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The results of not taking care of yourself

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

So, I was able to go with hubby to see his dad in ICU last night. His two brothers were there also and then his ex step mom showed up(mother of his adopted brother..who was there). We had a good time telling stories of their childhood..well horror stories really because their childhood wasn't good. Found out that his dad and step mom had actually tried to get custody multiple times because of the abuse their mom and step dad put them through. But, were never successful. She didn't know about a lot of the abuse and was shocked and hurt when they started talking about it. They (hubby and his brother he's closest to..same parents) talk about it in kind of a funny way now but it's sad that they went through all that they did. Anyway, this is off topic. We talked about all of that when the nurse was taking his dad for his CT scan.

Back to the topic.. Apparently as the days go by they find more and more wrong with his dad. Honestly, the stroke is the least of his problems right now. Which is sad. His heart is his main problem. Years of having diabetes and doing NOTHING about it has really wreaked havoc on his whole system. He took diabetes medication when married to his ex wife but when they got divorced he just stopped. Never took a medication again and never went to the Dr. That's been a LOT of years now. Probably at least 15. So, they are thinking his heart caused most of these problems because it's only functioning at 60%. Which is causing fluid to build up around it..which causes blood to pool..which causes blood clots..which caused the stroke. And, they can't get all the fluid to go away because the heart is the main issue. But, they can't work on his heart and get it pumping good because of all of the clots there already. They can't bust the clots because of the stroke..could cause hemoraging in his brain. It's a bad situation. They are at a stale mate kind of..right now. And, I was shocked at the amount of fluid that they are draining out of his lungs! There was a huge pitcher of it that the nurse took out and then in the half hour he was back in his room since the CT scan there was at least 8-16 oz of fluid in that pitcher thing again. Crazy.

The good news is that he is still recovering well from the stroke. But, it's scary that there are so many clots in his heart and what if one gets loose and heads for his brain..again. ~sigh~. I'm just going to continue my prayers and stay positive. He's not a religious man but I felt like I was supposed to take my little 'worry cross' to him. He can't have things in bed with him so I laid it on his window sill. It's small and simple..feels good in your hand. I hold it when I'm stressed. I was actually asking Ben's brother if I could leave it and what it's for and his dad gave a thumbs up. So, that made me feel good. Hopefully it helps in some way. Can't hurt.

But, ultimately this is a glimpse into a future of what happens when you do not take care of yourself. I think it's hit home with all of us.
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    I pray that your FIL not only heals physically but spiritually, emotionally and mentally and I pray that healing power envelopes the family as well.

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LADYHAWKES 3/4/2014 10:18AM

    Continuing to pray for your FIL and will never know how that small cross may affect your FIL...wonderful thing to do. There is so much to learn from ignoring health issues, hopefully it will motivate all your other family members to really take good care of themselves. We all ignore our health to one degree or another, and it never ends well....I'm learning a few of these lessons myself.

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