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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Day 65 "Stimulus Narrowing"

Each time you encounter a food cue, you are the one who decides ultimately whether you eat or not. In most cases you only have a split second to decide on this. The faster you say no and turn away from the food , the more likely you'll be able to avoid giving into the temptation. This concept is called stimulus narrowing works because it completely eliminates the possibility of you changing your mind.

For today, unless its your regularly scheduled meals or snacks, immediately decide that you will not eat, and then stick with your decision. Don't let thoughts of eating weaken your resolve. When you are tempted by food just tell yourself no I won't eat it. Walk away and find something else to do. You'll find as you gain strength against unplanned eating, you'll decrease the mental anguish of fighting to maintain control.

-Watch for food cues that may tempt you into overeating. Like a parent speaking to a child, firmly tell yourself no on the spot.
-Walk away and get busy with something else. Affirm that you won't go back to the food. In your journal record how the experience felt.
-Stay strong in your resolve. Don't keep whining to yourself or thinking of food until you give in!

Day 66 "Don't Even Start"

Setting limits for yourself over certain food items will give you the ability to regain control over eating. You'll regain your power! At times you may need to go one step further in order to protect yourself from getting hooked by a certain food. With desserts, sweets and snack foods usually the first bite sets in motion your desire to have even more. If you can prevent yourself from taking the first bite, you'll be able to escape the instant taste trigger that weakens your resolve. How do you do this when the food is calling your name? You create a "self-talk" plan. You make a decision that you will not even eat one bite of the enticing food. Come up with a variety of phrases that you can say to yourself when you are struggling.

Self-talk messages will be helpful when you may be at a party of function and you are surrounded with temptations such as candy, potato chips or even savory foods. You tell yourself "Don't even start eating that food!" Repeat the phrase to yourself until you have gained total control around the food. You can decide what mental voice works best. Maybe you prefer a soft and gentle voice or maybe a strong paternal voice that is fierce and insistent. Make sure your words keep you from even tasting the food that is tempting you to overeat. By avoiding the first bite, you will be able to prevent the taste trigger from getting started.

Invent more lines for yourself such as, "Don't even go there!" "Stay on your plan!" "Be strong and plan your treats carefully!" Play with your self talk phrases until you find the ones that are most effective for you. Every time you are determined to avoid a food entirely, use your own firm self-talk as a way to instantly stop yourself from eating the enticing offerings. Don't keep trigger foods in your house and leave them at the store!

-Look for a situation where you may be tempted to have a snack or dessert, then intentionally don't eat any!
-Repeat a strong phrase such as "Don't even start" several times inside your own head. Keep using this message to protect yourself from the first bite!
-Walk away from the food then congratulate yourself on a new level of success with managing your temptation!

Today was a very good day, weather wise, health wise, feelings wise, emotions wise, being kind wise!

Tonight I watched Blue Bloods and granted the show can be formulaic and we all know we're getting a Sunday dinner scene! It's nice to know the formula though with certain areas of our lives. The dinner scene can be in the beginning, toward half time or at the end. It was at the end tonight which made sense since it was a fairly intense episode when it came to Danny and trying to help the young woman avoid murder & suicide. (Of course he did on this episode. In rare episodes he loses the fight.) Her parents died because of a drunk driver and she was distraught; she felt the system let her down because he was back out on the street since his lawyer figured out how to get him out of jail because of police errors in his case. The guy was still drinking though and she felt she had to get justice for herself and her brother. Danny figured out where the woman went and saved her from herself. Usually with the dinner scene the Reagans discuss what went on in their lives that week and the whole family is there, 4 generations worth. It can get spirited but the lessons are imparted to all during this time.

The weather was 67 and sunny today which was good for a walk even if it was a bit breezy. The cat likes the sun and warmth so he can hunt his prey. He's doing fine on his diet plan. Once in a while he tries to get another person to feed him and they won't so he goes outside and finds things to try and eat. I wasn't all that cranky today, I was in a good mood and I feel up to snuff like myself. I think its a combination of factors but mostly I like having more daylight hours, that always cheers me up and I made a plan last night with my walking. No details on this entry, tomorrow's entry sure! It was hot and stuffy yesterday and tonight its cooler which is nice in many ways. For me its easier to get warmer than to try and get cooler it seems. I hate being cold though. I'm so used to the weather in Southern California where I grew up that I want that everywhere I live. Except for Seattle that has held pretty much true. Even here now most of the time, except for May-the beginning of September the temperature is pretty well fine and dandy.

Paolo is fine and he is off this weekend so he has decided to kick back and relax and tomorrow he will continue on with the laying of the tiles in the backyard. Its not a big backyard but it will take time to complete the effort. Paolo has decided to work out in the morning though and the young one will help him. I am going to sleep until round 130-2pm and get up and do my walking since today I knocked out of the park my first day back to it. I love walking, totally makes me feel so much better.

Steps 21,000
Miles 9.06
Calories 2327
Active Minutes 110

Other exercise-not today, lol. Tomorrow is more~
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    This is the first of your blogs that I have read and I want to tell you how helpful I find the information. In reading, I realized I've been struggling these last couple of months because I somehow slipped out of the habit of using my phrase, "That food is not your friend." I will start reading your blogs from the beginning and I wanted to say thank you for helping me remember this useful way of staying on track. Best wishes for your good health and success.
    1354 days ago
    Glad all is well! Your tiles will look great! Have an awesome weekend!
    1354 days ago
    My gosh woman, that's a whole lot of steps.

    I also spent most of my younger years in Southern California. Up to the late '20's.

    1354 days ago
    hiya I am definitely going to try that, hope that you are great, have a wonderful day
    1355 days ago
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