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Sunday, March 02, 2014

My month of February was brutal on me.

At the end of January, all my weight loss vectors were pointed in the down direction. For several weeks, I had lost at least something. Then Patrick and I flew to LA, CA to bring back (formerly) Hollywood Mike's stuff. We drove cross country in a 16 foot truck. It took us five days of driving.

Breakfasts were what was at the hotel breakfast nooks. Lunch was half a subway foot long. Dinner was the other half. And nibblings along the way. Exercise? IF the hotel had a "fitness room" it was usually just a treadmill and a bike. Rarely were there weights. We only got in early enough for me to get a run outside once.

Once we were home, I was in place for three days, then I had to hit the road for Hilton Head, SC for a race I was signed up to run. More time on the road. But at least I ran. Two hours compared to twenty hours sitting and driving.

Then the middle of the next week came the snow and pulling a neck muscle.

Today I went into Weight Watchers for my weigh in and the only surprise was that I hadn't gained more than I did.

I started to say to my friend, the meeting leader, "I actually expected worse." But Joanne just looked at me. And stopped me.

When I worked for WW (about a year) I had received compliments from a number of members for the way I would characterize "good" and "bad".

I taught myself the variations in my weight, up or down, is neither good nor bad. My weight today may be heading in a direction that I don't want, but to put some kind of moral spin on that makes no sense to me.

I would hear this at the scale: "I had a bad week. Mom and my sister were in town and we went out to dinner three times. A couple of days we just sat out by the pool doing nothing, just soaking up the sun. "

Gosh! Sounds like a wonderful week to me. Get up on the scale, let's see. I also was known for allowing members to do a non-weigh-in weigh-in ... totally against the rule. But it's amazing how many people think that if they don't weigh in on the weeks they think they have gained, it didn't actually happen. And more often than not, they were surprised either by losing or by gaining less than they expected.

But in the final analysis, that number on the scale is neutral. It cannot judge you. It can only control you if you allow it. I look at my scale like a compass. If I were lost in the woods and didn't use my compass because I was afraid that it would tell me I was going the wrong way, then I am just going to get more lost.

(read up on the real story about what happened to the Lost Patrol in the so-called Bermuda Triangle. Hint: the leader trusted his eyes and not his compass and assumed, because his eyes told him he was heading north but the compass told him East, that the compass was "haywire." It was not. He ran out of gas on the way to open ocean.)

Just as that compass is neutral, so too is the number I see on the scale.

SO I amended my reaction:

"Gosh That's less of a gain then I expected to see. "

Now that I have my compass bearings, I need to set my course accordingly.
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