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Hiding VEGGIES in food ! And exer,, very good !

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Tonight I NEEDED some Veggies into my tracker,, I was LOW On the iron,, and I DID NOT want to be,,,, and also on fiber. So tonight,, and today,, I had A LOT of spinach !! it's sooo very good for ya !!

In the AM for breakfast,, I had some (about a 3/4 of a cup) into my Smoothie,, which also had lactaid free milk,,, greek van yogurt,, triple berries (one cup) and than I put them into my magic bullet. YUMMY IT WAS !!

For lunch I had a salad,,, of spinach again,, 1 cup with bacon bits,,, and a little lite dressing,, one piece of 15 grain bread,, with butter.

For supper I did something NEAT !! I took a package of frozen veggies (Carrots, all 3 types of peppers,,, broccoli and water chest nuts) and put them into the bullet ,, and TA DA !! The pieces were like crushed crackers,,,, than I ALSO added 1.5 cup of spinach again !!! Mixed it with hamburg,, YUMMY !!! than I pan fried it,, I WANTED burgers from it, but it would NOT HOLD, I COULD of added an egg and it would of, but stil I thought this would be very good also. AND I WAS RIGHT !! it was GREAT !!!

I took a pic of it,, the hamb/veggies mixture,,,, but I can't get it onto this puter from my tablet. It tasted exactly like a VERY GOOD Meatloaf,, when I normally DO NOT eat veggies "that much" but !! I AM CLEARLY LEARNING !!!

Today I ALSO went out for a WALK,,, and went out for AN HR !! I DID NOT mean to be out so long,, but it was A WARM 15 F (HAHAHAHA) and it DID FEEL GOOD to me,,, again all I had on was a vest, tee shirt, and sweat shirt , but I was PLENTY WARM ENOUGH !! I am seeing others with SHORTS on,, and tee shirts ONLY !! guess we are ANXIOUS for SUMMAH !!

Later on I did the chair yoga,,, for another 35 mins,, and had done a number of smaller things,, I NEED to do work outs with weights,, so I HAVE been last night,, and today,, and ALSo stuff specifically for my neck,, which is VERY SORE,, and cat stretching,, for my back,, which is very sore.

Guess I AM ON MY WAY !!

Linda (RAYLINSTEPHENS) TY SO MUCHERS for telling me about making SURE my food tracker AND exercise tracker are tied together,, they ARE,, but that I SHOULD ALSO be eating right about in the MIDDLE of that range when I Do days like today !! I HAD NOT so my body thought I was StARVINg and NOT wanting to let go (it did this week 1lb) but it had only been doing .50 a week over the many weeks or even GAINING !!! So now I'll GO UP on my FOOD and LOSE hopefully !!

THANKS ALL For reading this. HOPE ur day is TERRIFIC as MINE IS !! now to go and scratch AWAY the ecemza that is on my arms,,, UGHeRS !! WINTer TImE !!! THANKS MOM !! I know now we are CLEARLY related (LOL I DID anyways,, we talked exactly alike ! It was HALLARIOUS as a teen and I d answer her phone calls as her !! HEHEHEHE her friends would get SO Angry and I'd just GIGGLE !)

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