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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Yesterday I took a walk. A nice brisk walk while the temperature was around -1 degree Celcius, which also means SPRING IS COMING.
I don't like cold, I generally don't like Winter sports (though today the boyfriend and I discussed buying snowshoes on sale for next Winter; that's one activity I really like). So when March comes around and the snow starts to melt, it's like I'm reborn. Every year.

I left work at 4:15, came back in total traffic, and then I took my walk. I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck. Whenever I plan on walking somewhere I've never walked to I check the distance in Google Maps first. So I just checked the time between my address and the bank location on my street, and it said it was a 20-minutes walk. I thought hey, that's 40 minutes, great.

Turns out I'm a little bit of an airhead and I checked too quickly; it was the distance to the farthest bank location on my street, not the one I went to. XD when I got there after barely 10 minutes I wondered if I was Wonder Woman (I walked pretty quickly) but back home I realized my mistake. Well, 20 minutes instead of 40, but that's still good.

While walking I had my iPod with me and I was listening to some music, the sun was shining, my rythm was great and I felt awesome. I felt confident and beautiful. I like when that happens, and it tends to happen more and more. I hadn't taken a walk in solo in a loooong while (like I've said before, I tend to give up on exercise when I'm alone on the boat) and I liked it.

I went out to eat with friends (ex colleagues with whom I've kept a really good relationship) yesterday night with my boyfriend, it was pretty nice. But I had a fried entree shared with my boyfriend (cheese sticks and onion rings), and then I had fish'n'chips (more fries, and fried fish! But it was a big piece at least). And had beer, and more beer when we went out to the bar. I didn't drink a lot - a pint and two glasses at the restaurant, and a big bottle at the bar; but still. I don't regret it - I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed my night out, since I hadn't done that in a REALLY LONG while. But I woke up with a crushing headache this morning, even though I drank plenty of water in the evening and before going to bed, and I've still got it after drinking about 15 glasses of water today and eating well. Ah well, maybe it's my body's punishment for doing something I hadn't done in a while :P

The weather was still gorgeous today so after sleeping in way too late and having breakfast at noon, we went to the Montmorency Falls park for a walk. The parking was a whopping $7 (what a steal!) but we stayed there an hour, walking on the bridges surrounding the top of the waterfall and on the snowtrails. There were a lot of people enjoying the weather too and the fresh air was great.

Tonight my grandfather is coming to visit with his wife, and my sister, her boyfriend and my brother are also coming here. Lots of people! We cleaned the whole apartment when we came back, which means I've got nothing planned for tomorrow! Haha. Also, I'll FINALLY get my TV :P at the old apartment it was my roommate's TV, and the one I had before I left to my brother. I don't even watch TV, but I do watch movies and have a Wii console, so... my grandfather called me a little before I moved in the new apartment and asked me if I wanted his old TV since he was buying a new one. It's a huge flatscreen one, the kind I would have never bought, lol.

Which means I'll be able to do workout DVDs and play WiiFit again. YAY. I've been missing my Wii Fit, it's a really fun light workout when I don't feel like leaving the apartment. I don't have much space here in the living, but still.

There are some cardio DVDs that I'd like to try, like Jillian Michael's and the likes. Maybe I'll buy a few of Coach Nicole's too! The only thing is, for some reason I don't mind exercising in front of my boyfriend at the gym, but it feels awkward at home. NO IDEA why I feel that way. I've just never liked it. But I'll have to get used to it, right? (Maybe I'll even have him join me, that could be fun. Hahaha doubt he'll agree though)

I'm spending this weekend thinking. I'm rethinking my goals, my methods and my time in general. I want to drop 10 pounds, okay, fine, but now I gotta find out what really works for me. Working out is not a problem; my gym habit is settled in, I attend it at least three times a week, I walk outside, I push myself. I think I gotta play with my food a little. I'll do some more research on that tomorrow, since I have the whole day off.

My screensaver is a bunch of pictures I have selected, pictures of my trips, activities I've done with friends or my boyfriend, pictures of when I was young or a teenager, etc. sometimes when we eat we'll just look at the pictures and talk about the times they were taken. I couldn't help but notice how thinner I am now in comparison to the pictures I took last Summer while on vacation. :)
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