up back where I was. I hate being a yoyo in those same 20 pounds over and over, but I see no way out of that vicious cycle until after the surgery that I will have some day.....and we all know some day never comes in most cases!

I do know it will come but what year is the question.

Meanwhile, I am supposed to be losing weight. And I am doing everything I know how to, in the situation I find myself.


I am going to revamp my lifestyle choices and the way that I use them. The dietitian and my doctor, both say I am doing everything right. Both also think I should be losing weight with the way I am doing things.

But something isn't working.

My doc has suggested gastric bypass. But you know what? I have always and still am against that idea for myself. Sure it may work for some people, and work perfectly. But I have seen lots of cases where it doesn't work or works badly. You have to remember taht I have had 30 years of helping people through TOPS....I have seen all sides of the weight loss industry over all those years. Some of the stories put fear in to my heart.

I have enough health problems without begging for more.

Not only that, but with the gastric bypass, you are not changing your eating habits, you will still be eating the wrong things,,,just at 1/2 c - 1 cup at a time....forever. There would be no sitting down to a nice steak, salad and baked potato meal(not that I do now anyways!) It would end up 1 bite of steak, one bite of potato, one forkful of salad and one bite of fruit! Thats your meal.

Only 1/2 cup to 1 cup of food.........that is not a lot of food. and somehow you have to get all your nutrients in to stay healthy too. Sure , a multivitamin pill a day you say. Uh huh. I take those but guess what? I still have issues of low iron, low magnesium and a few more insignificant vitamins. So do you really think one multivitamin pill a day is going to cut the mustard and keep the vitamins up?

Next week I have to go to the hospital and have iron put into me by IV....I have been taking iron pills for 2 years and it is still not up to the half way mark for good health.

So I will not be doing the bypass though I will probably (sigh) take the trip out of town to see that specialist as well, otherwise my doc will hound me until I actually go . She means well....

I will just have to be more diligent than I have been. I will trim away all the higher calorie options of things that I like, but in all seriousness I can not cut away much more than I already have. I will make the effort though

Fortunately, I do live alone. I will not be depriving any loved ones of the foods they like. That is one of the hardest things to do, living within a family and living with the foods the family likes....almost always temptations around to break your resolve...

So this is day one of revamping my lifestyle...let's see how it goes
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TOPSBEAR 3/23/2014 11:55PM

    sigh.... not really

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SLIMLILA 3/23/2014 6:10PM

    I hear you and you are doing all the right things and I can't believe how little you eat already. You know my sis had that surgery about 2 yrs. ago and it didn't work worth the money and stress she went through that's for sure. No body has mentioned what's happening with her weight now with her dh is hospital since Jan., but we know it's one way or the other, not that our weight ever gets under control and stays there... I'm back with you battling the same dam 25 lbs... and today I put on a pretty dress and felt nice and hope this will be the start (yet again) of another splurge into healthier habits.... This roller coaster is not fun anymore... doubt it ever was...

I know you have researched as much as possible, and I'm sure you know more about nutrition, diabetes and your own body than even any medical professional I know. Unfortunately, the meds we take can have other ideas too. I had to take iron back in my pre-menopausal days and could only use the liquid Flora-Essence (?) from the health food store to actually see any results. I used to even blend up pork liver into burgers to try to get iron. But, low iron has something to do with diabetes or kidney too, even my father had low iron, and I know my mom has to go for those infusions too..... Isn't growing old fun!!!!!

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TOPSBEAR 3/21/2014 5:53PM

    sometimes it does make one wonder...
BUT I also know that if we just give up....we will have even more health issues, as our weights would then skyrocket out of control. At least, that is how I feel and one of the reasons that I stay in my weight club.

I have already been larger and fought that battle, one I do not wish to repeat.

Sorry your daughter had to go through tht just to find out it isnt the answer for everyone. You absolutely DO have to CHANGE the way you eat, the gastric surgery isnt a magical procedure that makes it all go away. You do have to eat something like 6 oor 8 times a day but only 1/2 a cup to 1 cup of food a day, other wise you stretch your stomach out oonce again and gain weight back.

Tanks for your support and comments hon. God bless

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DSBRIDE 3/21/2014 3:17PM

    How I feel for you as I know what you are going thru. Yes, we can be doing the right things but it doesn't work. My Md says I'm eating too much at 1300 cal. Max a day. Cut back another 50 cal, he says. I'd like to see him live on that!

My daughter had gastric bypass in her 20's and today she regained it all and is still struggling weight wise and now has all kinds of health issues. She went thru hell for nothing!

Is this our lot in life? To keep struggling till we die? God made many people different so we're not cookie cutter molded. We can only do our best with what we've been given. Some are roses and some are weeds but all of us are still loved and have a purpose under God!

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