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Mind Reset

Monday, March 17, 2014

Overview of Menopause Reset! by Dr. Mickey Harpaz

Installment 2: Mind Reset!

The most important weapon in your fight to get your body back is your mental attitude. Physiological changes of menopause are tough, but when mental and emotional changes are added, a downward spiral can result. A main symptom of this is stress. When stress builds, negative behaviors and actions lead to weight gain.

Stress hormones like cortisol signal to the menopausal woman's body that it should go into an energy storage mode called the famine effect.

Four Strategies to Start the Mental Reset

Strategy 1: Harness the Power of Desire

He focuses on core beliefs, goals, and achievement history. Remember the successful times in your life and your feelings at the time. By focusing on these, you can relight "the fire that can lift you higher." This fire is the beginning of ALL great achievement. You've got to get fired up about something in order to achieve it.

Desire has the power to transform what might happen into what will happen. It has been said that 1 person with desire equals the power of 99 people who just have interest.

See yourself already there. The intensity of your desire will determine how long it will take you to reach your goals. Don't give up if results don't come fast enough. The power of desire will carry you through the good times and the bad, give you the patience to continue, and help you out of the valleys of disappointment and heartache.

Words matter. You cannot and will not rise above your words. You cannot and will not rise above the words you tell yourself each day. The only comparison you should ever make is what you're doing versus what you know you are capable of.

Most people are used to doing just enough to keep things going smoothly. Here's a wee bit of advice: Do just a little bit more than you're dong now, and the results just might astonish you.

Strategy 2: Think of Today as the Beginning

He wants to wipe our mental slate clean of all the diet books, misinformation, unworkable beliefs. Most people focus too much energy on the past instead of looking toward the future. Each day when you wake up, you are given a blank canvas to be anything you choose to be, or to experience.

At this point, he discusses letting go of our past and enjoying today while accepting lessons learned from yesterday. Now he brings up the subject of fear. We were born with every possibility. Over time we accepted limits put on us by society, and they became like fences. We started to believe all these fences were real even though they were only beliefs. You were meant to have the kind of body or life you dream of.

Part of wiping the slate clean is learning to trust yourself. Live by these words: "As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." In the past, we sought answers from anyone and anywhere. Even elite athletes rode the crest to the top, and once they hit the top, they got scared, and lost trust in themselves. Whether it is the exercise you choose, the food you eat, or the body you wish to have, you know deep down inside of you that you can trust yourself to make the best choices for you.

Strategy 3: Know Your Triggers in Order to Reduce Stress

These triggers include: feelings of deprivation, boredom, low self esteem, poor motivation, lack of self trust, unrealistic expectations.

How to reduce these triggers: develop a list of stressors, join a stretching class, create a list of the things you enjoy.

I thought his choices on reducing triggers was interesting. Basically stretching and having fun.

Next, he reiterates that the menopausal body is sensitive to stress. He says he has found a very effective way to diminish the impact of stress. How? By breaking down the things that cause stress into the Changeable and Unchangeable.

First the Changeable. He wants us to rank these stressors from least important to most difficult. Figure out how you can modify them so they won't cause stress. Put your plan into action immediately.

Second the Unchangeable. Rank these stressors. Now look for ways to change our perception of each unchangeable stressor. Example: if someone annoys you, start looking for their behaviors that you like the most.

Strategy 4: Set Your Sights and Stay the Course

Determine Why You Want to Succeed, Set Goals, and Don't Let Setbacks or Slumps Get You Down. If you have enough reason WHY, you'll find enough ways to understand HOW. He says the only reason to lose weight is to feel better and healthier for the rest of our lives!

Determine Exactly What You Want. Determine exactly what you want to look like. What body parts do you especially want to work on? Arms? Smaller waist? Think about the way you want your body to look.

Determine What It Will Take to Get That Body. How many days a week will you work out? What kind of equipment? Be sure that your workout matches the goals that you have. What kind of diet?

Establish a Definite Date for When You Want to Have the Body You've Wanted. Be realistic about this. If you're a beginner, you'll likely need more than a year to become an athlete. So, set short terms goals at first, so you can gauge how your body is responding to the program you have it on. From there, it should be much easier to judge how much time it will take you to reach your big goal.

Begin At Once to Carry Out Your Plans.

"Where the mind goes, the body follows" is a maxim Dr. Harpaz has found to be 100% true. We can only go as high as our thoughts and our beliefs in ourselves let us. If you believe you'll always be overweight, you'll never go beyond those boundaries until you change your thoughts to match the changes you want to see happen.

Never fear making mistakes. Rather, fear NOT making any. You will succeed BECAUSE of experiencing those things. To find the things we want, we first go through the experience of finding the things we don't want. To find things that work, we first go through the experience of discovering the things that don't work.

Follow your instincts, learn from your trials and errors as you fine-tune your approach, and you'll find just the right things that can bring your life great joy.

Cherish the Small Steps. As you move through Menopause Reset, there will be times when you will be very excited about exercising. There will also be times when you won't feel like exercising. But you won't quit, because deep down, you know how good exercising is for you and how it makes you feel when you don't do it. (How many Spark People have said that?)

Then he spends about 4-5 pages explaining what to do about a slump. At the end, he outlines how the four strategies worked in practice for an actual client of his. This covered the last 3 pages of this section.

Next Installment: Diet Reset

SP also does a good job of motivation and emotional aspects of weight loss. It often sounds like parts of this book.

I included as much as I did because different people can find different things that help them. I also wanted to cover Dr. Harpaz's advice thoroughly.

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    Thanks for sharing. The book just came in at the library today, I'm ready for a reset.
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  • JACKIE542
    Really is all good advice emoticon emoticon
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    Sounds very good advice, I hope it does you some good emoticon
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    I noticed that you have several emoticons at the end of the blog. I just read on the team leaders group that if you hold down the M key on your keyboard, you can click on several emoticons at once to add them, instead of having to add them one at a time. Just take your finger off the M key before you click on the last one. I just tried it and it works! Thought I'd pass it along in case you didn't know about this either.
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    Thank you for sharing the information you are finding in this book. Many of these principles are good for everyone, not just those going through menopause.
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    1342 days ago
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