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Monday, March 03, 2014

I wanted to wait until I had some GOOD news to post, about my FIL. So, the past few days he's been moving his left leg even though he says he can't feel it when the Dr.s ask. And, it's not muscle spasms. It's full on..lifting it and bending it..etc. On his own. So, they said that is very positive and he may regain full use of it in time. Also, his brain had been swelling and they had talked about maybe having to cut away part of his skull so it had room. But, the swelling is going down and that's not necessary now. Also, he had pneumonia and has had a tube down his throat into his lungs to vacuum it out. He coughed up a TON of stuff when my husband was there on Saturday. On his own. He still had the tube..which he hates..but that's really good that he coughed so much up and got it out. He still has his sense of humor. All in all..good progress finally. The prayers are working. Thank you so very much!!

Now me.. I felt thinner today but got on the scale and it was the highest number i've seen yet. However, i'm starting my TOM so I always carry 3 pounds then lose it by the end. So, I'm not beating myself up to much. BUT, hubby and I talked last night and we agreed that we both need to take better care of ourselves. Because, honestly if we feel this crappy ate age 36 and 37 how are we going to feel when we're 70. And, I definitely want to actually GET to 70 and beyond. We both do go see a Dr. regularly so that's good and take our meds..just thyroid for me...which can't be I had to have mine removed. His is blood pressure and cholesterol..which could be helped. But, i'm not perfect. If I keep on and don't lose my weight I'll end up right there with him probably. Not to mention diabetes. My dad has that and my Grandma on my mom's side.

I've been eating freggies and lean protein. The exercise declined a lot when all of my FIL stuff happened. However, eating hasn't been horrible even when we've eaten out. Well, one meal was. Grilled cheese and mozz. cheese sticks and a mountain dew. Very bad meal. Stress eating plus skipping lunch. We all ate bad that meal. But, overall I've made good choices. I had a plain old chicken sandwich with a diet coke at Wendy's one day(no fries). And, at McDonalds I had the southwestern salad with grilled chicken(which I love). It's not bad either. Had a diet coke then also. We got pizza one night. I enjoyed it but didn't go overboard. Ok, as I'm writing this I see that we've been eating out way to much. lol. So, that is my thing to work exercise.

School was closed today due to snow and ice again. But, the sun is out. I woke up feeling overly depressed. Have no idea why. But, I can change it. Just cause I woke up that way don't mean I have to stay that way. I saw my mom and sister on Saturday and visited for awhile. My sister is looking good. She lost weight a year or so ago and has done a pretty good job at keeping it off. My mom's always been thin and healthy. I miss seeing my mom. We used to butt heads a lot but now we get along really well. Probably because I am becoming more and more like her. lol. Not the thin and healthy part but just overall interests.

Ok, so my goals for this week are: Keep a positive attitude. Make healthy meal choices. Eat out only once or twice at the most and make good choices. Take a walk each day. Up the hill once the snow and ice melt again. Drink lots of water.

I bought a little water jug that holds 64 oz of water. I want to fill that each morning and try to empty it by the time I go to bed each night. I've gotta get it washed and filled and put into the fridge. Instead of sitting on my counter with the tags on it. lol.
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    Keep up the great work and I'm very happy your FIL is doing better. I will keep praying for his recovery.

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LADYHAWKES 3/3/2014 11:49AM

    You are doing really well in making small changes...they add up. It's hard to make these changes when life is handing you some stressful situations. But you learn as you get older, there is always one stress or another going on and you have to make good choices and when you make bad ones acknowledge it, move on and don't beat your self up. You are doing great in that department. So glad you and your hubby on on the same page in getting healthy together, two are better than one in this arena always. Depresssion is probably an after effect of the high levels of stress you have been under going last few weeks, pray and do good things for yourself and the sun will come shining inside out soon.....Glad to hear your FIL is improving, praise God. Take care of yourself!

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LOVELESMILLS 3/3/2014 10:28AM


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