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Making A Lifestyle Change Instead of Dieting

Friday, March 21, 2014

Dieting is when you eat food that makes you sad. It's funny when you read it... and then it sticks with you and you think about it.

If you have to eat the way you do right now on your diet for the rest of your life to keep the success you've had, would you be able to do it? Every single day, every single meal for the rest of your life?

That's something I definitely considered when I joined SparkPeople. How would I be able to sustain and continue my success?

That's why I chose to practice moderation over deprivation. Does that mean I allow foods that are a huge temptation into my home with the thought that I can eat them in moderation? Nope, it does not. (My snack food nemesis is crisps (potato chips) and I do not buy them at all because as soon as I eat one I just want to consume the whole bag, so no crisps in my home.

It's a lifestyle change. Why? Because it's more than just changing what I eat and drink. It's a deliberate choice to feed my body better, drink enough water, move my body around every day and work on syncing up my brain and my body so I can continue the success I have enjoyed so far.

For me that means learning about what triggers my Emotional Eating and then learning how to use coping skills and defense mechanisms so I do not stuff my feelings down inside me with food, which is basically punishing myself for something someone else said/didn't say, or did/did not do.

I can only control myself and how I react to things. Period. As much as I may want to control others, it's just not going to happen so I might as well focus my efforts on making the best possible version of me I can!

One final thought on dieting... and I use the word as it's defined by the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary -- diet: food and drink regularly provided or consumed.

Especially for all those people who, after asking me how I've managed to lose weight, then turn up their noses at the thought and practice of portioning out their food using a digital kitchen scale/measuring spoons, drinking enough water, moving their body, and also keeping track of it every day...



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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Thank You for sharing.

    860 days ago
    I agree. No crisps or mayonnaise in my house, tho I will eat them in moderation when out. At the moment I have the new challenge of limitingnthe amount of healthy but calorific foods I get put in front of me while away fromnome for 3 weeks. I have put on a kilo in 2 weeks. That is acceptable for me. Inthink it will come off quickly with smoothies and more energetic cardio when I get home.
    860 days ago
    Thanks for an all so true blog with great quotes that made me laugh! emoticon
    860 days ago
    Thanks for the laughs! I still sometimes hear myself acting like a fussy four-year-old with these lifestyle changes: but I WANT it! Why can't I have it? Waah!

    Every single day? Every single meal? Yes. I want that and I can do that.

    860 days ago
  • v AJDOVER1
    You're doing great!
    860 days ago
    It's something I'm trying hard to remember. It's hard not having the diet mentality though after 30 plus years. emoticon
    860 days ago
    I have felt the same way. I knew that if I was really going to loss weight and keep it off, I had to be able to have normal foods that fit into my everyday life. I have had to teach myself about portion control and overcoming emotional eating. Breaking decades of eating patterns is hard, but it can be done.

    Way to go CherylAnne!

    860 days ago
    Well said. Love the ecards!
    860 days ago
  • v NUTRON3
    860 days ago
    Great blog. Everything you said is so true, but its still very difficult to find that just right "diet" that works for you and the one that you can maintain as a lifestyle. I know that is where I still struggle. I'm not an emotional or trigger eater... I think I just enjoy food and there's certain things I just can't "give up" and I find it difficult with those few foods to limit the amount I eat. That is where I struggle, but I will continue to work on it because the rest really does make sense. Thanks for sharing some great thoughts. emoticon
    860 days ago
    Love this blog, thank you! Someone recently asked me about maintenance and I told them that I still track and measure. I eat everything, just in regular portions. I do have a few foods that don't come into the house, like brownies, but if someone brings some to work, I will have HALF of one. But when I tell people this is what I do, they say, "Oh, you are still trying to lose more." NO. I am trying to be healthy. That mentality is just so wrong!
    860 days ago
    The word "diet" is derived from the Greek "diaita" meaning "way of life". When did that word become so perverted?
    860 days ago
  • v 123ELAINE456
    So True. Love the Quotes. Thank You for sharing.
    860 days ago
    So the book Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat....
    860 days ago
    Love that last one!! You got this.
    860 days ago
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