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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Not much has changed with my FIL but I again thank everyone who has prayed and still prays when you think of him. It's appreciated. emoticon

Something we're considering: The house we're living in now belongs to my husband's ex step dad. We still call him his step dad even though his mom divorced him awhile back. He's the guy who basically raised them. Anyway, he's in prison for drugs. He had to much sudafed..or something like that..cold medicine basically..which I've discovered..he would probably sell to people making meth. He didn't do or sell meth but he was still charged with drug crimes. Which is fine. I don't like or agree with drug usage/sales/manufacturing/or helping those who choose that life. Anyway...He still has another year and a half away. This place is growing on me and has 40 acres of woods behind it. We're thinking about offering him 100k for the house and woods and just staying here and fixing it up. He's wanted the house and land to stay in the family, so this way it would and it would give him money to set himself up in a new place once he's out. He would still own 10 acres across the road from us and that's plenty of room for him to build or put a manufactured home..or even a nice camper. He never used the woods here and never took care of the house. So, maybe he'll go for it.

IF he did I have all kinds of wonderful projects swirling through my head. This is basically a large farmhouse type home. Not huge but good sized. As much room as we'll ever need. We would need to do a few things fairly soon. The front porch foundation is tilted(just over time) and now when it rains it allows water to flow to the basement..also weakening the wood. We would need to have it taken out and re-poured. My husband's uncle is the best concrete man around so that wouldn't be an issue. Prob not a huge expense either. It's a small porch. The two master bedroom windows need replaced. All other windows in the house are new. I want a new roof put on. My husband and his brother have both done roofing in the past(professionally and privately) so that wouldn't be a big issue either. Plus his brother and dad(although with the stroke he will retire) work for Owens Corning and can get shingles for next to nothing. Nice shingles. Those are really the only things that I would need to do right away. And, finish putting the new siding on. They have 3/4 of the house sided with new siding but winter got in the way. We need to buy a few more boxes of siding but that's not that expensive. Painting...but nothing major. We've already done everything else.

The awesome thing is that along with the woods the house sits on probably 2 cleared acres. Maybe a dab more. There is a great spot for a small fruit orchard and a good sized garden. Flower beds. I want to start another grape arbor and plant some raspberry bushes. There is an old chicken coop. Michael wants to make it into a playhouse but he also wants chickens so we shall see what that ends up being. There is also a nice creek out behind the house. my head I'm already plotting where to put what. Another possibility...when my husband's grandparents owned this house it was a junkyard(everything has since been scrapped for cash and cleared) and so it's still zoned for business. I tossed the idea around in my head of building a small roadside stand and selling fresh eggs/fruit/pies/preserves/etc on certain days of the week or as things become in season. Pumpkins may be an idea also. Just a real small operation ran by just us as a side job. We're right on a state road and get tons of traffic and the driveway is really more of a road that winds around the property to make a loop..would be super easy for customers to be able to get in and out. We even have a nice barn I could put a sign up on. But, for now it's just ideas. I'm going to go snap some pics today of how things are now that way in the future IF we do buy it and fix things up nice I can show before and after pics. One other source of income...the woods behind the house are flooded with deer...we have been leasing them out for hunting the past few years. Doesn't bring in a ton of money but a decent amount and we're out nothing because we don't hunt.

Anyway...I feel happy just having potential projects again. And as soon as it gets warm I can start painting and get a clothesline put up...start gardening. All of that makes me very happy.
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VONBLACKBIRD 3/9/2014 2:48PM

    O this sounds like so much fun. I do hope you can buy the house and land. I will keep you in my prayers that things work out for you in this area. emoticon

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LIFECHANGZ 3/9/2014 1:42PM

    emoticon Sounds lovely, hope it works out :)

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