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Saturday, March 08, 2014

I did it, just barely. I am in the 100's again. Last time I saw the number 1 at the beginning of my weight I was 20 years old. That was 25 years ago. Down 74 lbs in just over 3 years. 36 of that has been since September 2013 and so far on track to lose the next 80 by March of next year. Boyfriend and I have been encouraging everyone we know to get out and get walking and have met with some success in this endeavor. Anyone with an Android phone we show Ingress a game on the phone. Find portal heavy areas and walk around and hack and attack portals and create control fields. The game is world wide and we have even met a couple other plays while out playing. Will end up walking about 2-3 miles and not even realize it cause you are so distracted by the game.

The exercising isn't always fun but finding ways to make it fun part of the time makes the journey easier and the good habits you are trying to establish are more likely to become permanent.
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