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Sunday, March 09, 2014

I really crack myself up sometimes. I've recently noticed the humorous side of my own rewards system. For example, when I pay my credit card balance off each month I reward myself with buying a "little something." When I've eaten great for awhile, I reward myself with a "little something." And last week, I gave myself my reward for getting to my goal weight (10 more lbs) ahead of time. (smiling)

After not being on sugar for awhile now, I grocery shopped hungry a few days ago. That's like gambling after having a few drinks (like the guy in the news who recently lost $500K and is sueing the casino for having served him too many drinks). So, there was a small box of Swiss chocolate squares. I bought them (and of course, they are now gone) because they were marked so low, it would have been a shame to leave them on the shelf. And I'd read many times that those who eat chocolate live longer than those who don't. (smiling) I felt as though I was doing something to prolong my life. Of course, I don't intend to return to sugar on a permanent basis.

I wrote about the Sansone DVD I'm doing with 30 days of intermittent firming and toning with days of aerobics. Well, I'm into day 10 and I can see results. Wow. And this week, I'm increasing the dumbbell weight. Ouch, I can already feel my muscles ache. But hurts so good, right?

Fish tacos were simply wonderful and I have the take homes, so looking forward to them for another meal today.

Got my taxes done yesterday. Thank God for TurboTax for making the process a breeze.

Love you guys and gals. Really do. Your kindness and caring mean a great deal, especially during times of duress like my recent stress over Harry's eye infection. Thank you all.

Have a happy day.
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    Sounds like a great day! I'm dreading getting my taxes done!

    1469 days ago
    1471 days ago
    Wonderful for getting taxes done, for rewards think of things not related to food so you can eliminate that cue from your mind! Glad Harry is getting better as well~
    1471 days ago
    This blog really hits home, I do the same! I'm trying to change my rewards so they don't reinforce bad habits ... so for me I'm trying for a good book, new make up, new shoes ...
    1471 days ago
    Hey sweetie, I understand about incentives, I am not depriving myself of anything, as my dear mamma reminded me, everything in moderation. Of course many like you are not a no sugar diet, so whatever works for you.

    So pleased that the LS DVD is doing you good, what is the title of the DVD?

    Have an awesome day, you are a wonderful person and thank you for stopping by my blog and adding a positive comment!

    1472 days ago
  • DELIA38961
    I have heard a lot about the leslie sansone dvds ..I'm tempted to try them
    1472 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1472 days ago
    I totally hear you on the rewards thing.

    Funny how we are programmed to see a reward often as being food based instead of a different treat like going to an art gallery or catching a movie.

    You're doing great and I am pleased for you that you are keeping up with the exercise - it's so important in the long run and so easy to not do.

    Go you!
    1472 days ago
    That is wonderful about the Leslie Sansone DVD and being able to see results!

    1472 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Laughter is good for us, so keep up cracking yourself up. Congrats on the weight loss, and achieving that goal ahead of time. The treats we choose to reward ourselves should be ones own choice, if you have given up chocolate mostly, I see nothing wrong in treating yourself with chocolate sometimes---remember all foods in moderation which also includes chocolate of course.
    1472 days ago
    Thanks for the laughs. I seldom reward myself but then I'm seldom good any more. LOL.

    I need to get my insurance ordered and my taxes done too.
    1472 days ago
    I need to get busy with my dumbbells again. I've left them lay for way too long.
    1472 days ago
    Rewards work well for me if they have a benefit other than tickling my taste buds! emoticon
    1473 days ago
    I think the way society tends to reward things with food is such a bad message. I fall victim to the same thing at times. It doesn't make any sense when you think about it.

    Congrats on getting your taxes done! We are big fans of turbo tax too!
    1473 days ago
    Sounds all good to me- why not reward yourself with a little something that makes you happy and that you no longer have a lot of?
    Gotta disagree with the poster below on this issue.
    You, my dear, are a great spark friend yourself!
    1473 days ago
    It doesn't matter if you live a long life if that life is filled with illness, lack of mental acuity and are overweight by eating the "life prolonging" chocolate.

    I think we all need to be sincere and honest with ourselves when these little rewards are a taste of the pattern we want to eliminate. Eliminate being defined here as GONE FOR GOOD!
    1473 days ago
    love your attitude your humor and your results and you are such a great friend who has helped many it is easy to be in your corner cheering you on
    1473 days ago
    1473 days ago
    Love that things are going well for you. As for your reward system, not so sure it's that different from anyone else. At least I know for a fact it's not different from mine. LOL. Glad the Sansone DVDs are showing visible results. DH and I had to buy swimsuits for the first time in a long time, and we laughed about how all our exercise doesn't hide the fact that we are old...
    1473 days ago
    We got to find the humour in our weight loss process.
    1473 days ago
  • SHERYLP461
    Rewards are great, but after a while they seem to become less and less meaningful if given too often
    1473 days ago
    Its okay to reward our self put not to much Save some for a new clothes when we lost all our weight
    1473 days ago
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