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Eating habits get me high

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

High in weight that is. When I get into working out I kick A$$ at it. I stick to a routine, push myself and feel good! I set a goal for myself because it's easy to do something physical to meet the goal. But I also lose track of how I should be eating.

I think since I started my journey 3.5 years ago the eating has been my biggest issue. Well... it's probably everyone's issue lol. But it's been very difficult for me to maintain a healthy way of eating. Ive said it's difficult making meals for two every night- with different people come different preferences and dislikes. It's tough.

Part of it being dificult is making sure I am satisfied. But not overly. When it comes to portions I go overboard most nights. Not by a whole lot, but I would say up to twice what I have points/calorie allowance left.

I get really excited to eat, and most of the time I'm the one cooking so I am rushed to get things on the table and be done. Leaving myself to guess what the correct portion is. Otherwise I give up and just don't care about how much it is. I really wish I could figure out WHY I do so well (most days) at work and then just can't follow through at night.

That's part of the problem. I've always had an issue following things through to the end. I am a great starter, a great brain-stormer and creator, but I'm not a closer. I think what I need to do is really plan more. Slow down and take the time to measure out my portions, stick with my allowed amount and plan for freebie veggies if I need a bit more sustenance.

I hate the rigidity of plans so I tend to veer off course of plans. Im a gemini- so I was basically born with two personalities. And the two sides don't listen to each other. Somehow I need to make them if I want to drop these LBs!

emoticon I was really P.O.ed this morning when i stepped on the scale and saw 230.2. I feel some of it may be water weight since I was 226.4 Friday, but TWOTHIRTYPOINTFREAKINTWOOOOOO. NOO. Dammit. I by no means had a good weekend eating, it was pretty bad anyway even though i didn't go out/eat out. But my scumbag brain was like "oh you ran Friday and Sunday" so food doesn't count hur durrr.

UGH. Okay, sorry for the self-hating rant. emoticon emoticon

emoticon Does anyone have a good way to "break up" with food? To really become emotionally UNATTACHED to it? I know I need to find other sources of excitement and fun, that's a big part of it. Maybe I need to become very social so i forget about eating. Maybe I should try a cleanse? Or like a raw food diet for a week? Any good pointers there?

Any other advice? I was really frustrated. I am proud of the physical work I do, but my nutrition "work" is just feeble attempts at eating better. I hate to restrict myself from anything, but if I feel like a binge might happen then I need to avoid it.
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    I hear you on this loud and clear, especially the night time meltdown stuff! A few thoughts...

    - I don't think I eat enough during the day, so when dinner rolls around I think I am STARVING so I inhale it. I try to have an afternoon snack or eat something small when I get home BEFORE I cook so that I don't feel so darn hungry.

    - I know you mentioned you often have treats around at work. Same for me (today is "free dessert day"... really?!) I've been doing a lot of research on willpower and the consensus is that it is a finite resource - if you use it too much, it runs out. I think I spend all day trying to be "so good" that when I get home at night I'm exhausted from it and give up.

    - I know I struggle if I try to restrict myself from the food I like. I saw you mentioned a raw food diet... which to me is a bunch of red flags that I'd be miserable, cave and binge, and then hate myself for it afterwards. I think the key is to try to find that balance of portion size, food types, exercise, etc... I think if you're denying yourself what you like, you're going to struggle. The main idea is to find healthier/smaller/less frequent ways to enjoy it.

    - I am a mad pinterest recipe fiend. I try to find and cook only healthy dinner recipes, and you'd be surprised at how many are out there that are "made for 2 people/2 servings" so that you CANT over eat - not enough food there! Before the week starts, I plan the dinners with Pinterest, shop for those foods, and try to stick with it. I guilt myself a bit during the week with "hey you spent all of this money and that spinach died for you - can't waste it!" lol.

    Now if you have any advice how to ramp up the physical stuff - THAT is my downfall. I'd rather clean the bathrooms than workout. Ugh.

    Hang in there girly! You rock!!!!!!!!!
    1465 days ago
    I would just say to keep experimenting with food and recipes until you find something that works for you.

    Take a look at your sparks history.... have you gone through periods that have worked? If so, what were you eating? Why did you fall off the wagon?

    Personally, I would NOT recommend a cleanse or a restrictive diet unless you have reasons outside of this emotional break to do it (ie: going vegetarian for ethical reasons, going gluten free because you have a slight intolerance and absominal crud and want to see if gf helps). Often times those things are a test of will that burn you out so that when you break from them, you break hard back into your old habits.

    But above everything, you are your own experiment-- and don't be afraid to try and fail several times over!

    For me, what works is to meticulously plan everything during the week at work-- premake and bring all food with me to work and never eat out at work-- so I have a set calorie gig all day every day 5 days a week. In the evenings, try to be sensible, but don't kill myself over it. If I manage to stay sensible 4 of those days, my weekends are freebies (in the eat what you want, sensibly-- not EAT ALL THE THINGS). That way, I'm allowed french fries or greasy restaurant foods or too much beer-- nothing is taboo, and an occasional binge is a part of the plan so I dont' have to get all down on myself for enjoying food like most folks....
    1465 days ago
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