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I Won!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

I played the Mega Millions for a chance of $270 million. I checked my numbers this morning and I won a $1. YAY ME!!! So after going to the fitness center and lifting weights I went to the truck stop where I bought the ticket and played for a chance to win $309 million. A girl can dream about winning and what to do with the winnings. First things first if I win tho. I gotta get my credit cards paid off and get a car. Those are my top two things that are tied for number 1 on my list of things to do. Next would be to get Elijah into daycare so he could be around other kids more often before he starts school so he doesn't have trouble adjusting. Then eventually I'll get my own place. Elijah and I would be going on vacations during the summer when he's not at school. I would so love to go visit my PA friends and a few family members that I haven't seen since I moved down here. Even tho it was only $1 I won I was still happy to win something. Most of the time I don't win anything which is why I don't play more than $1 on the game. We shall wait and see if I win on Tuesday. I just really want to be able to get my credit cards paid off, get a car, eventually get my own place and to provide for Elijah and get what we need and some of what we want. Not really asking for all that much.

It was 43 degrees at 5:45 this morning which was slightly warmer than I expected it to be. I got up at 5am this morning and sat down on the computer after I got my coffee, went to the bathroom and then did my weekly weigh in for the 8 week challenge. My computer wasn't exactly cooperating with me and I was getting slightly frustrated so I shut it down and got myself ready to go to the fitness center. I had to turn the heat on and up because somebody likes to keep it at 55 degrees and on the AC. Don't mind the 55 degrees during the summer when it's 90+ degrees outside but when it's 43 the heat has to go on to at least 70. So I lifted weights. And while I was lifting weights I decided that I didn't want to sit on the bike or walk on the treadmill so I walked outside and stopped at the truck stop for the ticket and then came home and ate some applesauce while my computer was turning on. It felt nice to be outside walking alone with the fresh air. I am in the dining room listening to the birds singing. I am so glad that Elijah is still sleeping. Mom got up a little after 5 this morning but went back to bed. I am really enjoying the sounds of nature and the peace and quiet. Next step for me would be to get a shower and if there's time hide in my room until Elijah gets up. I am hoping he sleeps til 9 this morning. We are going to go to the library today. I'm excited about it. Not sure if the DVD I have on hold will still be there or not. When it gets to the library of choice it'll be there for 10 days and day 10 was yesterday. It's the boot camp Biggest Loser DVD. If it's not at the library I'll wait for it to come in the mail since mom ever so kindly bought it for me off of eBay. eBay is addicting. I bought a bunch of Italian charms a few years ago from eBay when I got my tax return so I could make a bracelet or two or three with them and they are still in the bag because I've been ever so patiently waiting for mom to help me since she has the tool to put the charms together. When I get the money I am going to order some for my sister and make her a bracelet or two and give it to her as a gift and I am going to do the same for my mom. I have one that is already put together from a while ago but it's starting to fade and come apart. So it's about time to make more. I am always wearing a bracelet and a watch. My watch doesn't work anymore so once I get the money I am going to get myself a working watch. The last few watches haven't lasted very long.

This is the last week of the 5% challenge and I am not going to be losing my goal weight of 10.55 pounds. I weighed myself this morning since it's the weekly weigh in and I am back up to 214. I know what I did. I had a lot of pasta Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and I didn't exercise at the fitness center on Wednesday or Friday like I had planned on doing and I haven't been doing my DVDs in the mornings before Elijah woke up. Elijah and I didn't go for a walk on Thursday because of the weather. I went to the fitness center Tuesday morning since mom was off and didn't go back to the fitness center until this morning. What I need to do is to start getting up at 5am and start doing my DVDs after getting my coffee ready and then get on the computer. I have pinned a bunch of exercises in my secret try stuff board and what I need to do is to try stuff like the board is titled. Some of the exercises I could easily do while Elijah is watching his shows. In the up coming weeks I need to watch my pasta intake and not eat so much of it. My weight loss is not a fan of pasta. I cannot wait until the boot camp DVD comes in. That is one DVD I can do after Elijah goes to bed. It has 3 levels. Level 1 is 20 minutes, level 2 is 15 minutes and level 3 (my favorite) is 10 minutes. I love level 3 because I can do it from start to finish and it's resistance bands. I, like a crazy person, added an additional 2 pounds to the resistance bands. I have the 2 pound weights that are like a glove and then I stole the 2 pound dumbbell weights from moms room and I used that with the resistance band and boy oh boy could I feel the extra 2 pounds quickly with the resistance band. It felt great tho.

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    Thanks y'all! I was so excited about winning the $1. It's nice to dream.
    1441 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Hey you won something, and that's what counts! I'm sure those odds are pretty high, too, given all those who play when the jackpot is that high! At least it covers the next game! Good Luck!
    1442 days ago
    1442 days ago
    It's exciting to dream big. There's a line in a song in the play/movie "South Pacific" that says, "If you don't have a dream, how are you going to have a dream come true?" There's also a philosophy that if you visualize (dream) often and hard for something you can attract it into your life. I don't know if it's true or not, but dreaming is the first step in moving towards what you want. Pleasant dreams!
    1442 days ago
    1442 days ago
    I also get excited about finding change on our daily walks. Most of the time I only find a few pennies but all of those pennies add up eventually. It's the little things in life.
    1442 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/8/2014 11:43:16 AM
    I love your excitement about winning $1!!
    From reading this I sense a happy, positive spirit in you. emoticon Ruthie
    1442 days ago
  • SNS1968
    You won $1 more than I did.
    1442 days ago
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