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Friday, March 07, 2014

The garbage truck got into the complex at 6am and by 6:10 Elijah was up thanks to the stupid garbage truck banging the dumpsters. I really, really hate when the garbage trucks comes before 8 or 9 in the morning. 99% of the time it wakes Elijah up. I am so not in the mood to deal with anybody this early in the morning. I'd put him back to bed but he wouldn't go back to sleep and it'd be a waste of time and only lead to frustration. Elijah has developed an inability to close the fridge door. Not sure why he is unable to close the fridge door but he's about to get it if he doesn't start closing it.

Mom took the last of the pasta in her lunch on Wednesday. I'm glad that she did. I haven't had any of the dessert she made since Tuesday. On Tuesday we went to McDonald's after we went to Stage since Elijah was good in the store and he wanted a happy meal. Then we went to Walmart. I had a chicken bacon ranch salad at McDonald's. I passed on the apple pie since I had pasta and dessert earlier that day. I started on a grocery list yesterday. Just wrote down a few things I knew we needed. Going to finish it next week before we go grocery shopping. Going to go to the library tomorrow. I didn't get all of the recipes typed out so I am going to renew the cookbooks next Saturday when they are do and then I am definitely going to be typing them out. I am going to keep one of the crochet books as well. I want to see if I can make a few more things out of the book. I've made one thing reading the pattern. I might get my crochet thread out and see if I can make like a table cloth with the pattern and somehow sew them together. That would be pretty. I might go to Hobby Lobby when I get the money and get different color crochet thread and make something. Crochet thread is so thin and hard to work with it.

I'm thinking about making a smoothie with frozen fruit. Haven't used frozen fruit in a while for a smoothie. I've opened up a can of fruit and stuck it in the blender and added some ice, yogurt and some almond milk and drank it that way. Easy as pie. Love going to Target and getting the big bags of frozen fruit. They last a little bit longer than the bag from Sam's Club. Frozen fruit is nice because it lasts longer than the fresh fruit and Elijah can't easily get to it. So it's Friday. I'm thinking that while Elijah is watching his shows I am going to go into his room and clean it and then run the vacuum cleaner and then the carpet cleaner. It's been a while since I have done that. Since I didn't make it to the fitness center on Wednesday night I am going to go tonight. I was going to do one of my Biggest Loser DVDs this morning but Elijah woke up early. Since Elijah got up early this morning bedtime is going to be early tonight. I am going to get up tomorrow morning and go to the fitness center and workout. And then maybe do a DVD. Going to return the two DVDs that I borrowed from the library. I have one on hold but it's the boot camp and it's on hold until today so I don't think it'll be there tomorrow. I put holds on a couple of Scooby Doo DVDs for Elijah and one of them is ready to be picked up. We've been watching a lot of Cartoon Network and Boomerang and a lot less Disney Jr and LPB. This morning there was nothing good on Cartoon Network or Boomerang until 7:30 so I put on LPB because Wild Kratts is on now and then Curious George is on next. I love having the TV off from 1pm to about 5pm. Yesterday I turned the TV on at 3pm because Curious George was on. After the show was over the TV went back off. Might do that again today.

I am so hoping that today is warmer than the last three days so Elijah and I can get outside and walk around the complex. The highest it got yesterday was 44 and it rained in the morning and then the temps dropped to the 30s. I'm going to check the weather and see what it looks like and possibly plan on going outside for a while. We did go for a walk on Wednesday but it wasn't until almost 5pm when we went outside. I'm looking forward to possibly going on a walk and going to the fitness center after mom gets home from work. Not entirely sure what's for dinner tonight. Haven't decided if I am cooking or not.

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