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Keeping "My Happy weight."Balance is the key. (*^o^*)

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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Recently and finally after all these years, the idea has sink into me what it need to stay fit and healthy. The key to that is a balance. The balance of healthy eating and exercise. Also the best trick I've learned is drinking lots and lots of Water. These healthy habits has helped my health journey big time!

I am happy to say, now I'm in my happy weight. And plan to keeping my happy weight this time. I've been yo-yoing my weight almost all my life. Even when I started major weight loss journey 2 years ago, that I finally decided and said to myself "enough is enough, let's do it !!" But sometime, even when you made a strong determination, life get in the way of your effort of doing right things. I've learned it is very hard to steady keep losing weight and/or maintain the weight. Recently, I've joined "at goal maintenance, transition to maintenance team"and I've been watching how they are keeping their healthy weight.

It seems, it's not easy. They are really committing to be healthy and keep doing daily exercise and eating healthy everyday, just like when they were working hard for losing weight. With my personal experience and what I learned from others, keeping and maintaining weight seems harder then when you are losing weight. It's more like committing to keeping healthy life style. Not like keep repeating typical fad diet one after another.
This is why I must practice balance of healthy eating and moderation of some of my favorite foods for avoidance of deprivation into binge eating.

I've reached my so called goal weight(??) November of last year. I've lost total weight of 65 lbs. I was feeling good about myself and my achievement. But not completely satisfy and wanted to keep going and was still searching for my ideal weight to be.

Since then I've gained back about 13 lbs.and lost-7= 6 lbs. as of today. After the gain I thought, I like my weight on last November at 110.( which was the lowest weight since I started my journey.) would be the good goal weight. I wish I could keep that weight and never gained any. But all the holiday's wonderful meals, sugary treats got in my way. And now I am struggling to get back on that weight. I even wonder if I ever will get back there? Then I have second thought. For the number's sake I like better for the smaller number. However, I remember last November, that I've noticed lose skin here and there especially in my behind. I didn't like the looks and feels of it. I've started doing lots of squats and butt lifting exercise. Hoping these exercise will help some. Lol)))

It is a disappointing situation. But same time, I need to realize I can not be looking and expect to have a perfect body like a fashion model or the firm and fit body when I was in my teen. I have to learned to like my new body. I should strive for progress not perfection. and be Happy and appreciate what I have right now.

The fact is, I really like and prefer the body now then two years ago which I was 60+some pounds heavier at obese BMI of 32. So after all the consideration, I've decided to change my ideal new goal weight to be some where 115 lbs. (+Plus,-minus 5 lbs.) I'm 5.2 tall, so that will give me a healthy BMI of 21. I feel finally I've made right decision.

I really need to learn control myself and to able to eat moderation. So far I haven't master the skill yet. I am working on it. Thank Universe and my protective soul. Eating healthy, mostly plant based-whole foods and daily exercise are turning into my healthy habits. But for me, stopping emotional and boredom eating are really the hardest skill to master. To prevent dancing circle or go for three step and two back. I shall try harder to master the skills. I believe in me, that I will get better at keeping my happy weight and maintenance.

**Thank you spark friends for your support through out my journey. And thanks again for taking the time to read this blog and an extra thank you for who's taking the time to comment, and/or emoticon on this blog. Any inputs are welcome. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great Blog! It is a lot harder to maintain than it was to lose. It is possible to find that balance and be happy with yourself and not just the number on the scale. I love all of your sayings but my favorite is "Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for" Very inspiring!
    1336 days ago
    I love your blog. I love all the quotes and pictures. You are an artist too. I am emotional eater too. I am not bored I walk my little dog three to four times a day. Best wishes, Linda from bean town
    1343 days ago
    Hey there my good friend! I'm sorry I missed this blog when you posted it....

    Glad you've decided to stay at "happy weight". It's all about feeling good and having the right energy, not any number on a scale. You're so smart to figure it out. That's really the hardest part sometimes, is deciding when enough is enough!

