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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I have been on way too many eating disorder pages where all I see is people posting about the problem & nothing about the solution. Post after post after post of people complaining they can’t stop eating… Most folks responding, “It’s OK, tomorrow’s another day”. Yet when I offered the OA solution: Meetings, Sponsor, Steps, Tools & Service, all I’d get was “It’s too hard, back off”. THERE IS NO EASY WAY OUT OF THIS DISEASE—IT TAKES HARD WORK! But certainly beats the alternative… I wanted to start a Facebook group for folks seeking RECOVERY though the 12 Steps. I couldn’t figure out how to start a new group, so my sponsee, Rosie, said she’d help. This is how our group got started.

I struggled my entire life with this disease. I binged, dieted, used drugs/diet pills, exercised & by the time I got here I was still obese. Yet, even with 8 years clean in NA, I still thought I’d be better off dead, than having to live one more day in my fat body or the alternative—give up ANY of my binge foods. Even after getting to OA, I fought it tooth & nail, using all the “cants” I keep hearing about. It took me 2 more years to surrender. I had to turn my will over to someone who knew better than me. I had to be willing to do whatever it took to recover from this—or die. I’ve been abstinent since I surrendered that will.

If I didn’t care about every single person seeking recovery here, I would have never started this group. It had helped a lot of people! I understand the pain we come into recovery with. I’ve been there. But nobody coddled me into recovering. That doesn’t work for an addict. This disease wants us dead! Every single person I speak to, I always ask the same thing, “What are you willing to do to recover?” I don’t believe in “cant”. Can’t get us dead. It isn’t easy administrating this group. If you don’t like my style of “tough love” advice, by all means, please ignore it & continue doing what you’re doing & getting what you’ve gotten. You are certainly welcome to leave & join up with the many other OA groups on Facebook. I hope that works for you. I have helped countless people recover. We are about recovery, not enabling and expect everyone to communicate respectfully and appropriately.
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