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Price of Initial Weight Loss

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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emoticon in advance for stopping by & for your input on this subject. I truly appreciate that you took moments of your life to click on this blog!

God bless!

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The following is a "revisit" of a blog I wrote March 10, 2010.

I decided to share it again for two reason:

(1) In the hope that it may be of help to some folks new to this wonderful pound dropping journey.

(2) I hope that putting the fact that I have been stagnating horribly, for over four years now, out in "Sparkville" for all to see, will push me to work more consistently &, thus, be able to finally report success to goal. emoticon

What a proverbial "slap-in-the-face" to realize that I am still "working on" getting to goal. emoticon I feel great chagrin to realize just how long it has been since I was totally committed to make the changes necessary to enjoy succeed to goal. emoticon I "heard" myself thinking, "FOUR YEARS, IMA, OLD GAL!!! ARE YOU EVER GOING TO BE READY TO CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY TO GOAL?" emoticon

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From personal experience I know of the desire for ones body to take up less space. With thirty gone forever pounds to my credit, I have experienced the unique joy that comes when the process of dropping pounds begins to take place. However, along this lifestyle-changing journey, I have also discovered that there have been slight drawbacks to my initial weight loss.

Strange as that statement sounds (even to my own ears) there are things about dropping pounds from my frame that I haven’t enjoyed. I realize that these drawbacks may well be unique to this gal.

1) I don’t like saying goodbye to comfortable clothing or those garments that I particularly enjoy the style, color, etc.! emoticon

2) I cannot abide the thought of clothes shopping. No matter the size of my body, 99% of the time I have considered clothes shopping to be a chore & a half. emoticon

3) I haven’t enjoyed being in the in-between stages in regard to clothing sizes ~ especially in regard to undergarments. Although I have always preferred to wear loose clothing, I don’t like the feel of overly baggy garments & am finding that trying to hold onto favorite garments to wear only around our home (even though they are obviously too large) brings on frustrations. Interestingly enough I don’t remember ever being in those in-between stages while putting on the pounds! emoticon

4) I have always had a narrow foot & worn an A width in shoes. I have noticed that my shoes feel loose in the extreme. Of course, this change in my feet may have little or nothing to do with my weight dropping effort. It may well be something that just occurs with aging! YIKES! emoticon Then again – I may have gained weight in my feet as the scale shot up &, thus, stretched my shoes over time without realizing it! But, no, I purchased new shoes at my highest weight & while being the same size I had worn before weight gain they fit perfectly. Whatever the reason for this change in the fit of my foot ware, this gal doesn’t like feeling as though she is sloshing around in her shoes & at the same time doesn’t want to invest in a new shoe wardrobe until after reaching goal.

5) The overly loose feel of a particular watch & that of a few of my rings (all purchased or given to me as gifts since weight gain) drives this gal batty! I will go to look for the time & realize that my watch face has slipped to the underside of my wrist! And the rings are forever slipping & sliding to the side of my fingers! That can prove to be irritating, don’t you know? emoticon

I am not complaining – I am simply stating my experiences in the matter! emoticon

I am well aware that these small prices are outweighed by the benefits that come with a better weight for ones frame.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • MOIRA2
    emoticon Good blog. Very interesting insights. Thank you!

    I am inspired to stop having my "after-dinner-dinners"! First order of business...find a way to de-stress.

    emoticon for taking the time to write this. emoticon emoticon
    1425 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/2/2014 5:45:06 AM
    Thanks for the insights. emoticon
    1434 days ago
    Nice blog! Sorry you have a hard time with clothes.
    1443 days ago
    I hope you get favorite blog for this as it is wonderful! And yes, going up, I was never in between, because I always bought to accommodate and elastic waist. Thank you so much for the truth!
    1444 days ago
  • GENRE009
    I can't wait till I get down more, cause theirs a ring I want to take off. my others I can, but this one I can't. I keep swelling from salt I guess.
    1445 days ago
    My feet have gone down a shoe size since I lost weight. emoticon
    1445 days ago
    Thank you for sharing.... I am a person who is not up for change but if a friend was successful I wouldn't act weird I would simply tone down offering of sweets & other foods. When I lost weight my siblings & best friend (who is probably 15lbs too small) told me not to lose anymore. HUH? Then I learned I had to do what is best for me...... Being at my thicker weight made people comfortable that is crazy....