    You're the best! emoticon
    1351 days ago
  • BABARR67
    I reached an all time low of 153 some time ago.I think 157 is good for me. I currently weigh 174. I have noticed some of my good habits falling by the wayside and am working to get back to them. Thanks for the reminder that it is all about balance.
    1351 days ago
  • MARIO432
    Great blog. People like you inspire the rest of us to keep going.
    Thank you

    1352 days ago
  • KSIGMA1222
    Congrats!!!! working on 7 years here but not even thinking about it, just a way of life now :)
    1352 days ago
    Congratulations on your success and finding that "happy" weight. The BMI healthy range is huge and no one says you have to aim for the bottom of it.
    1352 days ago
  • NEWNANCY2012
    You are an inspiration!
    1352 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    emoticon emoticon emoticon blog, thanks for sharing!
    1353 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1353 days ago
    great motivational posters. thanks for sharing your success.
    1353 days ago
    1353 days ago
    What a FABULOUS blog!! I suspect your words will resonate with MANY MANY of us here at SparkPeople and especially on the Maintenance team. We KNOW the struggles you describe!! You can do it - never doubt it. It DOES take focus, but it is SOOOOO worth it!!
    1353 days ago
    Very uplifting!! emoticon

    It's a difficult journey, but you know, that's how we appreciate the most.
    1353 days ago
    It takes time and many ups and downs, but eventually we all seem to get where we need to be with self dedication. I admire how you really evaluated yourself, your situation and who you want to become and found a happy place. The maintenance team definitely fits into that for me.

    May your journey to good health continue and may all of us support each other as we continue on the same road!
    1354 days ago
    Great blog! I love all the pics. emoticon
    1355 days ago
    Yea Mickey! It has taken me a long time to find any balance in my healthy lifestyle changes. It is hard! You are doing so well! Keep up the great job! Woo Hoo Mickey!
    1357 days ago
    Loved your blog, and all the pictures! Congratulations, you have done an amazing job. You look beautiful!
    1358 days ago
    Powerful blog that many maintainers can relate to. Thanks.
    1358 days ago
    emoticon love the quotes! emoticon
    1359 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Great blog and great plan. This journey is not easy, we must accept our bodies for what they are. Nobody is perfect and the photoshopping of models makes it hard to love ourselves when we don't look like that, but then nobody does really.
    You are on the right track and with the support and encouragement of all the awesome people here on SP, you will continue to do great!
    Great job!
    1359 days ago
    Great blog! Congratulations on achieving your goal!
    1359 days ago
    Great blog, full of candor and insight! Like you, I placed a lot of emphasis on a number and was greatly disappointed when I gained a few lost pounds back. However, also like you, I realized the lowest weight I achieved was not sustainable in the long run. In addition, my husband told me he thought I looked better with the extra five pounds...healthier, he said. So we're on this maintenance journey together. Here's to our health!
    1359 days ago
    I wrote a blog about this recently, though no one will ever be able to read it now on the new Spark, that goals need to be realistic. I can have a Happy Weight for me, though I will never look like a young movie star. And that's just fine.
    1359 days ago
    emoticon at being at your "happy weight" and you have worked so hard! You should be very proud of yourself! I know that maintaining is never easy. I am right there with you! Keep up the good work and the positive attitude! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1360 days ago
    1360 days ago
  • THOMS1
    Thank you for this blog. It is truly about balance and I think that is something that we all have to realize. emoticon emoticon
    1360 days ago
    Hi Mickey, you hit it right on the nose with this blog. Maintenance IS hard so like you, I have done the yoyo thing for years and years. I think you've got it right this time....hope that I have it right too! I reached my goal in September of last year. I still struggle to control those impulsive food choices but I have made the commitment to continue to exercise and make good food choices most of the time. Seems to be working!
    1360 days ago
    I wish you all the best as you find your right balance. emoticon
    1403 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1410 days ago
    Congratulations for being at your 'happy weight" . Wonderful and inspiring. Thank you for giving me hope.
    1411 days ago

    You did it, young lady! You looked beyond what you thought you could do and God enabled you to really clean up His Temple! I yo yoed my entire life, until I made the commitment to a lifestyle change. As a matter of fact, I yo yoed just last month and man could I see it and feel it big time. I went to praying about just that one issue, and low and behold, I've lost all but 2 lbs. of the weight I had put back on, and that will get me back into my maintenance mode, which is very hard to keep up!

    After losing 214 lbs. I told one of the Curves trainers that I was going to have all the excess cut off and she asked me not to do that. She then told me that she had lost about 100 lbs. and I had a hard time believing here, as she was neat and trim, plus a trainer at Curves. I asked her how she did it and her response was working out at Curves for 1 year, and working the stretchy band between TV commercials. I told the trainer that I would give it one year, but I honestly, I didn't think anything was going to help my SAGGING SKIN! However, on my weigh and measure last month I had lost an inch of the flapping arm and I was over the moon. I don't know how long it will take, but there is progress. It's slow, but there is progress!

    Be blessed,

    - Nancy Jean -
    1412 days ago
    You are so right! You know, though, for me, at first I really focused on the WEIGHT. BUT I finally figured out for me it was all about paying attention to my health. Once I did that, the frustrations of the ups and downs despite doing everything "right" gradually went away. So, keep at it.

