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The PAIN,, can I STOP it? DID I?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

OH TODAY has NOT been a good day regarding PAIN of my left leg (its feeling heavier and heavier,, which soons NO DOUBT I'll be back in my power chair, but it SURAH WAS FUN not having to use it for what?? 5 or 6 weeks? DO NOt DISPAIR !! This happens ALL the time,, though my UP and walking time keeps getting shorter and shorter,, does NOT matter it does NOT "Define" me,, I MAKE the day GOOD OR BAD by my own attitude,, which is almost UP). Also I have had a headache most of yesterday and today,,, attributed by my neck ,, you know you can tell,, if ur head does NOT move from side to side,, at the position it can normally do,,, and you can FEEL IT,,, than yeah,, that's the Heachache,, and sometimes you just wanna curl up onder a fleece blanet,, which the cat FIGHTS me over !! LOL She thinks its sooo comfy it's for HER !! NOT !!!

Also my back,, I heard last ight when I rolled over a slight "Snap" feeling,,, I am quite famialiar with that,,, and it's not scary,,, just over did it. So yeah,, the pain was a shotting up my spine,, around and SMACKINg me A GOOD ONE !

So I went to Walmart today to get some "Activon" for arthritis,, but GRRR OF COURSE they were OUT of it !! GRRR IT ALL !!! I also of COUrSe picked upped some other things. though I've been SPARK VERY WELL For this 8 weeks of passing,, extremely well,, and NO JUNK FOOD has passed my kps,, and I MIGHt of gone over my limit 3 times,, and than it was NO MORE than 100 cals,, at the EXtReme for A DAY,,, and some days of exercising,, walkig,, yoga,, weights,,,, other misc work on my neck, torso,,, from 50 (rare) to 120 mins A DAY,,,,, I've been manageing, this week,, to GAIN. I think it'll be QUITE HIGH. I have only lose per week average 1/2 lb,, but had a HUGE GAIN in week 3 or 4,, so my outcome for this 8 weeks challenge,, will END WIth A GAIN !! WHY?? I have ZERO clue !!! I talked to someone I've known for over 20 yrs today,, she has suggested a talk with Dr,, about doing a thyroid test,, I know to get the 3 of them,,,, Ive had trouble in the past,, than it straightened out,,, may have it back. SIGH!! but, I kinda HOPE SO,, for that'd be an ANSWER to this NONSENSE !

I've also learned to EAT FREGGIES along these 8 weeks,, no I am NOT perfect at it,, but have made strides. I'll continue to do so.

Sooo with the pain being at a 9 (Scale 0 to 10,, with 0 being NO pain,,, 5 is "I can NOT bear it,, 8 is RUSH to hosp,, 10 is as if havig ur leg cut off) I was OVEr the "go to hosp pain", but of course all they do is take Xrays,, I have had sooo many I glow in the dark !!! nO EED to go there agai ! not unless the new Dr orders them. I am on a very hight pain med,, there is NOTHING the hosp can do for me !! They do NOT give out narcs,, but, even if they did this one is higher than Anything they WOULD !

So I had a delema,,, Do I continue to lay here? (I had walked aroud Wal for over 45 mins at a good clip),,, and WISH AWAY the pain,, or PRAY AWAY the pain,, which can either relax me,, so I fall asleep asleep from the relaxing of the prayer,, or get OFF my hiney and DO something about it !

I did the latter, ALONG with prayer,,, and ealier on this week,, ob youtube.com,,, I foud such a HELPFUL Video,, of yoga which HELPS with pain ! WOOHOOOO !!

SO I turned it on,,, it lasts for 20 mins,, and than Izzy (my 3 yr old cat) HAD to CLIMB UP !! For se of COURSE lOVES to do exercises WITH ME !! She was a ROLLING and FLIPPING around on her back, PAWS UP In the air,, and moving,, or playing with my hair ,, glasses,,, and she was just a PRICELESS BALL OF A BELLY LAUGH for me !! Man is she HARLLIRIOUS when she does this,, also head butting me at my left hand of the forehead,, as she has been trained when I am to much pain,, to warn me to STOP and LAY DOWN at once,, and go into a ball (curled upped myself) and to do deep breathing for this ALSO at "times " works,,it was also b4 I learned how to do yoga.

BelieVe me,, the yoga is soo much better than PAIN !! I've dropped from a 9 on the pain scale,, down to a Very BAREABLE 3 !! WOOHOOO !!

So do you HURT?? think the pain can NOT or WILL NOT EVER GO AWAY????? Try to find a yoga you can do !! I have horrid balance problems,, I have neuropathy so bad it's been orperated on,, and also 17 surgs on feet,,, so if "I" can do the moves,, NOT all , but MOST of them,, and if theres something I HONESTLY can't do,, after TRYING it,, than I do a substitute with aother move,, I DO NOT STOP ad LAY back down,, I do the entire 20 mins or whatever it is,, I own one that's for chair yoga,,, that's QUITE the work out that's 45 mins,, and includes some standing,, so I just do the best I can !!
I am rewarded?

YES !! Right now at a 3,,, I can FREELY breathe,, without all that horrible pain.

So if YOU suffer from back, neck, headaches,, shoulder blade (2 simple moves you will learn teaches you to get of it AT ONCE !! Within 10 seconds !! WOOHOOO it's helped me to the ENDS OF THE EARTH AD BACK when NO Dr's could long term !) knee pain,,, with knee pain, careful about sitting in the typical "yoga position" but you can EASILY FINDN one you CAN DO,, even if it's using a foot stool to keep ur legs out straight !).

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon Diane, didn't know yoga would help. Can you share the link or maybe you have already and I missed it. Wishing you all the best!!! Hugs, Jeannie
    1438 days ago
    I love Yoga, I do some when I totally need to relax. Take Care Diane. Looking forward to the Spring Challenge!
    emoticon emoticon
    1438 days ago
    You may not see it, but you've had a lot of improvement over the weeks. Yahoo! emoticon
    1438 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    emoticon job with the yoga, I have heard it helps a lot with pain. emoticon
    1438 days ago
    I was fortunate to get a gift card for Christmas and I was able to buy Peggy Cappy's yoga videos. I have chronic pain but no where on the scale that you have. I feel so much better after her yoga too. The modifications with a chair are awesome.
    1438 days ago
    Yoga is awesome! You take care Diane!
    1439 days ago
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