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Friday, March 21, 2014

That's what we all are, you know. If you're reading this, you're trying. You're working your butt off to achieve something great. You have not been defeated.

Face it. We all have those days where all we want to do is sit on the couch and eat whatever delicious garbage we can find. I've done it. More times than I should probably admit to. But hey, I'm human.

I had a strong comeback the other week, losing about four of the pounds I had gained. But, things happen and sometimes convenience outweighs healthy cooking. I've had pizza. I've had ice cream (an entire pint in one sitting). I've had those scrumptious pink and white circus animal cookies (an entire bag in one evening).

Have I been defeated? Absolutely not. I'm still going. I've got my bag packed for a hike tonight. I have only healthy foods in my apartment. You are only defeated when you give up. Am I giving up? Heck to the no! Part of any achievement is knowing we can handle the struggles to get there. It makes the victory that much sweeter and that much more meaningful.

I WILL be triumphant. You WILL see that I have reached my goals. Maybe not anytime soon, but I promise I WILL get there. And hopefully you are around to see it. I can only pray that I am around to see you fulfill all of your fitness and health goals. That's what we're all here for. For ourselves. And for each other.

Corny as it may sound, I consider you to be some of my very best friends. Where else can I go to not be judged for where I'm coming from, but rather where I want to be? This place is tremendous.

Have a wonderful weekend, my Lovelies! Make it count!
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