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Sunday, March 09, 2014

As I was falling asleep last night, I found this story in my FB feed.

This girl was diagnosed with MS three years ago and she is headed to nationals in track. She is fine until she starts running and then her legs go numb. So her coach is at the finish line ready to catch her cuz she will fall when she stops. Pretty inspirational her story and how her coaches are supporting her as long as they can.

I have been sick all weekend, coughing up a storm. I feel ok, not 100% but better than I sound. I managed to hit a dance class yesterday and then round out my 10k steps on the exercise bike before 9 am. I got a lot of walking in yesterday as well. Went to uptown normal and parked and walked all over visiting old places. Then took the dogs for a long walk. It's funny the things you see when you walk a lot. I saw this woman drive by me yesterday followed by a cop stopping her. Cuz her mirror was hanging. (I heard all this just while walking by) He told her she needed to cut the mirror off and then she would be legal for the time being, it was a warning. Then he asked for insurance, then she got irritate, I DON'T HAVE INSURANCE ON ME NOW! Man can you imagine a job where ppl are just running on adrenaline ready to yell a you as soon as they see you. I walked around the block and down a few blocks and circled back and she was just then pulling away. So what could have been a nice fast warning turned into more. So yeah I got 19k steps emoticon

This is gonna sound bad but I am kind of upset that my water aerobics has been so full lately. Suddenly all these new ppl are coming and they don't talk. I mean like 15-18 people are coming now when it used to be like 4-10. So I have been kind of avoiding it. Hoping they learn to talk or go away lol I go to a lot of fitness classes that you can't talk in but water aerobics isnt one of them. Now it's like all business and no fun, watch the clock, it's going slow! Not sure why the gym is suddenly so busy in March, the new years resolution folks are usually about gone by now. We had an LA fitness open so maybe Gold's promoting more to pump up business. I donno I just want my water class back. Speaking of which water teacher/lifting buddy is now finally teaching WERQ! She has been co-teaching with 3 different teachers. Two of them, we have been going to years. The other one who has the class she are taking over in a few weeks, she is not really our style. My friend has been certified to teach for over a yr and she's been scared so this is big that she finally got the courage. So she had to co-teach with the 'not our style' one and she stopped the music in the middle to yell at her infront of the whole class that was doing it wrong. This woman teaches like a robot. The other ones we like actually look like they are dancing, this one looks like she programmed the song into her head with a computer chip. I hate when ppl have to wave their power around especially infront of a whole class, really?

Ok one more NPR article, I had no idea that Avicii didn't sing at all. What is up with music now. You don't need a good voice because machines can do that for u. Now you get your name on stuff and don't even sing it. Hopefully Aloe Blacc's name gets more well known since we hear it all the time.

Have a good rest of your weekend guys!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so sorry you were sick. This crazy weather is making us all sick. Do you think the cough is allergies, asthma, a cold, or what? Good job on the steps!!

    Sparkpeople is kind of like your gym class. All these new people join and go crazy and are gone in a month.

    I know in the movies they often have someone else sing for some stars who don't have great voices. It seems kind of dishonest. A person who can't sing shouldn't be in a musical. LOL.
    1413 days ago
  • THESB25
    I've been meaning to read about the Runner on NPR - I liked their page on facebook so these stories pop up. Thanks for posting. You are hilarious talking about fitness classes, seriously. I was always a bit quieter in water aerobics, but that's because the other woman were such chatty kathies - they were always really kind and included me...very welcoming. Aw...makes me miss it now.
    1413 days ago
    Maybe all those extra people at the class have given up being a couch potato for Lent, LOL! emoticon
    1414 days ago
    I was driving home when both of these stories were on! I cried all the way through the Kaila story and kept going "no, way!!! that's THIS guy?!?!" during the Aloe Blacc story!!!

    I was even going to write a blog about it but you saved me the trouble :)

    1414 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/9/2014 10:15:39 PM
  • JEREMY723
    Thank you for the link to the Kayla Montgomery story. I am very glad that I listened to it.

    Have a great week! A bit warmer here and snow only forecast a few days; I hope it's the same up there for you guys.
    1414 days ago
    I miss those water classes at Golds! After I graduate, I will be looking for a gym. I've told myself forever that I would just work out at ISU and pay the money, but I really don't like the snotty college kids who go there and I want to go far far away from that. Maybe I'll try Heartland because it's close too. I really only lift weights in a gym in the summer, I spend so much workout time outside. We'll see. I'd love to work out with you again sometime. :)
    1414 days ago
  • DNJEN471
    I've not tried any classes at my gym yet. Primarily because at the time I bought my membership , I only had enough for the access pass and not the one that included classes. But a part of me feels too awkward and out of place to do them at this weight. I think I need to be under 250 before I give them a go. Maybe one day I'll just get brave a try it...
    1414 days ago
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