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Early Morning Wakey!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

I have been regularly waking up at 4:30 lately. I can usually go back to bed but I figured it was a good sign to hit the gym. So I am already sitting 8k steps for the day from shaking it. This week has been good, been eating less, staying under 1800 calories even! Seeing the forecast and knowing we are getting a few days in the 50's is just a good mood lifter! I am so ready for long dog walks with my podcasts again! Come in spring, we want you, we love you!!!

I have been making a big effort to cut down on my coffee and cut out my fake creamers lately. For the past 5-6 years every morning I pour 2.5 cups of coffee cover coffee mate and then ice it. Maybe I can still do it once a week. It's just such chemical crap in those creamers. Hah so is ice cream, but then again I don't eat ice cream every morning. So ya 1.5 cups of coffee black is what I am doing! I started it cuz when you drink 3 cups of coffee then get in the car and have no idea where to go to the bathroom is kinda crappy. So now I just figured good to continue 1/2 the amount of liquid in the AM. I can drink it later. New habits are good!

Edit: Found a homemade powdered creamer from natural ingredients and I happen to have everything in my house to try this!

Edit X2: I made it, it worked!! Thanks for the idea Danielle!

Our cat Joel has been bringing his friend to the door lately. Everytime I let Joel in, his friend is standing behind him like "me too?". He doesn't look thin, looks like someone is taking care of him. He looks pretty young as well. I deem his name Dale! My dogs hate the idea of any cat in the house besides our own. So when they see him, they start going crazy.

Here is my semi light winter coat I got the other day.

Have a good day you guys!
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    Cute cat, Dale!

    I can't tolerate the nondairy creamer stuff, the corn syrup solids get to me. It's the only thing available at our hotel's breakfast, so I'm back to drinking straight tea. I'd rather have real milk, every time.
    1475 days ago
    Good job on the exercise!! I'm looking forward to the warm weather too and getting outside.

    I gave up coffee years ago. I don't like putting things like caffeine in my body.
    I still love the smell of it but don't miss the taste. It smells like morning to me. To be honest, I liked the taste of the cream and sugar and not the coffee. I switched to decaffeinated teas and I love them.

    Love the new winter coat!!

    I think it is so sweet that Joel has a male friend. He is a cute cat.

    1475 days ago
    Hey there, what podcasts do you listen to?? I am always looking for new ones. My favorites are Welcome to Nightvale and The Nerdist ones. Cute new coat!
    1475 days ago
    What a cute pic of you! :D

    You are doing a great job! I'm doing the best I can...drowning in lesson plans and not making the gym as often as I'd like...and eating well while I'm at school, just need to keep things reined in after I get home and start cooking dinner. I'm hoping for a nap today instead of a snack. Hmm.
    1475 days ago
  • DNJEN471
    I woke up at 4:30 too- guess I really am ready for day light savings. I cut back my coffee a lot at the first if the year. Now I only have I cup a day and yeah, it's made with the crappy coffee mate chemical. I saw recipes on pintrist on how to make your own with all natural ingredients. Perhaps I should give it a shot.

    Nice find with the coat! I've not bought myself a coat in years. I'm sure I'll have to when I lose weight. But a smart lady once told me to get my transition clothes from good will, so I think I'll be going that route ;)
    1475 days ago
  • THESB25
    Oh gosh seriously that coat picture is adorable! and DALE...hahaha love the name.

    Yes Spring we love you and miss you badly!! It's a tune I sing constantly. I miss walks and literally spend a hour or so a night sometimes thinking about all the things I want to do outside this year. ((GUSHING)) The possibilities are endless!! Ok, I'm getting obnxious sorry.

    I'm guilty of the morning coffee routine. I usually pour close to 2 cups and then top it off with refrigerated creamer - my favorite peppermint mocha - which cuts out the urge to add sugar (if I don't have the refrigerated creamer I do use the fakey stuff and sugar). Well to change it up... maybe a year ago I think, I was browsing Walmart shelves for Crystal Light packets when I discovered "Great Value" brand has caffienated drink packets for water bottle sizes. I shrugged and moved on, but realized later my coworker had been drinking them and loved them. I asked to try a packet and fell in love too. So I go back and forth...I'll go weeks drinking coffee and then I'll go weeks drinking Great Value Dragon Fruit Energy Mix (my favorite flavor personally). Crystal Light has the energy drink stuff too, but Great Value is less expensive. It helps me gets the extra water in, the energy is mostly why I use coffee anyhow, and the packets are usually around 5 calories (and I don't like black coffee...hard on my stomach personally).

    I don't have any packets in my desk right now or else I'd read ya the might be worth checking em out if you like that sort of thing. I prefer iced coffee all year 'round and that's the other thing about using this stuff is I'm drinking cold water in the morning. MMM.

    Anyhow, enough blabing - you're doing awesome. Great job with steps and kudos for finding the early morning energy to get yourself going!

    1475 days ago
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