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Sunday, March 09, 2014

12 more weeks until the Warrior Dash - what a week it's been!

I started strong but didn't end so well, but I had good eating during the week and no binging!

~ My bridesmaid dress came in! I hung it up on the wall and it's been a great motivator for no nighttime snacking. I have about 5 weeks until my fitting. My dress fits great and given my size I don't think I'll need any changes to it - I won't have enough time to lose enough to make a difference. But the dress is something I could wear again and it will be really neat to be able to take it in for the next occasion!

~ My coworkers who signed up to do the Warrior Dash with me aren't doing it anymore. I was pretty worked up about it. One has plans during the new weekend, that's not his fault. But the other one is the one I spoke to before the deadline for reimbursement was up and he said he was still doing it. That night he took another look at the date and realized he might have to travel for work and not be able to do it. But instead of texting me to let me know, he waited to tell me and by the time he told me the refund was no longer available. That's the part that really bothers me. He could have told me that he might have to travel, but instead didn't and now I'm stuck doing it by myself. I would have gotten my refund and switched to a different race that some other people are doing instead, I can't afford both. On the one hand, it's good because it will help me get ready before the wedding, before I take my camping trips this summer and hit the mountain and trails over the summer, and will be a fun trial run before Mudderella in December. But it sucks that I'm doing it by myself (all the close time waves are full so I can't recruit) there is no one who will be there cheering for me, I will be alone. Maybe it's better that way for this one. But I'm still frustrated at my coworker for being a butt about it.

~ My friend moved! And she moved north into my neck of the woods. This means that I now have a gym buddy! Starting this Tuesday! I prefer doing the gym in the morning: I don't like going during lunch and there can be too many variables going after work (what if I need to work late, or something comes up, or I get tired, etc). I would rather get it done in the morning and start my day productive! Now that she is out on her own again she is on her own schedule and will be my gym buddy! I can't wait!

~ I cleaned out my fridge and stock, and went on a shopping trip! I spent too much, but about half of it will last at least 2 weeks so I'm ok with it. I bought fresh veggies, fruit, salad, beans, snacks, etc. Earlier today I premade some meals for lunches this week, I'm prepped and ready to go for a great week! I'll be doing a Zumba and Ab workout tomorrow after work, Tuesday is the gym with my friend, and after that, I'm not sure. I'll also have a weigh in tomorrow morning. My only goal: see a decrease from last week.

~ Something weird happened at work this week. There is a guy at work. I have no idea what his name is... I know very little about him, except that he is friendly and very nice to me. I was eating lunch with my friend this week in the cafeteria. This particular friend tends to get attention from men. He sat at a table next to us, facing us, and without acknowledging my friend he said hi to me. So I said hi back. Then he told me that I "look good today" and that he liked my shirt on me. I had no idea what to do or say. I just smiled and said thank you and kept talking to my friend. I had never been in that situation before. But I just blew it off for then. After my friend and I had left the cafeteria I casually went back in to make a cup of cocoa and to say hi again and he seemed off. Not interested in talking, which was a first for him. I didn't know if I was rude or reacted wrong or embarassed him by ignoring him. I don't know. Friday I went into the cafeteria late in the day and he happend to be in there with 3 coworkers/friends. He started a conversation with me while he was sitting with his friends, and he started talking about where he is from, his parents, some traveling he's going to be doing with the (army maybe? Some form of military) and the friend sitting next to him kept making comments like, "this guy - he won't stop talking" "listen to this guy - just let the poor girl go" "oh my god, is he still going?" at the end of our conversation his friend goes, "Man - just ask her out already, I told you earlier this week man, just do it and let her leave" and then the guy (whose name I should really learn...) make a comment to his friend like, "I don't want to be forward, I don't know how fast she moves with this stuff, I don't want to be forward." At this point I'm feeling really awkward and am now just standing there while they talk to each other about me, and I can feel my face bright red and I was really embarassed because I couldn't tell if they were joking or not. So I said that I had to leave and for them to have a good weekend and I hightailed it out of there. I could hear them laughing and joking around from my desk (I sit pretty close to the cafeteria) and I thought about heading back and spying/listening in after that to see if they were poking fun or not, but I didn't want to get caught. Now I don't know what's going to happen. If it was fake and joking around I'm going to feel bad. But for right now it's been good motivation to help me with food choices and be motivated for my workouts this week. I hope that no matter what happens, if it was a joke or if it wasn't, it kinda gets drawn out a little so I can use the possibility as motivation.

~ Friday night I went out and had fun! Friday after work I went with my new gym buddy/friend to hang out with her while she did some new apartment type things. After we went to our usual local watering hole and there were still a few people there so we hung out there for a bit. At the end there were 4 of us left and we went downtown to a really neat place that is laid back and low key. They had a jazz band that night so we had fun just hanging out and talking and drinking and listening to good music. With the right combination of people going out is fun. The "wrong combination" of people, the ones I used to hang out with, invited me out for Saint Patty's day this year. It's done up big. I was into it at the time because it was nice to be invited, but after I processed things I realized... I really don't want to be part of that. So I'm bailing. It's made me curious at what point I lost my "FOMO Syndrome" (Fear of Missing Out). I went from doing everything I could because I hated the thought of not being part of things and I wanted to be liked to being where I am now: not caring and living my life for me.

~ Bridal stuff. ugh. All of a sudden this week a 3 day excursion was mentioned for the bridesmaids and bride. 2 weeks before the wedding. this is getting out of hand. My stepsister is not being a bridezilla at all, and she's not saying that people HAVE to do things. She's just saying, "hey I'm doing this, you guys should to, who wants to?" They are having their hair professionally done, make up professionally done, a spa day where they will get facials, manicures with an intricate design, pedicures, a 6 person suite the night before the wedding, a day trip into Boston, the Jack and Jill (which we did not make enough money to pay us back so we gave them all the proceeds), plus the cost of the dress, shoes, and accessories. At what point does the "it's to support the wedding" excuse run out? I didn't realize when I said I would be a bridesmaid it would cost me $1,000. So I'm reeling it all in. I had already told her that I was doing my own hair and make up and not getting a facial (I have really sensitive skin so bare minerals, which has caused reactions on me when I tried it in the past, was out anyway, along with a facial). My friend is doing my nails for me: she does a fantastic job and only charges $20, plus: I love the classy look of a french manicure and the bride doesn't care what we have done on our nails so rather than going to a salon and paying double I'm going to my friend. I know - some of this stuff is bonding time and celebrating the wedding... but again, it's a lot of money! So tomorrow I am talking to her and letting her know I will not be joining on the 3 day trip to the cape during memorial day weekend (can you say tourist trap? Between gas, food, entertainment, and a place to stay you're looking at an easy $200-$300 per person two weeks before the wedding, when we will also have to have our nails done and all that other stuff, plus everything else going on during that time that will cost money. I just can't do it). So tomorrow I'll be talking to her to let her know that I won't be joining in for the 3 day trip, but that I can do something smaller, but if she really wants to do the 3 day thing I can do something separate with her or something. I don't know. the other bridesmaids are supportive, they really can't afford it either but no one wants to say anything so I'm stuck being the bad guy. Hopefully she takes it well.

Anywho - that's what's going on in my life right now.

I hope you're all having a Sparktastic Week!!
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