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Freedom Comes With Making Wise Decisions

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I was reading my current issue of HEALTH, the magazine. I came across a woman's tactic to help keep tempting foods out of her kitchen. What she does when she picks up an item she is drawn to that isn't on her list, she holds it a minute before putting it in her cart, and reminds herself that if she doesn't buy it, she won't eat it! Simple as that. Most likely it triggers a mindfulness, and helps her make a wise decision.

Today, I went to the store for a few items. I passed the evil day-old bakery cart. My eye always wanders there as I whisk by (to see if there is a box of raspberry filled donuts. My downfall food.) There were two today, 6 donuts for $1.50. I walked down that aisle and picked up the item I needed down there, came back up the other side and ALMOST forgot about them, but then I was like "oh yeah, donuts" so I went and picked up a box, looked at them, they didn't look that great, and neither did the other box. I remembered the thought, "if I don't buy them, I won't eat them" That settled that.

I'd also read something about how there is a feeling of freedom that comes when we stand our ground and do what is best for us. I did feel like a burden was lifted and that I was free from the turmoil I'd feel if I went ahead and ate those donuts. When I buy a box on sale like that, I rationalize that it is a good buy, even if I only eat two, it is less than if I bought two fresh ones. I say, I'll eat two and throw away the rest. Hah! Those donuts never see any trash container other than the stomach I've treated as a trash can.

I made it home, without having let the evil box get to me. I will on some occasions allow a single fresh donut. I tend to do better if I don't make certain foods taboo, but by doing that I stop at one. I still have to know my mood, and that on some days I'm in a mood to be lax about my calorie count. On those days it's better to stay out of the store or only go with hubby.

I am working on limiting sugar, if for no reason other than to preserve my teeth! More importantly I want to avoid diabetes, though my sugar has always been normal. Why play around with it, right?

For any of you who are working on limiting sugar, I commend you for every bit of progress you make. It is a difficult path to stay on!
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