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Cat and pill...no progress. I am really discouraged.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

I might do better if there were 2 of us to do this.

I have been experimenting. When I crush the pill into canned cat food , Cujo leaves it till he can't stand not eating. He eats maybe 70% of the dollop --and usually I find throw up someplace in the house later.

I tried leaving a dollop without the crushed pill. Yup, he at it all and did not throw up.

I just put butter with the crushed pill inside. I am waiting to see if he eats it.

He goes all day with no food except this stuff with the pill in it. He is very stubborn! He does not even bother me or beg me for food. I guess he know I am as stubborn as he is.

He weighs over 20 lbs and is very strong. I tried holding him and using the pill in the straw method. Forget it! He fights and gets out of my arms!

Forget peanut butter. He sniffs and walks away.

chris emoticon
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    Oh wow! I can just imagine having to struggle with a 20 pound cat!

    I had to give up on pilling Cuddles...
    emoticon emoticon
    1446 days ago
    1447 days ago
    Another suggestion:

    Braunswiger! Roll the pill in the braunswiger (sp). Just takes a small amount. Never had a dog or cat refuse their pill.
    1448 days ago
    Hope your cat feels better soon!

    1448 days ago
    We have two cats...they can out fight me!
    1448 days ago
    Have you tried asking the vet if there is a different medication/form you can give him? If there's a liquid form you can squirt down his throat, that might be easier. Or there might be a similar medication that won't make him throw up. It's possible the pill is just that harsh on his body or is making him sick (hence throwing it up) but another brand or type of medication will do what needs to be done but won't be so bad for him. For instance, turns out my kitty is allergic to the antibiotic the vet gave him and it made him pretty sick. They injected it into him, so he couldn't throw it up, but he had zero interest in any food while his body was reacting to it. The vet gave him a different antibiotic and his body didn't reject that one. Once I got the pill into him and got him to swallow it, it stayed down.
    1448 days ago
    What kind of pill is your cat on?

    1448 days ago
    1448 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    I used to wrap my cat in a thick towel to hold her immobile and it did seem to work but it was a struggle to get her rolled into it. Just a suggestion.
    1448 days ago
    I really sympathise with you...cats can be so awfully difficult to work with. I think some folks here might have the right idea with a syringe or even a those things (sorry I can't for the life of me remember what it is called) that you use to give an infant liquid medication. I use one of those to give my cat kaopectate when he gets diarrhea in the heat of summer..

    Good luck

    1448 days ago
    Have you tried tuna fish liquid? Mine like to lick that up in a dish, but don't often eat the actual tuna fish. I even tried cheeze-whiz (vet suggested that to try) and my younger cat would have nothing to do with it. He does like a dollop of whip cream, but if it had meds in it, he wouldn't.

    I am able to pill my 7 year old cat, as he is easier to hold and doesn't fight me. He has to take pills every day to metabolize his nutrients (panakare broken up into 6 smaller pills) plus a small probiotic that I cut with the pill cutter, and finally a prevacid for his irritable bowel. I nursed him back from a 5 pound weight loss before we found out his pancreas wasn't working and figured out how to give him the pancreas meds. He is just about 10 pounds now. This has gone on every day for about 4 years now. I wish he would come to me, but at least he no longer hides when it's pill time. Yes, he did that for about a year.

    I have had to force feed him once with those syringes JWOOLMAN mentioned. I was sure glad when that was over. He is also the cat that likes chicken, pork, and salmon.

    Recently the vet wanted me to give a type of antibiotic to my 17 year old 12 pound cat. I wrapped her in a towel and tried many ways, even holding her mouth shut. We were never successful, so thankfully, she had enough while she stayed at the vets and had the IV treatments. She doesn't like to be restrained in any way, so I sympathize with you. Now I give her cypro(appetite stimulant) with a syringe drop of cream I rub on her ear, when needed.

    I've gone through so many different kinds of cat food to find some she will eat. The latest is the fancy feast gravy flavors, but they have chopped up meat in them, which they will eat when desperate. They both lick all of the gravy.

    Can the vet give you a different med? My vet helper had tasted the one med I gave my older cat and knew how bad it tasted. I wish she had told me that before I tried to force it down her. She wouldn't swallow it at all, and just let the blue saliva drain out of her mouth and hid under the bed. I felt terrible. It's a good thing she doesn't need medicine, as I don't think I could manage it.

