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My At-home Workout Setup

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Most days I work out at the gym, but on Friday I was doing my "Strong Curves" workout at home. I have a rather unconventional set-up to make it work, and thought I'd take some pictures to show that you don't need extensive equipment or copious amounts of space to get a good workout in.

My exercise equipment has migrated it's way into my son's room. (Looks better in a boys room, as I am a very aesthetic person.) We have a "no shoes on the carpet" rule at our house that I try to follow. This wasn't a problem, since I rarely worked out at home.

When I started the "Strong Curves" program earlier this year it occurred to me that many of the workouts could be done at home. This was a savings in both the time and gas money departments. The only problem was, how was I going to manage without walking on the carpet much in my workout shoes?

Finally it hit me: The entry way! We have a pretty large entry, and it's accessible to my son's room though French doors. (His room is technically a "study".) Moving the weights (which only go up to 30 lbs, but can be a real hassle when I have to tote them), out to the entry isn't much work at all. For floor work where I need some "cush" under my upper body I lay on the carpet and put my feet on the hard floor. To keep the bench from scooting in moves that would push it around, like bench push-ups, I put it on the carpet. Additionally, there is a mirror in the entry that helps with checking my form.

Here's my "workout room" on Friday. Note the exercise ball peeking out from behind the hall table:

And here is the view from the entry into my son's bedroom, where you can see the positioning of my weight rack and it's adjacency to my "workout room":

And lastly, his room re-assembled with the bench holding his "stuff" and the weights all in place. The ball is kept in the closet:

With the glass panel in our front door I feel sorry for the UPS guy if he ever shows up while I'm lifting........

This is not my dream home-workout set-up. I'd like to have dumbbells through 75's, a barbell, weight plates, and a classic bench-press bench, at least. Oh, heck... The fact is that I wish I had an entire basement to set up a complete home gym with all kinds of equipment. Dream on, eh? But it's what we have space for, so I make it work.

The point is that you don't have to have an "ideal" set up to get fit. Maybe you don't have a space this big. I haven't always. In my house in Ohio, which was 1200 square feet with four bedrooms (yes, you read that right), I only had weights through 10 lbs and a very small living room. I scooted the coffee table out of the way and got busy exercising in that very limited space. Before I had weights, I worked out with cans from the cupboard.

Did you know that rear lunges, push-ups, and bicycle crunches makes a full-body workout in a 3x6-foot space? Try doing a circuit of those, 10 per set, 5 or 6 times and tell me you didn't get a great workout!

Here are a couple of blogs I did years ago about getting started with a home workout, if you want more:

This one is on Equipment To Start An At-Home Exercise Program:

And here is one on Getting Stared Lifting Weights:

You don't HAVE to have formal weights, a bench, and an exercise ball to get a good workout. You DO have to have a little ingenuity and determination. Look at it as a game. "How do I make this work?" instead of "This just can't work!".

As my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Ladd, used to say. "Can't means won't".

Will you? Or won't you?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I also had a teacher tell me that and will revive it again. I loved reading this and glad I stopped by. Today, I am visiting folks that I are my Spark friends. Have a wonderful day.
    1459 days ago
  • BOPPY_
    1465 days ago
    Your looking great! Keep it up. I like your weight room. U.S.Marine emoticon
    1465 days ago
    It looks greT!! WTG using the space you have!
    1471 days ago
    I have that dream too but it is true that you can get a great work out in a very small space. I knocked a shelf out of a closet under the stairs- no I don't work out in there emoticon but I was able to put my ball and things in there and bring all that out in the living room instead of going down into the basement. It has made a difference in that I am ready to go. I am following along with some great DVD's but I know at some point I would like to have a personal trainer check what I'm doing to see if it is right
    NOW- emoticon I have a Cory Everson workout that my son has put on my computer in the kitchen and I was home doing that and the fed ex guy came up to the stairs and knocked at the door and looked in...and well I was sweating and braless- er so next time I will make sure I have a curtain in front of the door or get that workout on a DVD. Love Corey- used to have a Rachel McLish years ago too....
    1474 days ago
    When you need to do it your figure it out and make it work as you did for Friday. If I was the UPS guy I would drop the package off fast and go to after seeing that you are in better shape than me!
    1481 days ago
    Nice set up
    1482 days ago
    Sounds like a great space you have there when you need it.

    Planning a home workout today too as we are snowed in:)
    1482 days ago
    I only work out at home. We have an unfinished basement which isn't that pretty but it's a good place for a gym!
    1483 days ago
    Where there's a will there's a way!! Sounds like you've got a real nice set-up (is that a glass door to the bedroom?)

    I have been keeping a running log of my ideal home gym set-up. Once SWMBO and I settle down and figure out where we want to live for the rest of our lives, my dream is to have a home gym set-up somewhere....either in the basement, the garage, or a shed in the backyard. To help me plan, I have a whole Pinterest board set-up with ideas;

    1483 days ago
    Great idea. I have a closet where I put my workout equipment (weights, resistance bands, tennis rackets, etc.) oddly enough, it is the most organized closet in the whole house. thanks for the ideas.
    1483 days ago
    What a great use of space! Thanks for sharing your solution. It gives me ideas.
    1483 days ago
    Sounds awesome. I am thinking that boys do not need that big game room upstairs completely for their entertainment, I can sneak in some at-home goodies. Right now all I have are DVD's, hand weights up to 10 lbs, and a yoga ball. I want to invest in some resistance bands and learn how to use them properly.
    1483 days ago
    I appreciate you sharing how you make exercise work. I'm encouraged by the idea that 3x6 is all that's needed to do a full body workout.
    1483 days ago
  • FLYER99
    What a wonderful blog. This gives great insight into how things can be done with a little "thinking time" and planning. I applaud you for that. Two years ago I sold my home and moved into an apartment. My apartment is fairly large with two bedrooms and I don't have as much space as you, but I turned my smaller bedroom into kind of a workout room.

    I can't do many exercises due to some osteoarthritis. I have a list of exercises to avoid. But I work around that. For me, I do a lot of walking and weight aerobics. The point being, I guess, is that not only do we have to work within limitations of space, but also of what our bodies are capable of enduring.

    I love reading your blogs and thank you so much for the effort you put into writing them. They are very informative and encouraging.

    Have a beautiful day!

    1483 days ago
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