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Getting lost... with a smile and lots of sunshine!

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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Hello dear Sparkfriends,

As I think about my hike today, I feel a bit... hmmm... what is the word I am looking for? Disappointed? Yes, maybe a little. A bit stupid too! I missed the path I was supposed to turn into and went completely the wrong way!!! Then it was so late that I had to turn and go back to my car.

So let's just say things didn't go according to plan!!! It makes me smile that it can still happen today. It happened often when I first started hiking, but hadn't happened for quite a while.

But really it doesn't matter... The sun was shining bright, the area was beautiful, there were lots of flowers to look at... This was good enough for me!!!

Spring is early in the Paris area this year. Last year, it was about 2 weeks late (it felt like it would never arrive!), I think this year it is about 2 weeks early, and I don't complain! I just hope we won't have any late snow coming our way in the next few weeks.

The beginning of the hike was through the countryside, mostly on little paths but also for a few minutes on the road... I don't like that much, but it was OK as there were very few cars.

This is exactly where I got things wrong! I turned into the forest after taking this picture of the countryside...

... when I should have continued a little further. So I walked South-West when I should have walked North. Haha, pretty bad!!!

So I crossed the woods and ended up in a village, when I was looking for a road I was supposed to cross in the middle of the forest! I knew something hadn't gone exactly according to plan then! :)

When I realized I was 'lost' (well, not where I was supposed to be at least, but I knew where I was, thank goodness!)... I decided it was time to stop for lunch! So I sat on a bench and ate my salmon and Philadelphia sandwich in the middle of the little daisies and primroses...

Not too bad, I thought! :) Then I wondered what to do. My sciatica is definitely not over, and I had already walked for 2 hours. So I decided the best thing to do was to walk back through the woods and then take a short cut to Bréançon's church, where I had parked...

... So almost 3 hours after the beginning of my hike I was back. It was still a beautiful hike, with the lovely early signs of spring (WOOHOO)! In a few weeks' time, I'll probably go back to do the 'proper' hike I should have done!

I am sorry I am not on SP much these days. After my busy trip to Warsaw (I didn't see anything from Poland apart from the airport and the conference center!!!), I am back home but with no Internet access for a couple of weeks. I am writing this blog from a café after visiting my mom at the nursing home. I can't wait to have Internet access at home again!!!

Many thanks for reading! I hope you are all keeping well! Have a beautiful week!

P.S. I just read an email from my dear Sparkfriend WILDASTER from Minnesota. She writes: "There is still almost an inch of ice on most of the roads around here, the main highways and main roads are better but our street is totally iced over."
Thinking of you all who are still in the heart of winter and sending BIG HUGS!!!
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