    I will subscribe to this blog to see how your progress goes. You have my sympathy. If you have time, let me know what medicine you're having to give your cat. I hope you can find a way. emoticon Ann
    1448 days ago
    Hi Chris: I'm with JWOOLMAN--syringes are the easiest way. That's what my vet recommended way way back --for the oldest of my six cats to get her arthritis meds into her. She lived to 23 yrs. old so guess it worked! This is the method I've used all through the years whenever any of them needed medication. Some vets actually now give a liquid with a syringe to make it easier. Good luck emoticon
    1448 days ago
    Get some oral syringes from a vet or pet supply place. I find the 3 milliliter ones work better than the bigger ones vets often provide- I get mine mail order from www.drsfosterandsmith.com. The smaller ones are easier for me to handle one-handed and better sized for a cat's mouth.

    Now you just have to mix the crushed pill with something tasty but watery enough to pull up easily into the syringe. Baby food will do (meat flavor) but I like Wysong's powders (which can be used for syringe feeding a sick cat also). Maybe gravy powder would taste good enough, maybe added to baby food. I use an old baby food container for mixing. I add sufficient liquid (dilute baby food or water if I'm using powder) by pulling up the amount I want to use into the syringe and then adding to my little mixing bowl along with the crushed tablet. Then fill the syringe and catch the cat. Put kitty on a table or desk so you can manage the procedure. I recommend avoiding restraint as much as possible, cats are control freaks. You might try having a box on the table to help slow kitty down. I wrap one arm around kitty (or if kitty is in a good mood, just touching her shoulder is sufficient). With the other hand I touch the syringe to kitty's teeth to get her to open a little and then squirt a little in her mouth, over the tongue and to the side. I wait for kitty to swallow this and then repeat, always squirting only as much as that particular cat can stand at once. If you've put enough good tasting stuff in there, taste should not be a problem. You have to let the cat decide how much she can handle at once. One of mine doesn't like any more than half a milliliter at a time. Others can handle much more. If you don't push kitty beyond his or her personal limit, you are more likely to get kitty to kooperate long enough to get the stuff down kitty's throat without too much damage (to you...).

    You will need to judge how much kitty will take before seriously struggling and try to aim to put only that much into a syringe. For my half milliliter at a time boy, I try to put only 2 mL into the syringe if possible. But if the pill tastes bad, you might need more. Or you might find you've got only one shot so you need to make it small. Nutritional yeast is usually kitty krack, so you could try adding that if kitty acts as though the taste is still awful.

    There is a kitty restraint bag available (looks like a little duffle bag) if you get desperate. But I've successfully medicated and fed several different cats this way, even for long periods, without any special restraint. I gave up on the usual pilling procedures long ago (all those wild internet descriptions of pilling a cat are mostly true, except they are too understated.) It may take time to figure out the best way for you and your cat, so be patient. Good luck to both of you!

    1448 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/9/2014 4:45:42 PM
    My sympathies, Chris. I hope you'll give these suggestions a try - certainly can't hurt, and maybe Cujo will finally concede that he WILL take the pill, even though he doesn't like it. I'm sorry you have to do it alone. Cujo may be stubborn, but you can be too you have my 'permission' emoticon
    1448 days ago
    He night have an allergy to the pill
    1448 days ago
    Cats are quite definite about their likes and dislikes.
    1448 days ago
    I believe my friends told me they are putting their cat's pill inside an edible tasty capsule
    1448 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Do you give your cat any liquids? how about dissolving the crushed med in a bit of that and leaving it away from the food so he will not think you really want him to have it.. (Psych!) (almond milk, soy milk)
    1448 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/9/2014 2:48:54 PM
    Cats can be tricky to give pills to. I've always used the scruff method - grab them hard by the scruff with one hand with their legs held between your legs, or in your lap, and with the pill in the other hand open their mouth and force it in. Close the mouth and rub the throat until they swallow and don't let go of their scruff until you're sure they've swallowed.

    I know it sounds like rough treatment, but /usually/ cats are immobilized when you hold the scruff really tight. If this method sounds impossible, call the vet for other ideas!
    1448 days ago
  • SALAM4545
    Been there, done that, counted it as workout minutes.

    I don't really know anyway to help, except to suggest that maybe your vet could give you some tips or liquid medication.

    1448 days ago
    Is the pill making him puke?
    Maybe the vet can give you an alternative solution?
    1448 days ago
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