    God bless,

    1445 days ago
    I appreciate you sharing your experience. There are down sides to weight loss. My biggest disappointment with my 80 pound weight loss is that my hubby would honestly rather have his pizza-sharing pig-out pal back than a slender wife. I guessed I am blessed that I love shopping! It was my great joy to buy smaller clothes. For the in-between sizes consider a thrift shop or sharing clothes with friends to find comfy things in your correct size. Best wishes. I'm thinking that as you go forward you will find the energy that comes with a good weight is a tremendous blessing. And, of course, the health benefits cannot be denied. Take care. Congrats on that 30 pound loss and successful maintenance!
    1445 days ago
    Great blog!

    1445 days ago
    Interesting that you didn't notice "in between" sizes on the way up, just on the way down. On the way up we are filled with denial that obscures the increasing weight, but on the way down, we want it to go faster so we notice every little irritant, which magnifies those irritants. As far as rings go, alas, age does affect the fit of rings. I had to have little gold balls put on the inside of a couple of rings to keep them from spinning on my finger.
    1445 days ago
    I have been yo-yoing the past 4 years too so know what you mean. I keep gaining and losing the same 8 lbs. over and over and when I go down and think I am getting back on track, I gain them back. Thanks for the great blog.
    1446 days ago
    great job great blog
    1446 days ago
    Great job putting it all out can do this!
    1446 days ago
    emoticon emoticon and interesting post.
    1446 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1446 days ago
  • DLYNCH86
    You make good points - I find my weight doesn't always fluctuate by many pounds but the inches certainly vary more the older I get. I do however love clothes shopping, even though I hate losing favourite clothes so I share some of your pain. emoticon
    1446 days ago
    great blog
    1446 days ago
  • DELIA38961
    emoticon blog
    1446 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/11/2014 9:13:55 PM
    I want what you have !!! Love the stories and lessons!


    1446 days ago
    Reminds me of the challenges of being in between hair cuts
    1446 days ago
    emoticon Weight loss can definitely have it's inconveniences until you reach goal. I believe we all have encountered these situations with our clothing, jewely etc. Then the waiting till you get to goal that keep you from wearing certain things can be frustrating also. You have hit the nail on the head with your words!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1446 days ago
    Talking about rings... my engagement ring is too large for me, and I am told it can't be resized, so I don't wear it anymore. We resized my wedding ring, but I have been told they probably can't resize it again, because at first it had to be enlarged as they mismeasured my finger and it has been shrunk once already. My wedding ring is loose, but since it is a simple band, it doesn't bother me, even though I have lost it a time or two. My engagement ring winds up twising around to where the stone is against my other fingers and such and is rather uncomfortable. So, yeah, I know the changing size thing can be annoying. I tried to shop thrift stores for clothing, until reaching goal, as I didn't want to spend a ton just to have to toss it and buy more clothing. Now that I am at goal, I am still a tad light on clothing, especially unusual clothing. But I hope over time to change that. Shopping for clothes though is hard. I usually hate the current styles and sometimes have better luck in general at thrift shops. Will have to find a thrift shop I like in this new state.

    1446 days ago
    It is one thing to notice these things and it is but another thing to change them.. Sometimes you are doing everything right...and your health interfers, or the meds interfer, or as a diabetic, and you didnt eat enough, your body's blood sugar say" uh uh uhhh not letting you do that, eat more food" grrrrrrr I fear I will be in the same 10 pounds forever. Because of insulin and diabetes
    1446 days ago
    Oh man, I'm in the same place, except I lost 60#, and I have a friend eager to get clothes I've outgrown.

    I hope you've given me the nudge I need to stop this insane late nite TV munching.
    1446 days ago
    Your story about your rings caused me to smile. I lost about 10 pounds after starting to work out about 2 years ago and had to have my wedding bands resized. I lost another 15 this fall and had to go in again to resize my rings again. Good thing it's free. I expect I'll have to go in again when I'm finally down to my goal weight. Luckily summer is coming and I always retain extra water weight in the summer.
    1446 days ago
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