    And from personal experience -- losing 100 lbs. -- the exercises DO help. NOT perfection but much better. I started weight loss in Nov. 2009 (prior to joining SP) at 200 lbs. on my 4 ft. 10.5 in frame and believe me . . . it was UNCOMFORTABLE and dreadfully unhealthy. Anyhow, the weight loss did result in saggy skin, but it is slowly, slowly, slowly adapting to my frame. Hang in there!
    1412 days ago
    Mickey, every single picture in your blog is a treasure, like you. I am so glad you are feeling at peace with yourself and are dedicating yourself to treating yourself well with healthy eating and exercise. We live in a society that bombards us with 2 things . . . "beautiful" fashion models that have been photo shopped to be more perfect than any human being can be and images of food that will not feed our bodies but will only feed a hunger for more. It is tough to swim against the current, but you've got this thing! You have accomplished so much with your weight loss and you have to trust yourself to overcome the emotional eating. You are on the right path. Best wishes for your continued success and congratulations on getting to the top of the mountain.
    1412 days ago
    You have done a great job, Mickey! And your way of thinking is that of a successful maintainer. Balance and moderation are really important for success but so is the wisdom to recognize and change anything that is not working, even if this is the goal weight itself!
    There are many people in the maintenance team - I'd really like to name a few but it wouldn't be fair for the others - who have mastered many of the skills needed for success and they share them in their blogs. I encourage you to read their blogs and put their valuable tips to use when they apply to your own healthy lifestyle.
    This is an ongoing journey and we must be committed to keep on trying no matter what life throws us on the way. I'm glad to be sharing this with you!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1412 days ago
    Lovely blog Mickey.
    1412 days ago
    I *love* this blog!
    Very inspiring, and I love all the images too.

    Thanks for sharing!!
    1412 days ago
    It sounds like you're really starting to figure out some important lessons that will serve you very, very well in maintenance! I haven't quite got it all figured out myself, even after two years of maintaining, but some of the realizations you're coming to are ones that I've experienced as well. Good luck figuring everything out. I'd say you're on the right track!
    1412 days ago
  • KANOE10
    Balance is important. Having a healthy lifestyle verses a fad lifestyle is also a tool of success. You are doing a great job of developing healthy habits in eating and in exercise.

    I love your posters...especially turn a setback into a comeback!

    I am glad you have found a goal weight that works for you.

    1412 days ago
    Thank everyone for your kind and wonderful comments. I mean to say my lowest weigh number which when I hit my original goal weight was 110 lbs. Not 115. But now I am adjusting it to 115 lbs for better fit. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1412 days ago
    I identify with everything you've written and I love the inspirational pictures. You've achieved such a lot. Wow BMI 21! I've just tipped below 25 but your blog encourages me to go nearer to where I really want to be and not get lazy at this point.

    Thank you so much for your great blog. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1413 days ago
    love this blog mickey love and it finally sounds as if you are there in the place you should be.i am so proud of you love.whenever you feel out of balance again just come back and reread this blog to put you back on the right track emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1413 days ago
  • POPSY190
    "Progress not perfection" is the motto of my Biggest Loser Challenge team the Powerful Prism Panthers which is basically a maintenance team. It's challenges recognise that most members are not trying to lose great amounts of weight any more. Some of the other teams in the BLC are very competetive but ours concentrates more on participation. The present challenge ends in about 5 weeks time and then there's an opportunity for new members to join for BLC25. I find it useful to keep my mind in the right place!
    Congratulations on your loss. You have done VERY well and it's all the result of your attitude and determination.
    1413 days ago
    nice set of positive posters.
    1413 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    That is sooooooo emoticon that your at your goal weight...as hard as it is to lose weight (and boy its hard) I can see how hard it will to keep the weight off....why cause its just so darn easy to gain weight

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1413 days ago
  • DALID414
    I think I should join you in your goal weight since we are the same height. I currently have my goal weight at 120lbs +/-3 lbs. I'll reset my goals tomorrow (Sunday) and see if I can make the goal by Earth Day (April 22). emoticon
    1413 days ago
  • GINA180847
    Hi Mickey: We are told maintenance is hard which I did not know for myself as I am still not at goal, but I guess it is true.
    1413 days ago
    I love your blog. emoticon
    1413 days ago
    Like your spark page and your blog. Love all the quotes you incorporated into your blog. I relate to the difficulty of emotional eating and eating out of boredom. Good luck with your journey. emoticon
    1413 days ago
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